Sunday, June 8, 2014

Financial Freedom

Most people work hard all of their lives at a job, they go to retire, and they quickly learn that their money doesn't stretch as far as it use to, indeed inflation has the power to rob people of all of their wealth, truly.  I don't want to see another person go down that road, if I can help it, so I teach financial education for free, and all I ask of my readers is they share my work & make donations via PayPal to support my work.
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Anyway, today I'd like to talk about a pyramid I recently created, one which I believe is the fundamentals of working towards financial freedom, and that's because every person alive needs everything on this list to survive & live in this rather difficult world we are born into.  I say difficult because life doesn't really come with a great instruction manual, many parents aren't financially educated, and nobody really respects the need to learn & grow as an individual, nor do they respect time & money.  (Which is why most have neither.)

Working hard for money is silly, for money is an illusion controlled by the banks, and so we must seek out as much truth & understanding as we can, so we can become wise; also, gaining a financial education will teach us that there is indeed much to learn & a better way!  Overcoming the traps & difficulties in life is about becoming wise, learning as much as you can, and seeing the traps life lays before many people.

One of the greatest traps in life is learning to work for money, rather than learning to put money to work for you, and that's why most people fail financially, because they don't manage their money or their time.  Also along the way we need to develop skills & talents, some of those are obtained through formal education, but many of the skills you need to become successful in life are not taught at schools, and that's why most people fail, because they aren't talented enough & don't have enough skills.

I teach my readers & students to continually keep learning, for you can never become too great, and you must challenge yourself to overcome much if you want to become the best.  That means you must defeat those who are above you, you need to be unique, and you need have character, for getting to the top may not be hard, but staying there requires you to be a person of moral fiber & great character.

Once you have the financial education & understanding you need, you will need to take time to put to practice what you learn, that will in turn make your talent grow even more, and eventually lead you to the money, or excessive cash if you will.  Once you have the excessive cash, don't hold on to it like most people do, learn to buy things of real value, and what I mean by that is, things which return you money.

You are your greatest asset, you either work for you, or you work for a bank if you get into debt, so don't take on debt that you have to pay for, but rather learn to take on debt to grow your wealth instead.  To me wealth is income, the more you have of it, the wealthier you are, provided you aren't working for it, and that's the significant difference between the "haves" & the "have nots", sure they both have income, but one works for it, and the other doesn't.

Therefore, the wealthy have time, and the poor & middle class do not, for they are far too busy working for money, which is why most people end up broke at retirement or when they can no longer work for money.  I don't want to see more people poor, so I share what I can with my education, and that in itself is enough if people will use what I teach them.

I really should charge for my education because most people often aren't motivated by words alone, but when you put the money on the table, people begin to learn very quickly, for they have something to lose if they don't make the best out of what they paid for, and so you too should learn to put your money down.  Invest in yourself, your education, and if it's free take advantage of it, but don't forget to be kind & giving.

Most people don't get ahead in life because they are too busy managing everyone else's business instead of their own, so if you want to be smart, then learn how to manage yourself & others well, and these two things alone will take you very far in life indeed.  People who learn to master themselves, their desires, and control themselves will go much further in life than those who do not, that's a fact.

Also, people don't get ahead in life because they waste too much time trying to get a great deal, instead of focusing on what is important, and that is of course increasing your income!  Don't worry about what it cost you, don't be cheap, and that's because cheap is bad!  You won't become wealthy by being stingy, nor can you save your way to wealth, and that's because everything that is of real value cost money, but most people aren't willing to sell anything of real value.

"If you want the best, pay for it, and don't be cheap either, for cheap people only cheat themselves!"

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