Sunday, June 29, 2014

Preparing for Cashless Societies

Originally Published 6/29/2014, Republished on 4/22/2015

It's rather imperative to prepare for changes, before they happen, and if you want to stay informed and become wise, then it's rather important to listen to people who are well advised about what's going on.  I of course spend a lot of time online, studying, and reading books to ensure that I stay abreast with what's happening in our ever changing world, this in turn allows me to communicate effectively what is important to everyone who reads my blog post.

Today I'll be talking about preparing for cashless societies, something which I believe will soon be a global trend, and I'm writing about this for multiple reasons, but first let me explain why I believe this will soon come about.  You see, ever since the 2008 global market crash, it has set off events that have led to a lot of economic turmoil, and the banks and many businesses got caught with their pants down, as they say.

They were swimming naked, not having enough capital to cover what was on their balance sheets, so when the markets corrected due to dubious derivatives in bad loans, the housing market bubble busted, and as a result the banks had to be bailed out.  Moreover, to keep the entire system from crashing, the banks had to keep printing money, and the governments had to turn to the banks for loans, for many things had led to this economic crisis which I believe was an engineered crisis.

Legislation was passed some time ago which allowed banks to sell derivatives on loans, a lot of bad loans were made, and as a result many people lost their homes when the banks began recalling loans.  The worst however is not over, the housing markets & many other markets are flat dead, the crisis turned into an economic recession, which has been slowly turning into a depression, but we are not quite fully there yet.

The banks are more or less completely insolvent, they are borrowing money, which the Federal Reserve Bank has been printing by many billions of dollars a month ever since the Quantitative Easing (QE) program started, and they are throwing money into the markets to keep them afloat, but they can't just keep printing money without any consequences.  You see printing money causes inflation, which results in the value of a currency decreasing in value, the more they print, the less the currency is worth until eventually the currency has no real value.

The problem is, other nations began to realize just how dubious currencies like the US & UK currencies are, because they aren't backed by any real assets, like gold for example, which is why the British Pound is no longer called the British Pound Silver.  So in response, nations like China began hyper-printing money to buy up assets worldwide, which resulted in global competition in the global economy, which I'm afraid will lead to very disastrous results, and that means cash will soon become worthless.  Moreover, multiple nations have stopped trading in US Dollars, this of course will have a very real and negative effect on the value of the US Dollar, and that has yet to be realized, but it is indeed coming.

Essentially the greed of nations have driven us to an economic cold war if you will, the results will be nothing short of currencies worldwide taking a huge nose dive in value, prices of goods will begin to soar worldwide, and rioting will worsen for certain.  Indeed the rioting has already proven to be insane since 2009, but the part most people don't get is, this is all being engineered by some insanely wealthy & intelligent people who want it all to come about so they control the world.

I believe the ultra wealthy are extracting all of the wealth they can from the system currently, holding up the markets until they pull all of the real wealth off the table, and as they continue to begin to taper the QE program, you will begin to see currencies reflect their true value.  Though I'm not sure if gold & silver will remain valuable even, because the banks are clearly control it's price, and other markets for that matter, but one thing is certain, we are strong in the grips of austerity worldwide.

Nobody is certain what will come, but my financial education is leading me to believe that we are headed for cashless societies, and some may believe that's rather dependent upon societies accepting such a thing, but let me assure you that when the banks bail-in, as people's retirements are wiped out, and as these bankers begin to show their truly greedy & ugly agendas, we will see what's going to come about.  Indeed I'm certain many people will be left with little choice, they will be forced to accept a cashless system, whether it's RFID Implants or whatever, though that remains to be seen, but I'm sure they are planning on tracking all transactions, so crypto-currencies may indeed be implemented at first, and later another system most likely will be introduced.

Of course I'm speculating there, but from what I've gathered from news articles and information shared with me by a team of some of the brightest & most informed people from around the world, I'm lead to believe that we are indeed headed for something proverbial, and so you should stay informed, especially where Biometric Identification is concerned.  A cashless society will mean many bad things, one of which entails local commerce ending all together, for people will have nothing to trade with, other than goods, so we will most likely go back toward bartering & trading unless a financial medium is widely available, and at first I don't believe it will be for everyone.

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That would likely kill the illegal drug trade all together, but it will also hurt small businesses, drive everyone into a hegemonic / monopolistic system controlled by centralized banks &/or governments, and it will be used to track every financial transaction to ensure everyone ponies up their taxes.  Indeed it would curtail a lot of illegal and bogus transactions, scams, crime, and fraud undoubtedly, so that's not a bad thing, and it will also cause the loss of many banking / financial jobs as well, indeed the digital era is almost upon us in full.

There is already a lot of buzz about cashless societies, so do take the time to read up, as I wish to keep my readers informed, expecting, and preparing for changes.  I've already wrote about the bank bail-ins, something else we all need to prepare for immediately, this is just another dissertation about why people need to snap out of whatever dream they are living in and pay close attention to what's going on in the world today, and that's because the changes are going to roll in very quickly once the markets begin tanking again.

There are a lot of reasons the governments can come up with to justify cashless societies, I'm sure the outline of when & why has already been put into writing, and they are prepared to make some huge changes, changes which many people will not like one iota.  Therefore, I suspect that is why they are arming their agencies to the teeth, and also why they are trying to curtail immigration and deal with any issues that are resulting from the economic woes many countries worldwide are reeling from.

South America itself has been completely living under the weight of the economic turmoil the 2008 market crash caused, banks & corporations have told many countries, tough cookies, inflation ensued, and the prices of food rose, which resulted in this pandemic of pandemonium.  I personally am not the kind of person who enjoys change, indeed I like the "Same old, same old", and I'm quite certain that I'm not alone, but I do believe you need to remain hip & informed, for changes are coming soon!

So how does one prepare to transition to a cashless society?  Well, you had better get things of cold hard value, like non-perishable foods and bottled water, for when the collapse comes, stores will be locked down until the system goes into effect, which may take days, weeks, or worse.  Looting & madness may ensue, so become armed and skilled in the usage of a gun, with plenty of extra ammo would also be wise, and that's because there is no telling what might happen, though you may need to hide your guns till the SHTF.  (Don't expect guns to stay legal!)

Financially it would be wise to start liquidating as soon as possible and start turning that cash into hard assets that can produce any kind of profit.  I'd expect the price of everything will continue to rise in the times ahead, so don't wait to take action, the longer you wait, the more expensive things will get, and wasting time speculating what might happen would be wasted time, prepare like you & your family's life depended upon it.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Changing World

Everyday that goes by I look into the streets to see many homeless people wandering about, those who sit comfortably from a middle class area probably won't see this, but they probably have heard of neighbors losing their jobs, and eventually their homes.  The wise will make friends with people, that way when things turn bad, and their turning really ugly now, they will have people who they can turn to for help.

Not everyone realizes the changes that are happening, especially not those people who work a lot of hours each week at a job, and that's largely because most of the America is too busy to care, but that's changing, for many people are growing tired of working to have nothing.  Indeed many people who don't have college degrees simply cannot survive on a single paycheck, as a result many people are living with friends, family, or splitting rent with roommates.

Add to these facts that the nation is going deeper into debt each month, that big government is continuing to spend it's way into oblivion, and you probably see why some things are coming about, but not everyone does, for you need a financial education if you want to understand what's coming & how to prepare for it.  Some people knew about this economic downturn long before it came, in fact one of my favorite financial educational teachers, Robert Kiyosaki, warned about it in quite a few of his books.

He warned that the cause of the problems lays with the promises the big government has given us, promises they couldn't keep, and these Ponzi schemes like 401k & Roth IRA and other government 'programs' & services simply could not be paid for, due to the fact that the government has grown too large and it's payroll is far too high, among other reasons as well.  It's difficult to outline the truth to people without being misconstrued as a fear monger, a doom & gloom preacher, being cynical, or even insane, for many of the problems are quite insane indeed.

I personally believe our governments need for perpetual war is driving this nation to it's knees, obviously the paid for political pretenders, who accept money to vote the way the ultra wealthy want them to, are going to have to face the music sooner or later, and that entails the public becoming outraged at what Washington has done to our nation for a fist full of cash from the banks.  The banks have gladly loaned the government all the money they wanted, the government has been insanely irresponsible with the promised tax payers money that they are borrowing against, and it's an endless cycle of greed, out of control spending, and oppression through legislation designed to extract more tax dollars from the public.

It's rather apparent to anyone who carefully examines legislation(s) being passed today that, the big government only has two things in mind when they pass laws, extracting more money from the public, and continuing their agenda, no matter how insane or unlawful it may be, despite what the public objects to the contrary.  Yes, it's become apparent that we are no longer a democracy, neither is capitalism working, and trickle down economics are brutally punishing the public with unfair engineered economic oppression designed to extract as much wealth from the public as possible.

Somebody wins in depressions, it's the ultra wealthy, for they have the money to buy up anything they want, because many things are for sale in a depression, many businesses fold up, and many jobs are lost, therefore, many people lose their homes, losing them to foreclosures to the banks.  Which is precisely what the banks are doing at this time, in fact they have been doing it for quite some time now, and most people simply ignore the problem, but that problem is leading to a massive increase in homelessness.

I've already warned about such in my books, which I wrote two years ago , though I never published them, some people who know me got to read them, and though I have much more to say about the problems which continue to grow, there are also ample people out there also telling the truth as well, so I've decided to stop trying to convince people to wake up, and simply allow this corrupt government & banking system do it for them.

It's not hard to see the truth, if you just listen to people, in fact a lot of wisdom can be gained simply by listening to people and believing what people tell you, but you need to learn a lot before you can begin to question what you read & hear, for much of what is in the media is nothing short of blatant lies & cover-ups, or is nothing more than a sales pitch.  I don't care what they talk about, the poor know the truth, because they are living in it, and if you ask them, they will tell you that everything has "gone to hell".

The more you understand about why the world does what it does, "For a fist full of cash", the more you see why things happen, who causes the worst of it, and how to profit from these cycles that are constantly repeating themselves throughout history.  Yes, world war, depressions, and civil unrest is nothing new, but I believe something fundamentally has changed, and that is the internet has brought a lot of information to the world, information that just isn't publicly known at large.

Thanks to many people online writing blogs, sharing information on social media, and trying hard to get the word out, many now have access to insight that simply is not common.  As a result, the ultra wealthy, the governments, and the "Status Quo" are in danger of being challenged on a major scale, which means the public is no longer just going to accept the lies blindly & blindly walk off the cliff.

What that means of course, is there will be war as a result, for the established powers that be will in no way just readily hand over their power to the public, and if they must, they will use other nations or terrorist to invade there own nation to instill fear into the people.  Yes, we've seen it all before, it's happening again, and it's going to continue to happen, so before it does, you have been warned.

There is much more to discuss, like the changes to the earth due to massive drilling & extracting resources from it, and though I'd like to cover much more, alas this topic exceeds the scope of a singular blog post.  Thanks for reading and don't forget to support this blog via PayPal (, so I can continue to help people learn worldwide.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Corporate Watch

Many people never stop to think of the bigger picture when considering corporations, something which was invented by the wealthy to protect their assets and investments from legal recourse should something go wrong, that way the investors and board members didn't go down with the ship should the ship sink, and that's something which is very important to learn if you ever become rather wealthy.  For there are many legal vultures in society who would love nothing more than to sue someone for something they have, and so you have to learn to protect yourself legally by consulting a lawyer and building the proper corporation to protect your wealth, though not just from people, but from governments as well.

The wealthy learned to move money around from corporation to corporation, indeed as time went on and the wealthy became wealthier, they began splitting parts of their corporations into other corporations, and would purchase other corporations who had came up with something they wanted sole rights to control & own.  As a result many people were paid off for what they had invented, many corporations retain all intellectual property created while working for a corporation, as you work for a paycheck, and so you need to be mindful of this should you ever invent something great while working for a corporation.

Moreover, it's important to understand the wealthy are insanely powerful, they have an almost unlimited supply of money, great political influence, and can bring legal action against anyone they choose, anywhere in the world, as we have seen many corporations pursue in times past.  Of course I've been telling you all of this for a reason, for the wealthy can do many things with this money they get from the banks, and indeed they have access to things most people do not, for they are on a different level being an organization and not an individual.

Most people don't have access to loans that the banks offer the corporations, for the corporations often have an enormous amount of income, and financial assets that are worth a lot of money, therefore they can use the power of leverage to do many things.  Indeed they create stocks and sell those stocks publicly as well, which in turn produces an insane amount of money for them to invest with or purchase other asset which in turn increases the corporation's wealth, and more importantly their ability to get their hands on more money.

Neither are most government grants and programs available to individuals, but rather they are only available to organizations and corporations, so you need to be mindful of this if you ever want to play the game the big boys do, and that means for big money.  Nevertheless, I'm explaining all of this for a specific reason, for as corporations grow, they often grow to the point that they have hedged out any & all competition, either by legal pressure or financial pressure, and they can choose many different options to drive others out of business, like sheer competition or economic pressure.

What many people probably don't stop to consider though is, too much power is not good, and if a corporations monopolizes an industry, or only a couple of corporations control it (a cartel), then everyone who is reliant upon those corporations for what they need, then fall to the mercy of the corporation.  I don't believe I need to expound upon how merciless corporations can be, financially or business wise, and I'm sure most of you by now can see where I going with this, because a monopoly or small cartel of a market, leads to greed and eventually inflation, which is to say insanely high prices for their products or services.

The problem is, the US Government is a corporations as well, in fact they are the "first lender", that means they have access to things everyone else does not, and they can make laws and control entire markets, if they so choose, and so you need to keep them at forefront of your mind as you read on about corporations, for it most definitely includes governments.    As corporation develop a hegemony of markets, become the sole license holder for technologies, they have the power to "Name their price", and that in turn again leads to even higher prices.

The sad thing is, there are many markets which are completely dominated either by either a government or corporations, and because the government is the largest corporation, they control the most critical markets, like health, education, and other important markets.  The private sector is most definitely an insanely wealthy sector, but when you do the math, look at the law, the government is 2nd to none, no doubt.

Of course I've been eluding up to something far more important that outlining much about corporations and government, for I see both as the same thing, and it's important to realize that corporations don't have to play by the rules of any nation, for they are global now.  This of course means, if they don't like the laws of one nation, well they can leave, and if any nation takes illegal actions against a corporation, well that corporation can then draw upon it's power to hurt that nation by applying legal, economic, and even financial sanctions.

We have seen the results of such happen many times, it's almost as if these hegemonic corporations are controlling things worldwide, and there their power is such that many children can starve to death when sanctions are used, which is nothing short of murder mind you.  Just take a good solid look at almost any market, whether its' the internet, the water you drink, or anything really, and you should probably come to realize that corporation(s) provide that to the public.

Now if at any time that corporation decides they don't want to provide that product or service to the public, well that's where things turn ugly really fast, see the Gazprom / Ukraine incident currently happening today.  Indeed there are many such instance where corporations have done things which should leave the citizenry of the world not just scratching their heads, but turning a very untrusting eye upon the corporations today and becoming rather skeptical about their dubious dealings with "the public" & the power they wield.

I have something greater to say here, that is of course, as long as you feed the pig, the pigs will grow, and as the pigs appetite grows, it will become war like should it not get what the little piggy wants.  Of course I'm being rather comical here for a reason, it's to help you see the truth, and corporations are not anyone's friend, though I've raised some interesting questions from my readers, I'd like to answer one of those at this time.

I was asked earlier, "Have you seen what life was like before the corporation, who wants to go back there?"  Well, that sounds like a valid argument, but the reality is, we are no longer living in capitalism or democracy, we are living in a plutocracy worldwide, where the wealthy are not only controlling the governments of nations, but they are extorting the people, and robbing nations as well!

Indeed we are living in crony capitalism, where corporate board members can sign themselves huge bonuses and at the same time cut thousands of jobs, driving the public into insane poverty, and more importantly purposefully driving the economy of a nation into turmoil for the sheer sake of taking the money they stole from the hard working employees to invest in the nation's assets that they selling cheaply now because they are broke!  Yes there are many such evils the corporations perpetrate upon peoples, nations, and there is much more to say about that, but I'm sure you get the picture.

Indeed I've witnessed this time & time again, where the wealthy play hard ball with the leaders of nations, making them pay dearly for what their people need, and because the game of "Who is indebted to whom" has risen to the global scale now, the wealthy are playing a very dangerous game which leads to war.  Therefore, we need to be extremely mindful of these global corporations which have the power to drive nations to war against one another over resources, trade, or whatever problem they have manufactured or engineered in the name of greed.

Anyway, I hope something in this article was useful to you, and hopefully I have expanded your context awareness of the dangers of global corporations who have much power, wealth, and influence today.  There really is no easy solution, for they control much, and not every nation is subject to their control, but there are a lot that are, and as a result that could lead to the wealthier nations facing down the poorer nations controlled by communist or dictatorship governments in an all out war.

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Power Fraud

Money to most people is a necessity, if they want to be able to purchase goods, and this is why many millions of people work for it, but what most financially uneducated people do not realize is, the value of the money they work for is constantly being manipulated.  Inflation happens when a currency loses it's purchasing power, though most people only realize it by seeing the prices of everything rise, but many things cause inflation.

Mainly though, the banks & government control the value of the currency based upon multiple factors, and before I delve into that, I'm going to outline a few things.  If the government can go to the banks for a loan whenever they want, then they have the ability to increase the national debt as often as they want, and when a government is completely irresponsible, they take on debts that they cannot afford to pay back.

The reason why they cannot pay it back is they are loaned money with interest, which means it's mathematically impossible to pay back the money you borrowed plus interest, because there is only the amount of money borrowed in circulation, and so the more money they borrow, the more the currency declines in value.  In order to pay back the loans however, the government must raise more capital (cash from taxes & other legislation which returns them money) than is in circulation.

The key to understanding is realizing that the banks create the money from literally nothing, a promissory note if you will, which is backed by tax dollars, and so the more the government borrows, the more they must pay back.  Like in the case of the US Government who is presently many trillions of dollars in debt to the banks, as a result the value of the US Dollar will eventually begin to see it's value decrease to very little.

The thing about inflation most people do not get is, it's dished out in smaller amounts, a $0.05 here $0.10 there, and the constant rise every month continues to drive the cost of living higher and higher, and people don't immediately recognize the power of inflation until they are completely driven into poverty.  The power to devalue a currency is the power to defraud a nation, to steal all of the wealth of a nation, and drive it into utter poverty, which is precisely what is happening in America, something which has been repeated many times in many nations throughout the history of the world by the way.

Now, the banks aren't owned by the government, and much like in the old mafia days where the mafia would pay off the police to turn a blind eye to what they did, for this reason the banks continue their little secret fraud that they perpetrated against many nations abroad, and that's because everything worldwide is traded on the US Dollar, well it was until China, Russia, and few other countries said no more of this!

So you see the bankers probably are going to get upset about these countries telling the big bankers to get lost, as a result we are most likely going to see something come about as a result, but that remains to be seen, and I don't really care to speculate about that.  Nevertheless, the fraud continues because the bankers are allowed to not only loan money out of thin air, meaning they don't have to have the money in their vaults to loan it out, and they can loan out as much as 10 to 100 times of what they have on deposit, depending upon what they are dealing in, which is known as derivatives.

In the case of bonds, there are regulations which limits who they can sell them to and how many bonds they can created based upon the amount of money the government owes the banks.  However, in other markets, like the gold market, they can create anywhere from 10 to 100 contracts on just one ounce of Gold, so a lot of people buy the contracts, but there is only technically one ounce of gold, and that leads to a gold shortage if anyone says "Give me the gold".

Which is precisely what Germany & other countries said, "Give me back my gold", and unfortunately the US Banks couldn't pony up like they were suppose to, therefore you hear stories of big corporations digging for gold is south american countries like Colombia, and if anyone objects, well you will probably hear a story of how the local government steps in, people die, and it's nothing pretty.  The elite aren't afraid to use force to get what they want, in fact they are more than willing to cause wars over what they want, and they have a reputation of doing just that.  (See WW II History)

The problem though, is many countries have become upset over this massive power fraud, and as a result we could very well be headed for one of the largest and nastiest wars the world has every known, because weapons have become very dangerous, like nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons are.  Therefore, we have heard stories of these weapons either being used or the threat of them being used, and because many nations now have nuclear capabilities, it's not going to be anything pretty if world war breaks out.

About 2,000 years ago, Jesus explained to everyone that "The love of money is the root of all evil", and the important part to understand here, is that because money is manipulated by bankers and allowed to continue by corrupt politicians who are committing massive fraud against their own nation to get elected, the results are something inherently evil.  For the hard working people of the world are robbed of their retirements, therefore you will hear numerous stories in the months ahead of how the workers of various nations were shafted out of their retirement money, pensions, and other benefits promised by the government for the money they sent the government over the years.

Yes, the fraud isn't just massive, it's powerful, for it has the power to make even the rich and middle class even poor, and as the US Dollar continues to lose it's value, the prices of everything will continue to rise, and government(s) will not be able to afford to import or purchase many things on the open markets, where you need US Dollars to purchase things.  For this reason we hear countless stories of many nations rioting, civil unrest grows, and due to corruption through & through within governments, many citizens are beginning to fight back.

The reason most people don't understand that the love of money is bad, is because they believe the only thing of real value is money, but that's simply not true, and I'm going to explain something clearly to you here.  The wealthy long ago learned how to make money from nothing, they traded that money to the commoner in the form of gold, for the labor they did, but when the wealthy (which usually included The Royals or Rulers) ran out of gold, of course war ensued, and this same problem existed until they went off of the gold standard.

As a result money began to be printed, it was backed by gold, and eventually the British decided to go off the Gold Standard & later the US followed.  Which leads us to where we are today, where governments worldwide have to continue to print money to pay for all those workers who work for money, but the price of goods will continue to rise, and so by the time the money being printed gets into circulation (the public's hands), a massive amount of inflation will have transpired, leaving the value of the money get worth little.

Money today is backed by fraud, the banks are literally insolvent, and have no real wealth within them, unless of course you consider printed paper of real value.  The only thing of real value is your hard work, for the harder you work, the more money they print, and that's the bottom line, for money was created to pay for the services you render.  It's effectively the most powerful fraud every perpetuated against mankind, but most people are completely unaware of it.

I wish I could teach the whole world to just walk away from money, for all it does is fuel wars, and for a fist full of cash soldiers will kill each other.  Of course if you don't want to be a pawn or a fool, then don't work for this stuff they print at will, which they completely control & manipulate, and that because if you work for it, then you will become what they manipulate.

Therefore, if you don't want to be subject to power fraud, which is where the government & banks take everything you worked for, then wise up, and that's because that's the reward the masses get for dancing for money, they get shafted.  If you don't want a fools reward, then learn to become financially educated, for once you learn what is of real value, you will no longer work for money, but rather you will work to learn and build your understanding so that you can make better decisions for yourself & your children.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Building Success

I use to be a concrete technician, it was really hard work, especially when it was over 90 degrees outside, and though I quit the industry, I'm glad I took on the career at a young age.  It taught me that hard work can really drain your motivation, working hard doesn't take you to success, and the harder you work, the more taxes the government takes out of your paycheck.

Moreover, I learned that the people writing the contracts for the work were making over a million dollars a year, after all expenses were paid, and they didn't even really work.  It's not the workers that made all of the money, it's the people who are smart enough to realize that, if you want to be rich, well then you are going to need to learn sales and marketing, and that really is how the smart get rich.

I know a lot people simply detest talking with others, but it's really not hard to do sales, and your marketing will do most of the leg work for you, because your customer will come to you.  Essentially, they already want your product or service, all you have to do is market & sell it to reach your customers, and so you need to be able to handle objection & rejection well, for your going to run into both a lot.

One of my employers taught me that, when someone ask him a question he doesn't want to answer, he answers the question without answering it, and the key is not to lie to people.  Because if you lie to people it will come back to bite you in the rump, as he had learned well, and what he meant by that was, if someone asks you where you're from, you can simply tell them the city you live in.

If they press further, tell them the general area, and if they keep prying, change the subject for them.  I've found there are a lot of nosy people in life, but you have to learn to deal with all sorts of people if you want to be good in sales, and people skills are so very paramount in business, truly.

Business isn't the only way to make a lot of money, but it is the way to consistently make a lot of excessive cash, and that's what you need for investing, which is the science of money making money.  I once read a great book titled “Sales Dogs”, by a sales manager, and in the book the author talked about leading a team of sales people professionally.

Of course I tell you this because you are only one person, but as captain of your business, you will need workers who can bring home the bacon, or that is to say, get the sales your business needs.  A lot of people believe that making money is hard, that work is hard, and that is true, if that is what you believe, however you can make a lot of money from hand shakes & agreements, no doubt about it!

I tell you this because once you advertise, you really won't have to work hard to sell, and it's just like sitting behind a cash register in a store, all you have to do is ring em up!  Of course you will need good communications skills, so if you aren't great at speaking, then you will need to get past that by whatever means necessary, and that in turn it will lead you towards self confidence, which is an essential attribute of successful people.

Raising the bar on yourself is paramount if you want to win, just don't be afraid of losing, for losing is part of winning, and that's because you just cannot win them all.  In the world of business, sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn, but you cannot be afraid of making mistakes, for often mistakes leads to success.

You need a financial education if you want to succeed, for it teaches you how to manage money, for if you don't have the right plan before you get money, then becoming great at business will do you little good, and that's because most people when they get money in their hands they do the wrong thing with it.  Same thing applies to most people who win the lottery or suddenly fall into a lot of cash, there are countless stories of lottery winner and artist who “went broke”.

There are a lot of poor people in life who are extremely smart, but most people aren't willing to pay for good advice, and even more aren't willing to follow any advice at all, so if you want to win, learn to take advice well.  Life is full of arrogant people too, even malicious people, but again, you will need to learn to deal with them all, and don't be afraid to say no to people who want something for nothing, also don't waste your time on people who don't take advice well, learn and move on.

I have met a lot of people in life who would love to have all of my intelligence, because they are too lazy to go out and learn it for themselves, but becoming intelligent is mostly about learning to listen, taking good advice, and working becoming wiser.  You need to be wise and understand much if you want to be successful, so you will need to listen to intelligent & wise people both, for wisdom is greater than intelligence, and some people can receive it well, while others will have to learn it the hard way.

A great way to jump into a new life, is to let go of the past, and start focusing on building a new and improved you.  There is a reason why a lot of people don't work out, it's hard work, and so if you are lazy, then you won't excel to the place you need to be to succeed.  Winning is a lot of fun I tell you, but you won't win with a negative attitude, so turn off the media / news, it's not going to improve your outlook on life, and it's a waste of time, for most media is full of paid for programming, with you being what it seeks to program.

We all have two things that we can use to become wealthy, our time and our mind, but if you don't invest in your mind, then you probably won't see why you must take control of your time if you want to win, and those who get smart enough and start managing their time & money wisely often win big!  I'm excited to tell you that, if you want to make a difference for yourself, then you must learn to choose to do what's good for you, and begin to focus on increasing your education & maximizing your time, but more importantly some people can help you go faster.

The fast track is found by those who learn make friends with the right people, just remember nothing is free, and so you should be willing to help those who help you, and I tell you this because nobody likes a cheapskate, so if you want to win, learn to be nice to the right people.  Thanks for reading and don't forget to support this blog via PayPal (, so I can continue to help people like yourself.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Financial Foolery

Everyone who understands money by now probably knows that debt is bad, unless someone else is paying for it, and the name of the game is "Who is indebted to whom?"  What many people need to become clear on, if they are seeking a financial education that is, is what exactly is a safe place to put your money?  Well if you listen to the wrong people, they will teach the wrong thing, and for this reason many people are led craftily led to the slaughter by corporations who are always seeking to sell you something.

These salesmen can often be heard saying, diversify, invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, gold, silver, buy crypto-currency, and many other investments, but an investment is only safe if you know fully well how to make money in that investment.  Rather than knock those investment vehicles, let me just safely say that there are ways to make money in some markets, provided you get in at the right time, and not everyone has access to investment opportunities that the ultra wealthy do, largely because the SEC sanitize most investments for the public.  (Making them effectively worth very little.)

If you invest in something that you are uneducated in, it's not the investment that is risky, it's your lack of education that is risky, and you can minimize a lot of risk by learning more about something before you get into investing in it.  Now, most financially educated people will tell you that holding cash is a horrible idea, and that's because if you aren't putting your money to work, either via a business, real estate, or working it through investing, then it's losing it's value to what is known as inflation.

Which is where the value of money goes down, which is often realized by most people as inflation, as the prices of things go up, and that's because your money won't buy as much as it use to.  This of course is why they say "Parked money is losing money", a great quote from a great financial educator, Robert Kiyosaki.  Who also teaches about the velocity of money, which means if you can take a nominal amount of money, keep reinvesting it, then you can through the power of tax laws, legal loopholes, and by other means increase your wealth exponentially.  (It's a magnificent concept truly)

Of course those things are beyond the scope of this blog, naturally, and the point I want to drive home here is, money is very corrosive, and it will dissolve in your hands if you hold on to it for too long.  Meaning, if you aren't using your money to make money or more importantly to buy assets, then you are losing money, and that fact becomes all the more apparent if you begin to start spending the money on things you want that aren't financially beneficial to you, like fancy cars, a nice house, expensive clothes, etc.

Add to the fact that money is corrosive, most people don't know where or how to invest money, and so I'll give you the greatest tip you will ever receive about money & investing, the greatest investment you will ever make is in your financial education.  That's because without that, you will have a difficult time sorting through the hoopla that is the financial world, and that's something that requires some serious study!

There is a lot to learn truly, indeed there are many subjects that you will need to explore, and more importantly you will need to seek to gain as much understanding & wisdom as you can if you want to have even a fighting chance at thriving in the financial world.  Of course everything happens in cycles, but cycles change, they can be infrequent, and nothing is 100% for certain, for everything in life is indeed a gamble when you really break it down.

Money is manipulated by the central banks, most markets & currencies too, and the corporations (including the central banks) more or less seek to continue to raise inflation, despite what the economy of a nation may or may not support, and considering where the economy of America is right now, I'd be willing to venture that America couldn't possibly afford much more inflation without serious civil unrest ensuing amiss this massive economic downturn.  I've heard reports of serious food inflation coming, gas prices as well, but those things are going to lead to serious consequences, and indeed it's true that "The love of money is the root of all evil", for greed is truly evil to those who suffer under it!

Ultimately the central banks are in the process of transferring a massive amount of wealth & assets to the banks, which means there will be a lot of people filing for bankruptcy, unable to pay their mortgages, and becoming homeless, of course this has all been orchestrated by the ultra wealthy banking cartel by what is known as trickle down economics.  Economic hardship works in favor of the money printers, as there is no longer an enough currency in circulation (in the people's hands), jobs become fewer, and banks begin to decline many loans, a massive contraction of the economy occurs.

The saddest part about the whole story is that many people believed in the Ponzi-Schemes of investments like 401k & Roth IRA, but when the stock market crashes again, and it's coming soon, many people will begin to lose their retirements, banks will be locking up, and a massive amount of assets will not only be frozen, but many people will become very upset.  I wish this wasn't the case, but it's clear to me today that we are headed for something immensely ugly, and it will entail the entire world entering into a depression worldwide like we have never seen.  (Of course I hope I'm utterly wrong here, truly.)

People don't just get upset when they lose, they often give up, and if enough people give up, well that's it for the business world.  Nobody will want to lift anymore shovels, people will begin to get angry, chaos will ensue, and some will want revenge upon the countries who were responsible for it all.  Some may think that centralized government is the answer, but I'm not so sure that governments will be safe in the times ahead, or even functional for that matter.

It's really tough to give rock solid financial advice to people, because everyone is different, everyone wants to remain in control of their money (if they are smart), and there is a lot of risk involved no matter which road you choose, but how you handle the risk largely determines how successful you will become.  People that invest too much in one thing often get left holding a bag of trash, like those who invested in retirement funds, and I'm not trying to be pessimistic or cynical here one iota, and that's because the markets aren't just dead, they are indeed crumbling apart at this time, the banks too!

Finally I'd like to close leaving you with this link, for it talks about the other side of the fence, a dysfunctional government running into complete tyranny, and the results of much corruption is leading us towards problems which will in turn cause a lot of damage worldwide.  We have some serious issues to consider on the table today, it's going to require serious thinking, and so if you want to get sharp, then build a network where you can discuss the serious issues at hand.

My last financial blog was "Money Over Mind", don't miss it!

Fabian is an amazing speaker & covers a lot of important topics.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Living Under Martial Law

We have all heard the reports, we've all heard the news, and we should all by now be aware that we are in fact living under martial law, which became more & more apparent by the executive orders coming out of the office of the White House.  America has been in a perpetual state of war for many decades now, martial law was declared, and power was giving to the presidents to pass executive orders, but what does that mean for the citizens of the USA?

Well, essentially the government wants to remain in power, despite growing factual data showing they are losing control over much, and through tyrannical actions that are blatantly obvious, and have demonstrated nothing short of utter corruption through and through.  We see constant violations of our constitution, the police have become completely militarized, abusive, out of control, and if you know anything about military training, that's definitely not a good thing.

It's become apparent that we are being ruled by nothing short of organized criminals who, wanting to exert as much control & power, have given power to the president to be a dictator more or less.  Democracy fled a long time ago, our rights are disappearing one pen stroke at a time, and the government is slowly but surely bringing down communism upon us all, or did you not notice the mandatory school uniforms?

No, it's safe to say America isn't America anymore, and that a more powerful force is controlling our government, which is of course the banking cartel & corporations which are all centralized & global now.  Indeed our current president was mostly funded by the bankers, moreover they have tried to end the term limits of presidency six times since he came into office, and if that isn't enough to wake you up my fellow Americans, then keep reading, because I'm just getting warmed up here, truly!

There are almost 100 million government employees, stop and think about that real hard, because it takes a lot of tax dollars to pay for the payroll alone, but more importantly most government workers get to retire after just 20 years of service with a whopping 90% pension, and that of course is guaranteed by tax dollars.  Therefore, in order to pay for it all, the government must not only print more money, cause more inflation so they can collect more taxes, and bring the entire nation into utter poverty through strenuous legislation presented as a solution, but rather only causes more Americans to pay more to the government for failed programs they never intended to uphold, like Social Security & Medicaid.  All of which we all know was destined to be destroyed, just like the SNAP (Food Stamp) program is now going to be destroyed as well, and with them passing numerous precarious legislation they have become completely dysfunctional in many ways.

You see, the government must continue to end government programs which require them to pay out money, and that means more government services will disappear.  Furthermore, because states are going bankrupt, unable to meet their budgets, and this again is because of pensions & payrolls which continue to increase year by year, therefore the states will begin to also end public services as well.

I'm not trying to be a doom & gloom preacher or fear-monger here, rather I'm trying to prepare you for what is coming, and that is nothing short of one of the greatest depression in the history of the world.  No, the war-mongers are capital hill are all too great at spreading more fear than I ever could, truly.  Indeed, war has become the main agenda it seems, and most of the foreign policy seems to be directed by an outside force that is even more powerful than the government.  (Here's a good article.)

As the going gets rough, because it's definitely getting pretty rough now, and as more people become homeless, you will begin to see the truth behind the martial law we have been living in, albeit secretly.  It's no longer a time to remain docile, complacent, or ignorant, for our children cannot afford for us to fail here.

We must as one, with a voice as one, demand that the Military Industrial Complex that rules our nation, come to an abrupt end, and we must do it using the proper channels.  They are already trying to limit information & control the public, even their own employees, and that's clear evidence that the tyrannical government is realizing their clock is ticking much faster now.

There is a lot of collusion between corporations & our government today, so you have to be extremely careful what you say in public, they will eventually black out any real media, and that most definitely includes any blogs which expose the real truth.  The truth is, the martial law isn't going to be in just one country, and already we have seen signs of WW3 brewing, no doubt about it.

Nevertheless, there are more important things happening inside of America, obviously the Gov have foreseen an imminent threat on American soil, and that's why they are seriously pushing some heavy hardware to all of their departments.  I'm sure they have a very clear agenda, but what most may not understand is "what's next?"  Well, I think it's safe to say that we should expect more military actions, greater control being exerted by the government, and more of our rights just vanishing without cause.  (A Great Site for Info)

In short, get prepared, know what you need to do, and starting immediately, don't wait.  If you want to be smart, get informed, stay informed, and don't let a day go by that you aren't actively seeking out information that is important to you and your family.  I encourage every citizen of this country to get armed fast, buy non-perishable goods, and buy things that are important today.  (Have a solid survival plan.)

EDITED: I'd also like to add that, along with the closing of government programs & services, that very much extends to foreign aid, something which may not be readily apparent to some.  Which of course will lead to some serious unrest in many 3rd world countries, as we have already seen.

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Subjective Reality

I have always said to people, "What you believe is true", but that's not wholly true, though it is in a figurative sense, and that's because often I'd rather not waste time showing people the truth, for many people are rather resistant toward hearing the truth.  In my book "Hearing The Wind", I carefully outlined why truth is so very important for our foundation, and that's because without it, we wont' be able to see the reality we actually live in.

Many things in life are propagated as truth, but many things are actually theory, and we are all subjective to truth, for despite what we may believe, truth trumps all things.  Often the truth isn't realized until it's too late, for if a person thinks it's "OK" to lie, cheat, or steal, they don't realize it's not "OK" until after the evidence presents itself to show them why it's wrong, and that often entails multiple people losing as well.

It's difficult to teach intelligent people things, often because they are headstrong, opinionated, and it's difficult to reach them, but often I still try, though I've learned to stop wasting my time giving advice to people who won't receive it.  Indeed time is more important to me now than when I was younger, for you can waste a lot of time trying to prove things to people, and that's the lesson you should indeed walk away learning here.

You need as many people as you can obtain in your life, but you don't need bad people in your life, and so you have to be somewhat selective of who you listen to, who you hang around, and even who you will even associate with, for some people have the power to wreck people's lives  Whether willing, knowingly, or by planning, people often destroy other people with lies that they believe, and for this reason much offense & wrong is perpetuated upon innocent people, even on a massive scale.

We must be careful what we spread around, for lies are dangerous, and they have the power to delude many of those who entertain them.  If you want to be wise, then find the truth, it's all around us, and the more you can take in, the more you grow as a person.  This of course is a fundamental lesson we must all learn in life, there are many such lessons we must come to learn, and life will indeed make you stop until you learn the fundamentals wholly.

There is a price for ignorance, it's rather costly too, and many people waste much time in life trying to do it "their way", but you can save yourself a lot of pain and hardship if you learn to listen to people.  The world at large, from what I've gathered, is trying to help you, but not everyone is aware of the truth, nor are they aware of the laws that govern everyone on this planet, and many are completely unaware of the way things are, so they aren't able to give rock solid advice.

Rather that delve into those things, for I don't want to offend people with my "realities" or "truths", I'll just safely say that everyone is responsible for their own discovery of truth, and it's really hard to help most people for this reason, because everyone wants to "do it themselves", unfortunately.  If you want to teach well, then lead your students to the answers, but let them derive the answer for themselves, for the worst thing we can do is force our opinions or realities upon others.  (That's what the government does.)

You cannot lead people if you are blind though, or you will lead those who follow you toward ruin, failure, or worse, and that's something that is so imperative to realize.  No, in order to be a great teacher, you must first learn for yourself the lessons life has to show us all, and it takes a lot of mistakes and hardship to come to some of those lessons, but the wise will receive instruction and grow, for you can learn a lot in life simply by watching fools "doing it their way".  (Chuckles inwardly)

I've listened to a lot of successful people, they are correct on many matters, but many of them are selling what is known as "fluff", "hype", or "sentimental sensationalism", as they try to paint themselves out to be a "good person", and more often than not, that's so they can sell something to you.  The devil is in the details, for the more skeptical you get about what you hear & see, the more truth you find, and the more lies you see, for the world is stock full of lies and illusions.

"Most men will boast of their own goodness, but who can find an honest man?"
King Solomon (From the book of Proverbs in the bible.)

We have all come under the spell of grand wizards, who, having become wise at their crafts, delude many millions of people with the instruments they use to spread massive lies, like television, media, and any venue they choose to propagate their works of evil.  Often people say to me, "God helps those who helps themselves", but that's simply not true, and it's obvious to me they haven't read the bible from cover to cover, for it clearly states that God helps the poor, the fatherless, and those who cannot help themselves, truly.

Ultimately we are subject to reality, despite what we may believe, there is truth, and that always trumps up what we believe if it is not real truth.  Real truth has the power to declare reality, to even dispel falsehoods, uncover secrets, and shatter misconceptions, turning the listener towards the truth and setting them free from the illusions so carefully painted by those who practice lies.  Truth is powerful, you'll know it when you hear it, and it will indeed sit well with you, for it's not confusing & is usually simple.

If you become confused though, it could be that you need more education, for often intelligent people use words that many are not familiar with, and that often is the cause of confusion and leads to misunderstandings.  Therefore, when you speak, keep it simple, and say what you mean, for people often judge us by the words we choose, how we express them, and what we mean by them.

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Cognitive Reasoning

Many things in life change, but some things last a very long time, so most people don't pay much attention to them, and for these reasons many things escape people's understanding.  The trees for instance last many hundreds or even thousands of years, they produce oxygen, and are a very vital to the ecological system of earth.

For mankind to sustain itself, it doesn't need a lot of people on the earth, and rather than raise one or two children well, many people are having many children.  Though, it's rather difficult to raise many children well, for this reason it leads to a bunch of bad children, and as the number of bad people grow in the world it leads us to where we are now today, where much crime & chaos ensues.

Governments are like trees, they start out small, they grow and grow until they are so large that they require a lot of water to sustain, and as the tree drinks all of the water from the ground, the ground begins to dry up, and as a result the tree begins to die.  Many nations have risen and fallen throughout the centuries, mainly because the governments that ruled them were drinking in too much of the wealth from the people, and as a result the nation faded away into economic turmoil, indeed some empires dissolved rather quickly, depending upon how violent they were.

If we pay close attention to nature we can find cycles & systems all around us, like seasons & weather for instance, every system that is in place was created to sustain life on Earth, and despite what scientist will tell you to the contrary, there is no planet like earth in the entire universe.  Just like people and everything you find in life is indeed unique, earth too is unique, just like each star in the sky is unique as well, for everything has it's place, and even you too have a place in life.

For some that place is to be a teacher, for some a worker, for some a dancer, and for others a leader, but no matter what your place is in life, we are all gifted above all other living creatures, because we can think, and more importantly we are free to choose what we want to do in life.  Now, not everyone understands themselves, nor do many understand much, but with enough study of truth from wise people, you can come to learn and more importantly understand much.

The problem with our educational system though, is it teaches things of almost no value or importance, sure it's important for people to be able to communicate, read, write, and do math, but those things are extremely fundamental, agreed?  Raising children who can make conscious good decisions is far more important than instilling them with academics, yet parents believe that academics are so very vital, and yet some people who have never even finished high school went on to become very successful people in life.

Too many people put value on the wrong things, not realizing that understanding is the key to success, and so the more you can accept, the more you grow, for we must all drink in as much as we can to grow.  However, make sure that you return something of value to those who you drink from, and don't just take without providing something in return, for it's important to give more than you take.

The greatest people in life leave mankind with great things, they are remembered for ages, and more often than not, those people are the ones who share great teachings with us.  Most people don't have their priorities straight, not being focused, and not understanding that our lives are but a moment in time, for we all will die soon.

Death is not as important as the life you live while you are here, so if you can share something with others, do it, for you aren't remember so much by what you do, but rather by what you give.  Therefore, give good things, with kindness, and you will be remembered well by those who receive it from you.

One of the greatest things you can acquire in life is understanding, but you will need a great teacher to acquire much of it, and though there are a lot of teachers out there, not all of them understand.  Some are only focused on "doing their job", while others are actually focused on helping people, and so you should be careful who you listen to, for the world at large is mostly ignorant of the truth & lacks wisdom, which are the essences of understanding.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Money Over Mind

There is something intriguingly peculiar about money and the way a person's mind works, the moment people get money in their hands, it goes straight to their dome (brain), and they can't stop thinking about how to spend it.  That's real mind control people, it's also why I believe that society, at large, is suffering from what I'd like to call engineered deception, or engineered madness if you will.

People are willing to do anything for money, ironically, the banks can print money at will, and for that reason, money is nothing more than an illusion, much like "a promise" of riches & wealth.  I tell you this because the most elusive thing most people don't get is, money is controlled by someone, and as long as that's a fact, no matter if it's gold, cash, or crypto-currency, that means someone can manipulate it's value.

The Governments worldwide, being filled with politicians (the science of persuading public opinion / mind control), lawyers (the science of law / commerce control), and other scientist (ranging from medical, physics, nuclear, etc), even all sorts of insanely intelligent people who work hard to bring you these deceptions, that they project through the media.  I call them deceptions because if you take a good cold hard look at the benefits of everything they are trying to sell you, then you will begin to realize that money really won't buy you many things of real value.  (Most of what they sell is actually worthless financially speaking)

Take food for instance, you eat it, it's gone, and you need more to keep on living, correct?  Well, that's what is known as a consumable product, much like gas is to a car, or a DVD to a DVD player, for a DVD player isn't worth much without a DVD correct?  No, the "Ultra Wealthy" are wise with what they present to the public, they sell them music, media, and anything to get inside their heads.

What is media?  Media is anything that people can read, observe, listen to, or basically consume mentally, think of it as a way of beating a person's drum (their mind).  The media plays the beat & you take the beating, but most people don't look at it that way, for they don't realize that they are being sold what is known as "suggestions", or programming if you will.

People readily accept what they are told, they believe lies, and are often very hard pressed to believe the truth, but that's something which requires an immense amount of research to uncover.  Thankfully there are those out there who are trying to uncover the truth for everyone online, that's something in itself which has the power to disillusion the public if you will, and what I mean by that is to wake people up from the deceptions!

Have a good listen to the Max Keiser show, then stop and think about one paramount thing, "If all of the media projected to us comes from the 'ruling class', what does that mean?"  Well, there is a lot to say about that, but back to the subject of money, because many people work really hard for it all of their lives for it, and for this reason they should take a serious look at becoming financially educated, so they can understand much more.

When I listen to music I stop & consider who the artist is, what country they hail from, and where they get the money from to produce the video (Which are very expensive!), which tells me much indeed.  Considering the surveillance state and what I've outlined so far in this article, perhaps you will be able to understand more clearly what the song below actually means, who's projecting it to you, and how it affects everyone who listens to it.  (Media is used to keep the masses living in fear & subjugation.)

I suspect the greatest thing I'm trying to show everyone here is, "The old money", or the "Ultra Wealthy" if you will, have money, and they are those who watch over us & make the rules, as the golden rules states, "He who has the gold makes the rules".  Money is over people's mind, because that's the way they want it, to dangle the proverbial promise of printed paper (nothing) before people to keep them working hard to have nothing, and money of course is something which always returns to them via taxes & legislation.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Pandemic of Pandemonium

As confusion, chaos, and anarchy ensues, as wars rage on, and people worldwide are beginning to wake up, some may ask a rather critical question, "Why are all these things happening?"  The answer to which is rather intricate and many fold, but if I was to break it down in a rather short dissertation, then I'd have to say that greed is largely responsible for the terror we see abroad.

The terror of course comes in many forms, like economic austerity and business terrorism for only a couple of examples. As I read the news each day I've evolved past the shock and surprise, and began to start thinking of the more critical question, "Why is all of this happening?"  That question of course has led me to do research, thanks to the internet it's become easier to derive the answers, and that's ultimately what we should seek, for our own understanding.

Let me explain what I've been able to derive at this point, much of the rioting we see in many of the countries that has been ongoing since 2009 has actually stemmed from food prices, which of course is economic terrorism, and that of course is being perpetuated by the food corporations, no doubt about it.  To support my statement, just look at the land available in America alone for food, and then ask this critical question. "Isn't there enough farm land in America to feed the world?"  Of course!

Moreover, there is food in ample supply from other nations as well, like South America for example, but yet, we are importing a lot of food from China, or at least you should understand that if you have been to the big US retailer (Wally world / China-mart).  Making sense out of everything is extremely difficult, but essentially the financial, economic, and business terrorism is an engineered anomaly within the system brought about by greed, purely & wholly, by the greedy corporations.

I can't go about dropping names & pointing fingers, because that might lead me to a law suit or get my blog deleted, so bare with me as I skip around the subject, and I'll do my best to point you to solid reading material so that you can gain a greater understanding.  Corporations, by and large, love profits, and they have become exceptional in their greed, meaning that they will indeed stop at nothing to "Have more".

At this point, it's not really about how bad it's gotten, but rather, how far are they willing to go?  One day a friend told me that "oil" is what they are after, she was right to an extent, they need oil & certain resources to manufacture, but they can indeed control the masses, worldwide, via food, so I took up the debate with her about why food is more important than oil, and how the corporation plan to make everyone subject to starvation, corporate lock out, and control of the world wholly by evil means.

I can't get into it, but it involves the corporations collapse all monetary systems, and that must come first, but in order to do that they must destroy all economies in every nation.  Ultimately the corporations want the entire world working all day for a loaf of bread, but don't think I'm joking here, and there is ample proof it already exist.

There indeed so much to say & cover, but ultimately you need to walk away with the ideology, perception, and clear understanding that the corporations are indeed nobody's friend, and that applies to all people worldwide.  We have already seen multiple instances of great destruction of the earth & sea, whether it be from drilling, nuclear waste, and other things that would leave most people's mouths dry.

It's not clear to me who is responsible, because the network is so vast, and there are indeed many corporations, but I'd be willing to gamble that ultra wealthy families play the largest role in it all.  Indeed there is no doubt that the people who run the corporations are bringing about much change, and because they are also seated in governments, because they write legislation, they control all things more or less.

Let's get real here, you can't do anything without the government's approval, and they have the military and militarized police to demand submission, no matter who you are, or what country you hail from.  Arrogance is a dangerous thing though, which is why I believe we are being led into a great Pandemonium of chaos, and that is a place of worldwide turmoil, depression, and eventually chaos.

Max Keiser talks about what's to come in his latest show, that of course is deflation, and ultimately that will lead us all towards an utter worldwide destitute depression.  Again, I'm not being cynical or pessimistic here, but rather realistic, for ultimately the corporations are seeking to profit more, and their greed knows no bounds.  We then must become wise and prepare, for the time is growing shorter that people have to prepare for global unrest, and worldwide chaos.

If I can assure my readers of one thing, it's that we will soon see rioting in America, of this I have zero doubt, and you will understand soon enough why.  Rather than delve into the probable scenarios, I'll just leave you with this, "If the corporations monopolize food & water, where will that leave the world?"  (Note: They have already passed the legislation & have begun seizing US Farmland & lands with water on it.)

Ultimately the goals & agenda of the "Corporate Elite" or the "Ultra Wealthy", whatever you want to call them, is to drive the world into this Pandemic of Pandemonium, where the entire world is fighting for survival, and that is something that will lead us all to much evil indeed & it's all for greed, no doubt!

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