Saturday, June 7, 2014

Growing Up

I've found that many people in life want to live in the past, either because they can't let go of it, or they simply don't want to forget about it, and so we should be mindful that we don't spend too much time looking back, though reflection is often important.  Moving forward is about letting go of the past and building a new future, one with hope, and if you can get past your fear of losing or failing, then you can learn to start winning.

Of course those who want to be everything they can, so they can shine, will have to make corrections along the way, and our ability to take criticism greatly dictates our ability to change for the better.  I've learned a lot from people who were older and wiser, though I didn't at the time understand why people were being sharp with me, later on it began to make sense, and that's because many of us waste too much time doing things of no real value.

I could listen to music all day, play around online & offline, play games, or do whatever my heart desires, but is that going to take me anywhere?  Of course not, in order to become successful we must be focused upon raising our level of maturity, skills, and talents, but that's just the beginning.  Sure, it's a lot of work to become great at something, but that's not something I'll teach you how to become, and so if you want to be great at something, then learn to challenge yourself by leaning from best!

You won't get better if you take on mediocre challenges, you have to push yourself, try harder, and try to do that which you think you cannot, for self confidence is gained through persistence & practice.  If you want to increase yourself to your fullest potential, then you'll have to be willing to change, a lot.  Being a person who can adapt, change, and think better are things which help lead you to success, but they don't guarantee it.

Nothing in life is guaranteed, nothing is free, and success definitely comes from much work and personal growth, but if working hard to be a person of excellence isn't something you're interested in, then this blog will do you little good, seriously.  I've read a lot of people's comments on post at forums or social networks, a lot of them speak in ignorance, and their ignorance is often obvious, indeed many do not understand.

It takes a lot of understanding to see the ignorance in people, you need knowledge of truth, love, and so much more!  Of course the young are not only foolish, but also lacking in instruction, and for this reason many children fall into bad things.  Therefore, it's a parent's responsibility, if they don't want their children to grow up to become fools, to teach them well on how the world works, how to avoid disaster, and to become responsible for their own success.

To become great in life people must be willing to move forward & make changes, so I'm going to give you a short list of things to work on, and that is of course if you want to expand your capability to look beyond the past and grow up as an individual.  The list is constructed with things "to do", they will help you focus on what is important, and help you grow as an individual; also, it will effectively raise the bar on you.

How To Grow Up
  1. Be Hip!  (Don't do the same old same old, actively seek "what's new")
  2. Get & Stay Informed!
  3. Don't Give or Take Excuses!
  4. Keep Learning More!
  5. Don't hang around immature or bad people.
  6. Learn how to manage time & money very well!
  7. Be honest with everyone, including yourself.
  8. Learn how to tell people no.
  9. Develop great people skills!
  10. Learn to let things go, but don't forget what you learn!

There is a lot to say about the things on this list, but I'll leave that up to your exploration, as you will learn the value of each of them over time, and life really is the best teacher, for experience is far more valuable than what you can learn in books alone.  If you want to be inspired, go drop $500 on a seminar that teaches people how to become "inspired", if it doesn't do you any good, then inspiration isn't your problem, laziness may likely be the problem.

If you think you are smarter or wiser than others, arrogance may be your problem, and let me assure you the world is stock full of some insanely intelligent & wise people, so we all can learn something from people, even dummies.  We can all work hard to improve, those who keep pushing for higher, will rise much higher than those who quit, so don't quit!  It's never to late to start over, remember that, because I have started over many times, and just because you failed doesn't mean it's over, it just means you have to learn more!

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