Saturday, June 28, 2014

Changing World

Everyday that goes by I look into the streets to see many homeless people wandering about, those who sit comfortably from a middle class area probably won't see this, but they probably have heard of neighbors losing their jobs, and eventually their homes.  The wise will make friends with people, that way when things turn bad, and their turning really ugly now, they will have people who they can turn to for help.

Not everyone realizes the changes that are happening, especially not those people who work a lot of hours each week at a job, and that's largely because most of the America is too busy to care, but that's changing, for many people are growing tired of working to have nothing.  Indeed many people who don't have college degrees simply cannot survive on a single paycheck, as a result many people are living with friends, family, or splitting rent with roommates.

Add to these facts that the nation is going deeper into debt each month, that big government is continuing to spend it's way into oblivion, and you probably see why some things are coming about, but not everyone does, for you need a financial education if you want to understand what's coming & how to prepare for it.  Some people knew about this economic downturn long before it came, in fact one of my favorite financial educational teachers, Robert Kiyosaki, warned about it in quite a few of his books.

He warned that the cause of the problems lays with the promises the big government has given us, promises they couldn't keep, and these Ponzi schemes like 401k & Roth IRA and other government 'programs' & services simply could not be paid for, due to the fact that the government has grown too large and it's payroll is far too high, among other reasons as well.  It's difficult to outline the truth to people without being misconstrued as a fear monger, a doom & gloom preacher, being cynical, or even insane, for many of the problems are quite insane indeed.

I personally believe our governments need for perpetual war is driving this nation to it's knees, obviously the paid for political pretenders, who accept money to vote the way the ultra wealthy want them to, are going to have to face the music sooner or later, and that entails the public becoming outraged at what Washington has done to our nation for a fist full of cash from the banks.  The banks have gladly loaned the government all the money they wanted, the government has been insanely irresponsible with the promised tax payers money that they are borrowing against, and it's an endless cycle of greed, out of control spending, and oppression through legislation designed to extract more tax dollars from the public.

It's rather apparent to anyone who carefully examines legislation(s) being passed today that, the big government only has two things in mind when they pass laws, extracting more money from the public, and continuing their agenda, no matter how insane or unlawful it may be, despite what the public objects to the contrary.  Yes, it's become apparent that we are no longer a democracy, neither is capitalism working, and trickle down economics are brutally punishing the public with unfair engineered economic oppression designed to extract as much wealth from the public as possible.

Somebody wins in depressions, it's the ultra wealthy, for they have the money to buy up anything they want, because many things are for sale in a depression, many businesses fold up, and many jobs are lost, therefore, many people lose their homes, losing them to foreclosures to the banks.  Which is precisely what the banks are doing at this time, in fact they have been doing it for quite some time now, and most people simply ignore the problem, but that problem is leading to a massive increase in homelessness.

I've already warned about such in my books, which I wrote two years ago , though I never published them, some people who know me got to read them, and though I have much more to say about the problems which continue to grow, there are also ample people out there also telling the truth as well, so I've decided to stop trying to convince people to wake up, and simply allow this corrupt government & banking system do it for them.

It's not hard to see the truth, if you just listen to people, in fact a lot of wisdom can be gained simply by listening to people and believing what people tell you, but you need to learn a lot before you can begin to question what you read & hear, for much of what is in the media is nothing short of blatant lies & cover-ups, or is nothing more than a sales pitch.  I don't care what they talk about, the poor know the truth, because they are living in it, and if you ask them, they will tell you that everything has "gone to hell".

The more you understand about why the world does what it does, "For a fist full of cash", the more you see why things happen, who causes the worst of it, and how to profit from these cycles that are constantly repeating themselves throughout history.  Yes, world war, depressions, and civil unrest is nothing new, but I believe something fundamentally has changed, and that is the internet has brought a lot of information to the world, information that just isn't publicly known at large.

Thanks to many people online writing blogs, sharing information on social media, and trying hard to get the word out, many now have access to insight that simply is not common.  As a result, the ultra wealthy, the governments, and the "Status Quo" are in danger of being challenged on a major scale, which means the public is no longer just going to accept the lies blindly & blindly walk off the cliff.

What that means of course, is there will be war as a result, for the established powers that be will in no way just readily hand over their power to the public, and if they must, they will use other nations or terrorist to invade there own nation to instill fear into the people.  Yes, we've seen it all before, it's happening again, and it's going to continue to happen, so before it does, you have been warned.

There is much more to discuss, like the changes to the earth due to massive drilling & extracting resources from it, and though I'd like to cover much more, alas this topic exceeds the scope of a singular blog post.  Thanks for reading and don't forget to support this blog via PayPal (, so I can continue to help people learn worldwide.

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