Thursday, June 26, 2014

Corporate Watch

Many people never stop to think of the bigger picture when considering corporations, something which was invented by the wealthy to protect their assets and investments from legal recourse should something go wrong, that way the investors and board members didn't go down with the ship should the ship sink, and that's something which is very important to learn if you ever become rather wealthy.  For there are many legal vultures in society who would love nothing more than to sue someone for something they have, and so you have to learn to protect yourself legally by consulting a lawyer and building the proper corporation to protect your wealth, though not just from people, but from governments as well.

The wealthy learned to move money around from corporation to corporation, indeed as time went on and the wealthy became wealthier, they began splitting parts of their corporations into other corporations, and would purchase other corporations who had came up with something they wanted sole rights to control & own.  As a result many people were paid off for what they had invented, many corporations retain all intellectual property created while working for a corporation, as you work for a paycheck, and so you need to be mindful of this should you ever invent something great while working for a corporation.

Moreover, it's important to understand the wealthy are insanely powerful, they have an almost unlimited supply of money, great political influence, and can bring legal action against anyone they choose, anywhere in the world, as we have seen many corporations pursue in times past.  Of course I've been telling you all of this for a reason, for the wealthy can do many things with this money they get from the banks, and indeed they have access to things most people do not, for they are on a different level being an organization and not an individual.

Most people don't have access to loans that the banks offer the corporations, for the corporations often have an enormous amount of income, and financial assets that are worth a lot of money, therefore they can use the power of leverage to do many things.  Indeed they create stocks and sell those stocks publicly as well, which in turn produces an insane amount of money for them to invest with or purchase other asset which in turn increases the corporation's wealth, and more importantly their ability to get their hands on more money.

Neither are most government grants and programs available to individuals, but rather they are only available to organizations and corporations, so you need to be mindful of this if you ever want to play the game the big boys do, and that means for big money.  Nevertheless, I'm explaining all of this for a specific reason, for as corporations grow, they often grow to the point that they have hedged out any & all competition, either by legal pressure or financial pressure, and they can choose many different options to drive others out of business, like sheer competition or economic pressure.

What many people probably don't stop to consider though is, too much power is not good, and if a corporations monopolizes an industry, or only a couple of corporations control it (a cartel), then everyone who is reliant upon those corporations for what they need, then fall to the mercy of the corporation.  I don't believe I need to expound upon how merciless corporations can be, financially or business wise, and I'm sure most of you by now can see where I going with this, because a monopoly or small cartel of a market, leads to greed and eventually inflation, which is to say insanely high prices for their products or services.

The problem is, the US Government is a corporations as well, in fact they are the "first lender", that means they have access to things everyone else does not, and they can make laws and control entire markets, if they so choose, and so you need to keep them at forefront of your mind as you read on about corporations, for it most definitely includes governments.    As corporation develop a hegemony of markets, become the sole license holder for technologies, they have the power to "Name their price", and that in turn again leads to even higher prices.

The sad thing is, there are many markets which are completely dominated either by either a government or corporations, and because the government is the largest corporation, they control the most critical markets, like health, education, and other important markets.  The private sector is most definitely an insanely wealthy sector, but when you do the math, look at the law, the government is 2nd to none, no doubt.

Of course I've been eluding up to something far more important that outlining much about corporations and government, for I see both as the same thing, and it's important to realize that corporations don't have to play by the rules of any nation, for they are global now.  This of course means, if they don't like the laws of one nation, well they can leave, and if any nation takes illegal actions against a corporation, well that corporation can then draw upon it's power to hurt that nation by applying legal, economic, and even financial sanctions.

We have seen the results of such happen many times, it's almost as if these hegemonic corporations are controlling things worldwide, and there their power is such that many children can starve to death when sanctions are used, which is nothing short of murder mind you.  Just take a good solid look at almost any market, whether its' the internet, the water you drink, or anything really, and you should probably come to realize that corporation(s) provide that to the public.

Now if at any time that corporation decides they don't want to provide that product or service to the public, well that's where things turn ugly really fast, see the Gazprom / Ukraine incident currently happening today.  Indeed there are many such instance where corporations have done things which should leave the citizenry of the world not just scratching their heads, but turning a very untrusting eye upon the corporations today and becoming rather skeptical about their dubious dealings with "the public" & the power they wield.

I have something greater to say here, that is of course, as long as you feed the pig, the pigs will grow, and as the pigs appetite grows, it will become war like should it not get what the little piggy wants.  Of course I'm being rather comical here for a reason, it's to help you see the truth, and corporations are not anyone's friend, though I've raised some interesting questions from my readers, I'd like to answer one of those at this time.

I was asked earlier, "Have you seen what life was like before the corporation, who wants to go back there?"  Well, that sounds like a valid argument, but the reality is, we are no longer living in capitalism or democracy, we are living in a plutocracy worldwide, where the wealthy are not only controlling the governments of nations, but they are extorting the people, and robbing nations as well!

Indeed we are living in crony capitalism, where corporate board members can sign themselves huge bonuses and at the same time cut thousands of jobs, driving the public into insane poverty, and more importantly purposefully driving the economy of a nation into turmoil for the sheer sake of taking the money they stole from the hard working employees to invest in the nation's assets that they selling cheaply now because they are broke!  Yes there are many such evils the corporations perpetrate upon peoples, nations, and there is much more to say about that, but I'm sure you get the picture.

Indeed I've witnessed this time & time again, where the wealthy play hard ball with the leaders of nations, making them pay dearly for what their people need, and because the game of "Who is indebted to whom" has risen to the global scale now, the wealthy are playing a very dangerous game which leads to war.  Therefore, we need to be extremely mindful of these global corporations which have the power to drive nations to war against one another over resources, trade, or whatever problem they have manufactured or engineered in the name of greed.

Anyway, I hope something in this article was useful to you, and hopefully I have expanded your context awareness of the dangers of global corporations who have much power, wealth, and influence today.  There really is no easy solution, for they control much, and not every nation is subject to their control, but there are a lot that are, and as a result that could lead to the wealthier nations facing down the poorer nations controlled by communist or dictatorship governments in an all out war.

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