Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Invisible Enslavement

"There are two ways to enslave a nation.  One is by the Sword.  The Other is by debt."
John Adams

Imagine for a few moments that you had the ability to literally turn 100% virtually invisible & undetectable, also that you were bullet proof, and you could do anything you wanted in this state.  This fantasy will probably lead you to decide to do some things that would likely be immoral, wouldn't you agree?

Of course I'm trying to help you see that the real criminals in life aren't the people who break into your car or home to steal something, no those are simply fools who always end up getting caught (Especially where technology is today), the real criminals are those who are virtually invisible, and have freedom to steal through phantom theft, they are the shadow government & those who control the corporations of the world, including the banks.  The greatest power of the slave masters are to hide what the slave masters are doing, which is why many corporations go to poor countries and set up huge plantations, factories, and produce goods for virtually pennies of what they are sold for.

Of course taxes, licenses, shipping, and fees are also great thieves, because though they can make those products for pennies, they are sold for much higher than what they are made for, and that's often to the tone of 500% to 5,000% markup, so that the corporation can remain profitable.  Taxes and legislation are a tool of the shadow criminals, also interest & debt, and indeed they use guilt to keep people at the bottom, jailing anyone who tries to do what they do.

The bankers figured out long ago that if they hook people on the use of currency backed by something of real value, they could eventually start printing fiat cash, and that is currency which is virtually backed by nothing but mere promises known as debt.  Debt is a slave collar, though the wealthy can print as much money as they want, you however cannot print any at all legally, and the debt(s) they hold over people's head, have often been paid for many times over, like a person's home or car for example.

The wealthy have unlimited money, they can pay the slaves infinitely with money they create for nothing, and they have slave armies doing their biddings, whether it's telemarketing, marketing, programming, sales, or all sorts of things, but things are changing fast as better programs and technologies take jobs away from the serfs.  Once they collapse the fiat currencies and markets worldwide, everything is going to go digital, because then they can have people slaving for crypto-currency, which is to say money created from computer algorithms, and that is something even more free & subject to even more value manipulation!

UPDATE: I believe their current plan may be to conglomerate all the banks into one big bank, controlling every financial transaction digitally, and this will lead to massive bank jobs being gone, notice the Wells Fargo fiasco, but nobody is going to jail?

It doesn't take much information to see where the wealthy are leading the world to, all you have to do is watch what they advertise continually online or in movies and then ask yourselves the critical question of "Why?"  If you look at the video below launched by Microsoft®, it's trying to tell you the future of the internet & technology, and what it will entail, indeed the boy at the end tells it all!

History teaches us that the wealthy aren't above mass murder, financial extortion, and using militaries & even paramilitaries or gangs to steal what they want, indeed if you watch the news on Ukraine & Greece, you'll see exactly what I'm talking about perfectly clear.  The invisible war going on today is against everyone, the invisible slave masters are working hard to drive the whole world into poverty to build a dependency through reliance on global corporations to supply countries with what they need, and because they control the resources and how they are distributed (Capital & Resource Controls), the ultra wealthy control the whole shebang.

If a country doesn't want to go along with the program then they end up like Venezuela, where hyperinflation has reached well over 650%. and yes I'm talking about things that the wealthy don't want you to know, because your ignorance is their power.  The invisible war they are waging is coming down to the people of the world being forced to accept the only solution they will offer, and that is digital enslavement.

The problem with globalism is, it will force many nations into utter poverty, especially America, and there will be no turning back once America falls, because it will affect many other nations as well.  We will soon transition to digital totalitarianism, where nations will be forced by the military to accept the political agenda to implant technology in people, and we should also consider these invisible corporations who are transitioning from brick & mortar businesses to internet only businesses.

This has been taught by many truth soldiers throughout the world, we are teaching this so that you won't become another victim of the system which is working very hard to implant everyone with technology, and if you want to see the ultimate outcome of the plan, then watch the movie "In Time", simply replace the time counters with digital currency.  Here is a short trailer of the movie...
(I'd also considered the Mandatory Vaccine agenda that's presently underway.)

With a digital implant inside of people, they could electronically make anyone disappear, with just a click of a mouse, they could sap someone's bank account, dig up some information on them and attack them legally, and indeed the list truly does get long!  I cannot outline everything the future holds, because it's so vast, but I suspect that many will strive to try to avoid the financial meltdown that is coming, and many should be contemplating how to avoid becoming a victim every day!

I know for certain that every country that was colonized by Britain has a backup contingency force should that country rebel against the crown, and someone explained that very clearly to me once, because America too has a Trojan Horse already within it's borders.  If you watch movies, pay attention, and consider all that I've told you on my blog posts, then you should be able to see the plans, agendas, and that which the wealthy are working towards.

Seeing the truth is not easy, it takes a lot of understanding & history lessons, and requires us to simply believe what people tell us, that in itself can be very difficult sometimes.  Realizing that the truth causes cognitive dissonance is important, because at first everything in you will seek to rebel against the truth, and you will likely become angered, but eventually when you understand enough it will help you think so very clearly.

Clarity of thought will lead you to a place where you can make better informed decisions, it can also lead you to a place where you can profit wildly from the foresight you develop, and believe me I've listened carefully to some of the most intelligent people on this planet in my days.  In today's world, it's what we don't know that is so dangerous to us, therefore it's very critical to get sharp & stay informed as much as possible, and that's because the night will be coming soon & many millions of people will fall down in the darkness that ensues.

A true lesson in history.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mouse Traps Galore

I've decided to write this blog post because I came across a better way to describe the world in which most of us serfs live in, a world controlled & designed by wealthy people through the deceptions & illusions they masterfully paint for those who work hard for money (Which is the grand illusion), and don't realize that most things in this world is nothing more than a mouse trap at best.  Life is full of a lot of quality analogies, but one of the famous secrets of becoming wealthy is "Building a better mouse trap."

If you learn to build a quality mouse traps, the mice will come to eat the cheese, and then you are free to do whatever you want with the foolish mice who didn't see the trap for what it was.  There are many different mice traps in life, like your bank, laws, cars, the stock market, homes, and so very many more truly, indeed most things in life can be considered a mouse trap.

One might wonder, "Well, how is my bank a mouse trap?"  I'm sure the people in Greece can explain that to you perfectly right now, indeed many banks are getting away with all kinds of fraud and felonious practices, oh sure they get fined, but how many felonies can a bank commit before someone ask, "Why aren't these banks being broken up and those running them jailed?"  It's very critical that you understand if you give people your money, they control it, and with your money in the hands of other people, there is not telling what they can & will do with it!

If you are smart enough, then you probably are beginning to see that the Department of Justice and the politicians are cheering these banks on, because let's get real here, the money stolen from the depositors isn't returned to the depositors, and yes, you guessed it, collusion happens between all parties involved to take back the money we work so very hard for.  The team on the other side is always working hard to bring the public a mouse trap, whether it's mandated insurance, fines, licenses, fees, or expensive things that require something else to be useful, and whatever you want to look at, everything is designed to profit off of the ignorant masses.

The wealthy understand debt, that's what they sell at banks, your enslavement, and if you are foolish enough to get into debt, then you become a slave to the bank.  Though there is debt you can take on that other people pay for, which is smart & how people become insanely wealthy.  It's not just banks doing it, oh no, governments, corporations, and even people you meet every day in life are playing a game with people, the name of the game is "Who is indebted to whom?"

It seems like these days that most people are trying to trap their neighbor, sell someone a lemon, or connive/cheat their neighbor out of something, and it really has gotten to a stage now that drugs are widely being used worldwide, even children are falling victim to it from drug pushers & corporations.  Drugs themselves are a trap, of course everyone who knows that probably understands where I'm going with this blog post, but there is still yet much more to discuss!

With so many traps out there, we need to all be vastly aware that most things are designed to ensnare &/or cheat the unsuspecting masses, and with so much corruption & immorality running amok, it's leading the world to lawlessness.  That means the world is sliding towards total anarchy, which will threaten the stability of even wealthy countries, and that applies all the more to countries with limited and/or inadequate policing & military.

Of course the truth always comes out, it's literally sliding down a mountain like an avalanche now, thanks to the internet, and that avalanche is going to bury many with it!  Enough preaching though, back to the topic at hand, because there is so very much to cover here!

A car is a mousetrap because corporations install black boxes, computers, and spying technology, which also includes spyware so they can access your car's information via RFID satellite and send that data to other government agencies, like the police.  With a click of a button cars can be disabled, yes the manufacturers install black boxes on cars to disable them if you fail to make your payment, and what's to stop them from disabling your car once you've paid it off?  That's correct, nothing!

What's to stop the government from listening & recording everything you do and say 24/7?  I suspect the only reason they haven't achieved this status yet is because they haven't implanted electronic devices in humans yet.  Yet being the key word here, you should be extremely aware of the evil world we live in, and that is one where greed & profiteering is the high order of the day, even if it requires new regulation to enforce or to make it appear to be "acceptable".

As I've explained on other blog post, the laws only apply to the serfs, the wealthy can change laws at will, and they do not apply to those who write them.  I see many people in prison for what the police are doing every day, it really did open my eyes to the evil world we live in, one that is utterly rife with injustice, corruption, collusion, and so many problems that it's becoming crazy, ultimately.

Don't be a fool, learn the game, learn not to become trapped by the careful guises and ploys of the wealthy, and that's because many people fall victim to all of the traps the wealthy design.  Traps like security, big government, corporations, and so many more.

The greatest thing we possess in life is our understanding, the more of it we have, the more capable we become of avoiding the nasty traps the wealthy have laid before the unsuspecting debt serfs, and the more understating you have, the more responsibility that comes with it.  We all have a responsibility to share what we learn, to help one another, and if you can help people without hurting them, that is one of the greatest attributes in life!

The fastest way to wealth is to be giving, that's what the wealthy do, they offer something for free or very cheap "for now", but they always have plans to start charging substantially more for what they offer, it's called "Building dependencies", and people for too long now have become dependent upon the government to supply them everything they need, like their retirements for example.

Corporations build trust, they pretend they care, they offer great things, and then the real games begin, the games of terror.  Terrorism isn't anything new, it's just that people aren't aware of enough history to realize who's causing it and why.

The Keiser Report knows about it all!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Greatest Treasure In Life

In today's world, as I write this blog post, we are seeing country after country falling deep into debt, followed by their stock markets falling out, and their currency's value crumbling.  I'm afraid this is only the beginning of what is to come, which will include many more markets, currencies, and countries falling out, and yes that will most definitely include America & the US Dollar as well.

They say good journalism isn't suppose to talk about the future, but I have to wholly disagree, mainly because the future is now, and if you have been paying attention, then you would know full well that changes are coming & more importantly why.  Understanding is not something you can teach in schools, neither ethics, these things that are gained by seeking the truth, and I'm here to tell you that the truth is something worth searching for, indeed that is what fine journalism is truly all about.

Unfortunately a large amount of the media you will find online is nothing more than either a marketing ploy, misinformation (A ploy used by the Robber Barons to distract the masses), or outright slander used by the media to destroy the reputation of others, and the government uses slander to keep their power, as if they are better than anyone else.  I've listened to the brainwashed government/system loving tools bleat on about their indoctrination and ideology passed down to them from the universities, but most of them are lacking the ability to think for themselves, having bought the college indoctrination hook, line, and sinker.

If you want to learn to think, then learn to listen to everyone, yes even the idiots, for sometimes idiots can teach you what not to do or believe, indeed some crack-pots actually know what they are talking about sometimes too, and we've all have been idiots at some point in our lives.  The older I get the more I realize that most people are pretending, they don't know anything, and those with bravado are often lacking the ethics needed to be a person of higher quality, indeed I've met a lot of extremely intelligent yet unethical, poor, and arrogant people.

"Kung-fu isn't what people think it is, Kung-fu is how you treat people." - Jackie Chan

The greatest problem with the world is people think they are intelligent and wise, but they are just like the rest of the fools out there chasing after things that bring them nothing of value, and because of this they find frustrations, often rage & take their frustrations out on innocent people.  I have seen many parents frustrated with life abuse their children either mentally or physically because they were upset, I've seen people body slam dogs because they were mad, and I've seen people physically fight over nothing but words.

Another great problem is people lack self control, they let their desires and emotions control them, and they do foolish things because of that, indeed I've watched many different people from many different walks of life who become controlled by many different things.  Things like money, drugs, sex, fear, greed, and that's only to name a few, pride is also something that drives people to do insanely foolish things.

The more I consider the world we live in, the more people I listen to, and the more media I ponder, the more it becomes apparent to me that the world is quickly sliding towards lawlessness, and a large part of that can be contributed to the immoral actions of those in roles of leadership or power, like bankers, wall street, police officers, and more.  If you refuse to do justice, then what will you have to say when injustice meets you?  Likewise, what will you have to say if your children suffer from what you do or did in life?

If there was one thing I could teach my children, it would be to be mindful of their words, especially what they say to others, be mindful of what they are doing & why, and be wise enough not to act if they are unsure of what to do.  All of this of course is leading me to my conclusion, which is something you need to be aware of, and that conclusion entails a lot of things, for we live in a time where greed is the number one thing that drives legislation, business, and the actions of most people in life, it's also how those in power control others, through greed (Mere false promises!).

To be aware of what we live in, you have to first consider that, "Everyone wants your money", secondly you need to know who you can trust, and who you can't.  Can you trust the banks, can you trust the government, and can you trust your financial adviser?  The answer to that is, "Don't Trust Anyone", that's the number one rule of trust, and if you choose to trust someone and you get burned, then you know not to trust them again.  Learn to trust with extreme caution & protect yourself!

They are working at destroying currencies and markets to usher in digital totalitarian commerce, where the government controls all currencies, transactions, and business online, while spying upon everything we do & say online, there will come a point that they don't even have to hire people, for it will all be perfectly run by computers, and though some people may believe these "Hacker Groups" are behind all of these reports we see online, I for one do not.  I believe everything is perpetuated by the government for the intent of controlling the masses and keeping the illusions alive.

There are many illusions in life, like money, gold, crypto-currency, stocks, bonds, CDs, and many other things the government sells you, if you don't understand how the government sells you money then you obviously need a financial education.  Money is an IOU note, you work for them, but the government controls their value & taxes it as well, once nobody believes in the value of a currency, then that currency becomes worthless, and that's precisely what you will hear in the media these days.

You will hear the media talking about the value of a currency falling out, the stock markets falling out, and if you need to ask why after reading this article, then you clearly aren't paying attention.  The wealthy people who make up the government, Wall Street, and the banks sells you these products because they control the value of them, even & especially precious metals, and believe me they utterly control everything they sell you.

Some people bought the lie that "Banking is safe, you can trust us", but what they don't see is the billions of dollars the banks are raking in off of financially ignorant people who go through life thinking they are smarter than everyone else because they have a little money or some gold.  Keep stacking, keep collecting that paper, whether it's money, bonds, CDs, stocks, it matters not, and that's because those things will be of little value soon.

If you want rock solid investing advice, then consider what the wealthy invest in, they invest in Utility Corporations, Food Corporations, and any corporation that sells something that you consume, all consumable products that can be sold in unlimited quantities are the most profitable, period.  Stop and think for a moment, what would a car be worth without oil or a DVD player without DVDs?

The one thing you need to realize is, YOU ARE THE MONEY, invest in yourself, get an education, gets some understanding, and learn to think, because the wealthiest people in life don't work for money I assure you.  The wealthy invent money, just like they invented Crypto-currency, and that's something the wealthy will soon offer as a solution when all other currencies fall out, coming soon!

The wealthy sell security too, they are also the ones who create a lot of the problems you see advertised in the media, and indeed they are responsible for a lot of terrorism & war, it's all because "The violent take by force."  That's an old proverb, along with "The wealthy rule over the poor."  Another ancient proverb that can be found in the book of Proverbs in the bible, it's amazing how much wisdom can be found in the bible, something most people discredit as truth because they are atheist, and even that is an agenda of the wealthy, to hide the truth from the public so they don't wake up to all of the lies and immorality they push down everyone's throats continually in the media.

Enough about that though, you are the greatest treasure in life, if you want to know where to invest your money, invest it in your education & understanding, and take the time to find the truth!  I know you probably don't have time, but like my favorite financial education teacher (Robert Kiyosaki) explains, "Excuses are lies we tell ourselves."  We must find the time or we will pay dearly for our ignorance, that's because the most money to be made is made by something you don't know about, so you should focus on learning, and more importantly, start thinking for yourself fast!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Immorality Leads To The End of World

The beginning of wisdom is to hate evil! - Proverbs

Lie is such a huge word, in fact many things can be encompassed into the word, because many things are nothing but a complete farce, like statistics, politics, news, Crypto-currency, GDP, stocks, social security, security, government, debt, money, and the list truly does just keep going and going, but some day all of those things will come to an end.  The lies of course are only sustained by ignorance, but the internet will change all of that, and something leads me to believe that was the original idea behind it's conception, to spread the truth.

Sure the internet is full of lies, but there are many people talking online, splash in some truth and watch the masses suddenly start to catch on, indeed I've seen it with my own eyes first hand, and what I'm talking about is, the mind is controlled by what is most believable.  Stop and think about that real hard, do you really think that taxes help you?  Well I suppose if you are one of the 100+ million people working for the US Government, then that might be true, but then comes the accounting truth, and that is big government will only ever increase in spending, liabilities, and debts to be paid, but can it truly ever be paid back?

Well, then Greece happened, now the IMF & Germany have to make a choice, end the ruse too soon before the world is ready and it's going to get very ugly, very fast, and that's because the systems are not in place yet to handle the global collapse, though they are very close.  It's no longer a question of if the system will collapse, the question is, is how much rioting will ensue in response, and can the wealthy liars, et al (Gov), control the outcome of it?

At some point the police & military will see the futility of it all with millions pouring into the streets burning everything to the ground, if that's the way the rioting goes, because anything can happen when rioting ensues, anything at all, and I warn you that stores, water, and electricity may not be available, but that's when the boots will hit the ground fast.  Of course they are expecting it, but they aren't prepared well enough yet, and in a little more time the wealthy will shut it all down.

They will most likely use a blackout, because the worst thing that can happen to them is that information leaks out and the masses suddenly realize what the elite are planning, therefore it will happen suddenly, and most people won't even see it coming.  I fear that many people will be caught unaware of the changes coming, they don't realize that the wealthy will end cash, it's already begun, and they are working to stop people from pulling cash out of the bank.

It's not a war on cash, cash is worthless and the banks are able to create loans literally out of thin air, indeed every debt you have is nothing more than damn piece of paper in an office some where that the wealthy keep to hold over everyone's head, when the world tells the wealthy to go to hell, that's when the whole system comes crashing down because the banks are totally insolvent already!

I tell you all of this because the wealthy are an extremely arrogant lot, believing that they own the earth and the right to adjudicate whatever they want, to break the laws they write, rendering themselves immune to everything, while stealing through legislation via tools who enforce their laws at gunpoint, and I'm sorry if you are a cop or soldiers reading this and offended by this truth.  It is not my intentions to offend, it is to plainly lay the truth before everyone and let them judge what is correct or wrong.

Is it correct to steal from another person's family to feed your own?  That's what the government does every day, they demand it, and they have millions of laws to ensure it's a continual hardship on those who live under the rule of their laws, but their laws are lies!  Who gave them power to take what they want, is it because they believe because they have a gun, missiles, or war ships that they can just take what they want?

If that's true for the wealthy who supposedly claim to  own it all, what about the other wealthy people of the world?  What's stopping them from saying, "You know what, we own it all now!", raising arms and then coming to claim it, just like the other wealthy have?  War is not the answer, the wealthy only use soldiers to control nations, they try to prevent the loss of property, for property is where they derive their taxes from, and they realized a long time ago that as long as they can get fools to believe that their homes & cars are actually worth something, that they can continue the ruse & remain wealthy.

If nobody valued their homes and cars, then what?  One of the great things that evil people use is guilt, pretending you are responsible for something you aren't, granted if you do something against the law, then you will have to pay for breaking it, but not all laws are morally correct, like all of the traffic laws, tax laws, and many other laws as well.  When law is used to hold people in slavery, then those laws are wholly abject to the very thing called justice, and when the justice system becomes immoral & corrupt, then immorality will rise, which will lead to what I've been talking about in this blog post & other blog post as well.

Truth is the most dangerous thing to liars, to the corrupt, to the government, it is lies they use to hide in secrecy, but the truth always comes out, and how much longer will torture, imprisonment, and evil continue before the rest of the world starts to rage out of control?  I once watched a video about "Don't hasten the day", after a cop had shot a black person they posted it, but can you hide history forever?

Did the Mexicans forget about the Mexican American Wars?  No, I'm not trying to fester old wounds here, I'm trying to help those who have the power to change things to see that, if you don't start giving and change things quickly, there will be no more hope, and when all hope is lost, that's the end of everything.  Peace will flee the earth, but if you can't see the results of what that will entail, then you clearly aren't paying attention, and it's only going to get worse if nothing is done.

Don't be unjust, put the criminals in jail, hell keep putting them in jail, but when you have more prisons than tax revenues to support those prisons, then what?  Do you see the catch 22 here?  There are now more government workers than normal working citizens, business is dying, and these are all the results of unjust laws and cruel overlords who don't have a lick of mercy in their hearts, but this must change fast!

How can you have people in prison for breaking laws that the police are breaking everyday?  Granted some people belong in jail because they are a serious threat to society, but what are you going to do, throw away the key on them?  I'm sorry, did I miss the double standards you are trying to pass off as justice some how?

Is it just to call a hooker a good wife?  Is it just to allow casinos to exploit your law abiding tax paying citizens because they are ignorant?  Is it just to allow predatory lenders to have a store on every corner of America?  Is it just to steal people's children because you want to control how children are raised?  Is it just to call evil good and good evil?  Are you trying to install an open air gulag/prison in America?

If justice is fleeing, corruption ensue, then prepare yourselves, because the outcome will not be anything good I assure you.  If you have the power to do the right thing & make the changes that are needed, now would be the time to do it!  I beg you to stop the drilling into the earth, before the water becomes destroyed, stop drilling or it will mean the end of humanity & everything we love, and this is your opportunity to listen or we will all pay the price very soon!

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Social Herds & Economic Turds

WARNING: This article is NOT for children.

"It is the fool who entertains, wisdom brings only sorrow."
Gale Innes

As truly tasteless as the title of this article may be, give it a chance and you shall see, that it's not whether you have a feather in your hat that matters, it's that the worldwide economy is in tatters, and while the wealthy preach about being healthy, the marketing drives the herds to turds. Think they do not, indeed sorrowful winks are what they buy, and despite that I do sigh, the end still draws nigh!

Doom I do not preach, it is but a game they play, this is not a play of words, poetry, or uncanny drivel, the mind shrivels before the internet spam, and the marketing is nothing but a scam!  They goad the internet herd with false promises, and SEO will do nothing for you, or did you think the corporate world is nothing but a shoe?  (Something to be laced up and worn)

Profits are what they seek, your attention is their peak, and your information is their elation, for they'll sell it all for but a penny or two.  Indeed you feed the beast, yet you remain the least, poverty is your reward for believing in the lies, and oh how I wish it was you who sighs!

Don't be a tool, they use the fools, the unlearned are those who burn, and if you're part of the herd, it is you who will eat those turds!  Imparting wisdom is my ploy, but it is you who must make the choice, and this charade they play is nothing but a masquerade, a game of fool the guesser and those with no voice.  It is noise they do make, the herd roars for the fads, and with ample post and heated roast, they eat in joy, not seeing it is their brains that goes bad.

Wit you need to get, buy the truth and bury it deep, don't by fooled like the uncanny sheep, for the herd does suffer for the fluff that the wealthy display, and don't delay they say, but it's fools who pay.  The end of things shall be you, the fool who took none of it to heart, your ways do bring you fulfillment, but it is your love that is their endearment, and the wealthy do profit from your toil, for they steal it from you with foil.  Indeed the fool works hard for that paper, though it is nothing but a caper, no the banks cannot taper this madness, and though you think yourself so canny, but why do you twerk your fanny with gladness?

I speak of those who cannot see, the mindless masses, and the wealthy who are weak with glee, when both will at last hear, no I'm not a seer!  The slave will hear his master's guns, bombs, and drones, indeed the fires will go high, as it is true the end draws so very nigh.  The herds will clamor and rage, but it will be off to the slammer and there will be no more glamour, for life is a joy to the wealthy who steal at will, and sorrows for the poor, but the maker of both shall place them both in the grave, and yes it is nothing but another page.

Never have you heard of such, but it is you who still needs to learn much, don't follow the herd, it is the story of the day that the wealthy do play in the media, plug your ears and do not hear, and if you can avoid the spam & scams, then heed before you bleed, for this isn't Wikipedia!  Buy not the crypto madness, figure out how you can protect your gladness, and trust not the banks, for they are nothing but swanks!

The wealthy love to parade, to host sports, and entertain the herd, just like in Greece, but the fires will consume, and at these end of things who shall you hire?  Robbery they did employ, stealing all with false promises, so shall they eat the fruit of their works, and yes it's down with the jerks!  Rebellion is the end, for tyranny must end, and rage they shall, but as Orwell warned, it is us who is scorned!

So, it's boots upside your head, indeed the fools will be dead, draw the herd they will, for they shall fall to the herd, and the bulls are the next phase!  So, you want to hear moar, but did you listen to what I've said?  Get sharp, for now is the time is to harp, and sing no more, for the bonfires are about to begin for the great whore!!!  Yes a witch hunt is on, or did you miss the song?  Bitch better have my money!  No, I'm not trying to be funny, it's just that the truth is absurd and as loony as the herd, and the wealthy they see them as a gas, but it is them who will not last!

Your time draws nigh, it is the wealthy who will cry, and your history is well known, but now that all is shown, don't rage, for there is nothing to do but turn the page, indeed you can't fight what is in sight!  Welcome to the new world, where rebels rule the day, and the wealthy won't enjoy their treats, yes it's all going to be quite a feat, for what else can I say?  Enjoy the madness, because it looks like it's the end of the world...

And to the end of this gas, the prophet's writing on the wall read, "The Fall Enslaves Us All!"

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Awakening of Technology

With rebellion awareness is born. - Albert Camus

Teaching about tomorrow is so very difficult, mainly because you have to fight a lot of indoctrination that is taught in schools & the media which is constantly streaming online, and though it is possible to be wrong, those who have enough awareness and understanding can teach others what tomorrow may bring based upon their awareness.  I'm not a soothsayer, but I do know enough facts & truths to see that the heart of most problems derives from greed, and that my friends can be applied to so very many things indeed, like politics, commerce, or whatever!

I thoroughly believe we cannot unscrew the world at this point, the illusions of life are the promises that the wealthy hold before the masses like the proverbial carrot before the horse, and those illusions are so very strong for many people.  Like the illusion of money, politics, jobs, and the internet, all of which are indeed something the wealthy control, but unfortunately the masses don't see the truth of those illusions, therefore, I'm going to take the time to help you see the agenda of the wealthy, and their plans to lead the masses to a world which should leave you utterly speechless, but please go slow and think about everything I ask here, for it does require serious thought.

What if money was just a means to keep people working for the illusion of wealth and wealth was simply just the right to collect money for providing people with something like food, clothing, shelter, and that was only allowed be controlled by the wealthy?  What if the wealthy wanted to monetize every aspect of life and place it online where they can control everything digitally?

What if schools were closed, the banks bailed in, all currencies were outlawed, all markets failed, and the only way to do business was online?  What if the only way to teach your children was online, because the government was broke and couldn't pay for teachers or schools?  What if the only way to get information was controlled by a search engine result, which could be filtered by the corporations?

What if the only way to learn was through government approved websites that they controlled utterly and nothing was taught or displayed that they didn't want people to know?  What if the wealthy are leading everyone to a digital prison, where they could monitor, control, and profit from everything you do online?  What if every piece of information & everything people do online was monetized?

What if the corporations wanted to make you do all of the work and pay for everything you need or want, while they offered no jobs, no hope, no money, and no help?  What if everything that is happening in other nations like Greece or Venezuela became reality for the world?  What if everything the politicians and media have been telling you is a lie?

What if most of the internet is full of nothing but lies and deceptions to make people confused and to inspire fear in others?  What if the internet was used by the wealthy to rule the world and all borders were dissolved?  What if all of the businesses in the world closed their doors because rioting and looting made it impossible to run businesses?  What if you had to constantly deal with power outages & water was the most precious commodity on earth?

They say those who learn to adapt have the greatest chance of survival, but what if all of the problems are being brought about by the wealthy for profiteering?  What if the wealthy want to monetize everything we do?  Is the world truly insane or simply deluded by false promises and lies?  I'm afraid it's much worse than what I've outlined here, indeed I cannot truly even touch upon even 1/100th of how crazy the world is quickly becoming.

There is so very little time left now, indeed many people are going homeless, and many people can't pay their bills, even many are already starving worldwide.  I'd love to believe that tomorrow holds better things for us all, but crime and outrage seems to be growing, and this is the result of what happens when immoral people lead, for injustices leads to outrage.

I'm afraid that in the times ahead it will not be those who are most armed & prepared that will survive, but those with the most knowledge & awareness, because the wise see evil and they hide themselves, and believe me much evil is now here, it's just that most of the world hasn't woken up to it yet.  You may not understand what I mean by evil, but if you read or watch the news, it's full of the reports of insane stories of people doing evil things for fun or profit.

We see so many problems in the world, but nobody stops to ask who is causing this and why?  What is going on?  You might want to stop and take the time to become well informed, you should turn to intelligent people and start asking questions, because life is about to change, and that applies to everyone worldwide, even the middle class and the rich.

When the markets and banks collapse, which many "Optimist" believe is nothing but a lie, things are going to turn ugly very fast I assure you, and let me hip you to something, America is NOT impervious to what is coming at all.  Google "America Trade Balance", read all of the news that you can, and that will lead you to the conclusion of what those who are informed already know.

Max & Stacy know what's going on today...

I'm afraid the worse has just begun, neo globalism is on the rise, and most of what I've outlined above is only but a few months away.  You should be prepared for the worse, prepare for forest fires, rioting, house fires, power outages, and anything you can, but most importantly prepare for stores to be closed for a long time, including banks.  I'm not sure how long the transition to digital totalitarianism will take, but I am certain that the military you will see on the streets is there for a very important reason, and the government isn't going to tell you why.

It is too late to mount a rebellion, as I've explained before, it will not help, but you should be doing all that you can to warn your neighbors and friends that the wealthy are about to force everyone into this digital prison that they've been building for a long time now, where every aspect of life will be controlled, yes even what you can speak online, and no your constitution will not apply online.  Your healthcare, your schooling, government and anything that they provide will be digital & monetized, for the governments are broke, and the wealthy who control it all have the power to make the rules.

Those who borrow money are servant to the lender, the government has been borrowing a lot of money, and the real question you need to be asking yourself is, from whom?  Why is most of the world poor?  Because they aren't willing to seek an education that can set them free from the illusions the wealthy use to drive the world to work for peanuts, but even those peanuts are going away.

What are you going to do now?  Watch the video below, pay close attention, this judge is trying to help you see it all, and he got fired for this, because it's information they don't want you to know.  I'm afraid in the times ahead many people will have questions, but nothing will be free, and the masses will become very angry, so expect the worst I warn you.

Fascist Tyranny is here...

History is repeating itself...

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If you aren't paying for the product, YOU are the product!
Your information is sold to the highest bidder...

If you don't get it by now, you never will...

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Monday, July 13, 2015

The 3 Profiteers

Get the picture?

Whether it's law, banking, corporations, government, war, politics, jails or prisons, the Internet, investing, business, or whatever you want to talk about that's going on in the world today, even LGBT rights, the heart of everything is profiteering, and to give you a concrete example of that, just answer this simple question.  Do you really think the government cares about your rights?

Profiteering is the extremely obvious fact on the table, which you can build a mountain of evidence to counter the current agenda the wealthy are pushing to the public via media.  Indeed, politics is the science of influencing public opinion and the agenda of those in power is to lead the voting cattle to a milking station, and that's so they can extract any and all wealth from said cattle.  That also includes intellectual property, you know, your ideas, and we need to be careful while online, for if you set your ideas loose on the internet, they will be stolen if they are valuable. (Don't put it on your computer at all, given the NSA / Intelligence Agency / Corporate spying revelations...)

Wisdom is realizing that we all live in a thieve's world, ruled by criminals, and money is nothing more than a slave collar of the financially ignorant work for, but if you want to set yourself free from said collar, then listen up.  The wealthy understand one implicit fact, wealth is not found in money, it is found in owning things that produce money, like the loan on a home at the bank, and that's why my favorite Financial Education teacher Robert Kiyosaki teaches "Become the bank".

If you look at all of these loan shark businesses around America, indeed they are innumerable now & all over the internet as well, obviously some people realize the power of debt and the name of the game, and that is of course "Who is indebted to whom", which someone shared recently with me a very critical analysis of the current situation we seeing going on worldwide.  Replace governments with countries & then look at what's happening in Greece to get a better picture of the real truth.

They used to topple governments with tanks, now they use banks. - Stella

Debt however is a slavery collar, the wealthy hold that debt over nations for a real purpose, and that is of course to keep everyone poor, in countries like Venezuela the oppression is obscene. However, you should come to quickly come to realize that the wealthy are driving the entire world to utter poverty for a very real reason, as I've explained already on multiple blog post, and that is of course to drive the world into Digital Totalitarianism, where the wealthy control the entire show online.

Indeed in the times that are coming there will be 3 major pillars of profiteering, eCommerce (Purchasing online), eGovernment (Taxes & Legislation), and eBusiness (Including eBanking); however, you will find that the mega corporations more or less already monopolize those aspects online, and I should warn you that the internet is about to go through some serious changes, hence all of the "hacking reports" (Read Government Interventionism).  Banking is about capital controls, when cash becomes worthless (See Venezuela or Greece for real examples), then countries and people worldwide will be forced to go to digital currency, and that's when the real control & spying will take place, for all digital currency is 100% traceable.  (Something you need to be aware of!)

Goodbye local trade, goodbye black markets (Drug Trade), and hello massive taxation, which will be totally inescapable once everything goes digital.  Sure you might be able to trade for food and water, but if it's not a registered trade, you can just forget about owning anything of real value, and so I warn you that when cash becomes trash (Coming Soon) & everything is digitized (Almost reality now), the gates will be closed and there will be very little or no opportunity left for the serfs.

I say this because the monetary system revolves around debt, but those who are greatly in debt will be financially terrorized by the digital life ahead, for the corporations on the other side will be able to assess your financial situation at all times, and applying for a loan will come at almost no cost to banks, for everything will become automated I assure you.  If you want to have a quality picture of what the future will look like, go watch the movie WALL-E®, and that is indeed where they are leading the world, the spaceship is the digital corporation(s) & earth is already becoming devoid of many forms of animal and plant life thanks to radiation & other problems like heat.

Google is already monetizing YouTube, therefore if you can't see the net the corporations are drawing around us all, then maybe it's time you started paying attention, and if you aren't pissed off yet, then you are obviously not paying attention enough!  I'm not writing this blog to elicit an emotional response from my readers, nor to strike fear in people, no just turn on the news if you want that, but what I am trying to accomplish here is raising the awareness of the masses, and that is of course in hope before it's too late for us all, if in fact it can be stopped at this point.

If we don't fight the corporatocracy now, the TPP & TTIP will blow the world over, and you can choose to forget about all of this, but I assure you all of these problems will not forget about you or your country.  There have been many people online reporting the issues and I share a lot of those reports and other important information on My Google+ Page, and though nobody knows everything, all of us working together on social media with the same focus can indeed accomplish much!

I encourage you to get active in the discussion, share what you know, but be humble enough to learn, and never assume you are correct, for we are all incorrect much of the time.  Keep an open mind, be willing to change your perception and understanding, indeed do all that you can to raise the awareness of yourself and others, so that we can all share quality information, and that truth may be enough to topple the lies the wealthy love to weave all around us like a web, because the spiders are designing much chaos for the flies on the web!

A great show worth following!

What's really going on...

Corporations are Communist

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