Friday, June 6, 2014

Engineered Confusion

I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, also it is our understanding that helps us see those reasons, therefore, it's imperative to learn as much as we can so that we can see through the lies, and find the truth, which is priceless. Truth is a strong foundation to build upon, wisdom is something of real value, and those that seek either will never be ashamed!

To understand what our government is saying to us, we must first understand the intentions of our government, and if you don't know what that is, it's to continue spending with reckless abandon. Yes, it's apparent to me that our system loves debt, and that's because those perpetuating the crimes against our nation are leveraging future tax dollars to continue this orgy of spending.

There are so many misconceptions & misunderstanding where money is concerned, mainly because there is a lot of information being spread around falsely, and though this is sometimes done in ignorance, it's usually an engineered or planned action by those propagating the lies. For instance, in who's best interest would it be to see inflation? Some people believe that raising minimum wage will help you, of course that mainly applies to those who are reliant upon minimum wage, but the reality is, that's not true.

You see, the government is broke, being $17+ trillion dollars in debt, so it must cause inflation, and the easiest way to do that is by raising minimum wage. What many people may not realize is, all cost to do business must be passed on to the consumer, or those purchasing the products or services of the business.

Therefore if we saw a hike of $15 per hour in minimum wage, what do you suppose will be the likely outcome? I'll tell you straight up, it's going to require corporations to raise the cost of the goods they sale, and therefore the only thing that really transpires is, the value of the money you work for decreases.

The government needs more tax dollars, but it cannot feasibly raise taxes without causing a revolution, seriously, and that's because the common worker is already taxed to death in America! There are those who wish to push the socialistic agenda, but socialism destroys a nation, and that's the problem with America, it wants to leech off of a government that is so big it's destined to fall!

The system is failing folks, the debt is too high, and the government must push for more inflation, in order to do so, the only thing they have at their disposal is legislation. Any legislation they pass from here on out, will be designed to increase inflation, like raising import taxes, etc, and I've already outlined why.

Understanding is often difficult when you listen to lies, they cause confusion, and that is precisely what the ultra wealthy & governments use to confuse the masses. They project lies, they hide secrets, and enforce their mandates through force. Recently a friend was explaining to me how the socialist government of Venezuela secretly employs government mercenaries (former soldiers) to disband & scare rioters, by shooting them!

It's also how they control crime, it's the perfect cover up too, because the police just can't go around shooting people, and this is not just seen in one country, but many countries as well, even America. Avoid socialism, avoid lies, and avoid being confused. America was founded as a republic, the government turned it into a democracy, and now corporations completely control it.

There is a war going on in our streets, it is a war on the poor, the middle class, and even the rich, that war is being waged on multiple fronts, even immigration plays a huge role! I don't want to get too deep in this discussion, but I do want my readers to understand clearly that, you should disbelieve everything a government tells you first, and do the research if you are unsure about something.

The corporations are nobody's friend, especially the Banks, and the government is a direct representation of those corporations, indeed even the government itself is the largest corporation of all. They are in the business of getting rich off of everyone's hard work, so if you are tired of working hard and having nothing, then get financially educated, and you will be able to escape the debt trap!

I still have much more to say about this tyrannical government which are causing great change on our lives in every area, including the internet, expect to get your accounts or computer hacked if you speak out against them, and that also applies to speaking bad about the big corporations as well. They are watching us, they employ shills to spread misinformation, lies, and seek to destroy anything that opposes them.

Today is not a day we can afford to remain ignorant, the wars against our mind is real, and they are employing every tactic they can to cause confusion, unrest, and social disorder. Yes, that's right, they want the people rebelling, so they can put them in jail, and every program they have is designed to usurp more taxes from the public, it's what they are all about. (Even Special Education, or do you really believe the government cares for your children?)

Don't be fooled readers, get informed, because the only way you can earn more, is if you learn more, and that's the bottom line. I'm doing my part, please do yours and share this blog on your social media, web pages, and don't forget to support this blog via PayPal (, thanks for reading.

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