Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Building Success

I use to be a concrete technician, it was really hard work, especially when it was over 90 degrees outside, and though I quit the industry, I'm glad I took on the career at a young age.  It taught me that hard work can really drain your motivation, working hard doesn't take you to success, and the harder you work, the more taxes the government takes out of your paycheck.

Moreover, I learned that the people writing the contracts for the work were making over a million dollars a year, after all expenses were paid, and they didn't even really work.  It's not the workers that made all of the money, it's the people who are smart enough to realize that, if you want to be rich, well then you are going to need to learn sales and marketing, and that really is how the smart get rich.

I know a lot people simply detest talking with others, but it's really not hard to do sales, and your marketing will do most of the leg work for you, because your customer will come to you.  Essentially, they already want your product or service, all you have to do is market & sell it to reach your customers, and so you need to be able to handle objection & rejection well, for your going to run into both a lot.

One of my employers taught me that, when someone ask him a question he doesn't want to answer, he answers the question without answering it, and the key is not to lie to people.  Because if you lie to people it will come back to bite you in the rump, as he had learned well, and what he meant by that was, if someone asks you where you're from, you can simply tell them the city you live in.

If they press further, tell them the general area, and if they keep prying, change the subject for them.  I've found there are a lot of nosy people in life, but you have to learn to deal with all sorts of people if you want to be good in sales, and people skills are so very paramount in business, truly.

Business isn't the only way to make a lot of money, but it is the way to consistently make a lot of excessive cash, and that's what you need for investing, which is the science of money making money.  I once read a great book titled “Sales Dogs”, by a sales manager, and in the book the author talked about leading a team of sales people professionally.

Of course I tell you this because you are only one person, but as captain of your business, you will need workers who can bring home the bacon, or that is to say, get the sales your business needs.  A lot of people believe that making money is hard, that work is hard, and that is true, if that is what you believe, however you can make a lot of money from hand shakes & agreements, no doubt about it!

I tell you this because once you advertise, you really won't have to work hard to sell, and it's just like sitting behind a cash register in a store, all you have to do is ring em up!  Of course you will need good communications skills, so if you aren't great at speaking, then you will need to get past that by whatever means necessary, and that in turn it will lead you towards self confidence, which is an essential attribute of successful people.

Raising the bar on yourself is paramount if you want to win, just don't be afraid of losing, for losing is part of winning, and that's because you just cannot win them all.  In the world of business, sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn, but you cannot be afraid of making mistakes, for often mistakes leads to success.

You need a financial education if you want to succeed, for it teaches you how to manage money, for if you don't have the right plan before you get money, then becoming great at business will do you little good, and that's because most people when they get money in their hands they do the wrong thing with it.  Same thing applies to most people who win the lottery or suddenly fall into a lot of cash, there are countless stories of lottery winner and artist who “went broke”.

There are a lot of poor people in life who are extremely smart, but most people aren't willing to pay for good advice, and even more aren't willing to follow any advice at all, so if you want to win, learn to take advice well.  Life is full of arrogant people too, even malicious people, but again, you will need to learn to deal with them all, and don't be afraid to say no to people who want something for nothing, also don't waste your time on people who don't take advice well, learn and move on.

I have met a lot of people in life who would love to have all of my intelligence, because they are too lazy to go out and learn it for themselves, but becoming intelligent is mostly about learning to listen, taking good advice, and working becoming wiser.  You need to be wise and understand much if you want to be successful, so you will need to listen to intelligent & wise people both, for wisdom is greater than intelligence, and some people can receive it well, while others will have to learn it the hard way.

A great way to jump into a new life, is to let go of the past, and start focusing on building a new and improved you.  There is a reason why a lot of people don't work out, it's hard work, and so if you are lazy, then you won't excel to the place you need to be to succeed.  Winning is a lot of fun I tell you, but you won't win with a negative attitude, so turn off the media / news, it's not going to improve your outlook on life, and it's a waste of time, for most media is full of paid for programming, with you being what it seeks to program.

We all have two things that we can use to become wealthy, our time and our mind, but if you don't invest in your mind, then you probably won't see why you must take control of your time if you want to win, and those who get smart enough and start managing their time & money wisely often win big!  I'm excited to tell you that, if you want to make a difference for yourself, then you must learn to choose to do what's good for you, and begin to focus on increasing your education & maximizing your time, but more importantly some people can help you go faster.

The fast track is found by those who learn make friends with the right people, just remember nothing is free, and so you should be willing to help those who help you, and I tell you this because nobody likes a cheapskate, so if you want to win, learn to be nice to the right people.  Thanks for reading and don't forget to support this blog via PayPal (, so I can continue to help people like yourself.

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