Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cognitive Reasoning

Many things in life change, but some things last a very long time, so most people don't pay much attention to them, and for these reasons many things escape people's understanding.  The trees for instance last many hundreds or even thousands of years, they produce oxygen, and are a very vital to the ecological system of earth.

For mankind to sustain itself, it doesn't need a lot of people on the earth, and rather than raise one or two children well, many people are having many children.  Though, it's rather difficult to raise many children well, for this reason it leads to a bunch of bad children, and as the number of bad people grow in the world it leads us to where we are now today, where much crime & chaos ensues.

Governments are like trees, they start out small, they grow and grow until they are so large that they require a lot of water to sustain, and as the tree drinks all of the water from the ground, the ground begins to dry up, and as a result the tree begins to die.  Many nations have risen and fallen throughout the centuries, mainly because the governments that ruled them were drinking in too much of the wealth from the people, and as a result the nation faded away into economic turmoil, indeed some empires dissolved rather quickly, depending upon how violent they were.

If we pay close attention to nature we can find cycles & systems all around us, like seasons & weather for instance, every system that is in place was created to sustain life on Earth, and despite what scientist will tell you to the contrary, there is no planet like earth in the entire universe.  Just like people and everything you find in life is indeed unique, earth too is unique, just like each star in the sky is unique as well, for everything has it's place, and even you too have a place in life.

For some that place is to be a teacher, for some a worker, for some a dancer, and for others a leader, but no matter what your place is in life, we are all gifted above all other living creatures, because we can think, and more importantly we are free to choose what we want to do in life.  Now, not everyone understands themselves, nor do many understand much, but with enough study of truth from wise people, you can come to learn and more importantly understand much.

The problem with our educational system though, is it teaches things of almost no value or importance, sure it's important for people to be able to communicate, read, write, and do math, but those things are extremely fundamental, agreed?  Raising children who can make conscious good decisions is far more important than instilling them with academics, yet parents believe that academics are so very vital, and yet some people who have never even finished high school went on to become very successful people in life.

Too many people put value on the wrong things, not realizing that understanding is the key to success, and so the more you can accept, the more you grow, for we must all drink in as much as we can to grow.  However, make sure that you return something of value to those who you drink from, and don't just take without providing something in return, for it's important to give more than you take.

The greatest people in life leave mankind with great things, they are remembered for ages, and more often than not, those people are the ones who share great teachings with us.  Most people don't have their priorities straight, not being focused, and not understanding that our lives are but a moment in time, for we all will die soon.

Death is not as important as the life you live while you are here, so if you can share something with others, do it, for you aren't remember so much by what you do, but rather by what you give.  Therefore, give good things, with kindness, and you will be remembered well by those who receive it from you.

One of the greatest things you can acquire in life is understanding, but you will need a great teacher to acquire much of it, and though there are a lot of teachers out there, not all of them understand.  Some are only focused on "doing their job", while others are actually focused on helping people, and so you should be careful who you listen to, for the world at large is mostly ignorant of the truth & lacks wisdom, which are the essences of understanding.

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