Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Incremental Declination

What I'm talking about here today are two things, the refusal of the masses to continue to be subject to fraud & austerity perpetuated by the "Blank Check Bankers", who defraud the public through legislation, which they pay to get written, by entrapping idiot leaders of nations in debt via bribery, thereby extracting tax dollars from nations, and destroy a nation's economy through predatory lending to it's government, who is on an uncontrolled spending binge as if nothing can go possibly wrong.  Secondly, I'm referring to the decremented decline of economics the world is facing through inflation, which is directly caused by the first problem, and that's overspending & surreptitious workings of an overly bloat big governments, who constantly is seeking ways to entrap & enslave the masses for more taxes MOAR TAXES!

The greatest fraud in the history of the world is being perpetuated at this time, the Ultra Wealthy (The Bankers), are through devious plans laid long ago, bringing the world to it's knees, and because these same bankers control many of the largest corporations in the world (yes it's all relative folks), they can extract whatever they want from a nation via economical & political pressure by the power of the almighty US Dollar / Military.  However, many nations aren't bowing down to the Banking Cartel at large, indeed many nations have denounced the heavily manipulated Euro & US Dollar which aren't backed by anything but fraud, and because the US cannot take on the world, well that means people are going to begin to realize the theft that has been exacted upon the USA.

I say theft because a nations wealth is greatly dictated by it's ability to produce things of value, but America lost a lot of it's manufacturing jobs, and real wealth, as it was outsourced to China, India, Mexico, and other third world nations.  Ultimately America is going to pay a very hefty price for playing with the bankers, who, having nothing more to do in a day than to plot the demise of nations worldwide, thoroughly enjoy wrecking a nation through multiple venues, like the news (slander), Hollywood (projecting immorality), and legislation. (Which destroys business, commerce, & economies.)

You'd think the insanely intelligent people who work at the Pentagon would have figured it all out by now, but nope, they think they can just continue on demanding what they will from the public, after all, the public is largely clueless right?  After all, the public doesn't matter, right?  Well, there is a fine line between treason & seeking to get rich off of other people's ignorance, and when you destroy your own nation for a buck, well that's clearly treason.

I believe most of them do it out of ignorance, seeking to profit from the people, they enact a hegemonic monopoly over commerce through legislation, which is far too much to cultivate & encourage business, whether smaller businesses or corporate businesses.  The amount of money it takes to make a profitable business in America is obscene, to say the least, and it takes a lot of advertising as well, but the real problem is, so many people are overly burdened by the "down turn" economy, which in truth has grown into a full blown depression, though many people would choose to deny this fact, and that's killing business period!

I suppose most of the world will realize the dupe once the banks collapse, locking them out of their accounts, and effectively stealing everyone's wealth in a single bound, but don't worry they have a great plan for us all.  I'm referring to the RFID Implant, so they can track any & all commerce & monetary transaction, and one should ask, "Well, why would they want to do that?"  The answer to which is of course, to ensure that you pay your taxes, no doubt!

You see the entire system thrives on those tax dollars, which the "Blank Check Bankers" ensure flows from the people's hard work, straight to their balance sheets, and I have to laugh at the genius absurdity of it all, because those politicians who are taking bribes (bonuses or campaign contributions), don't realize that everyone (even the rich) will be effected by the foolishness of those who take the bribes to commit treason!  I call it treason because, if you are willing to sell your nation off to the bankers, for a bonus (of any kind), then you are not worthy of public office, and neither are you upholding justice, but are indeed criminal!

A real criminal isn't someone who breaks in your home and steals your things, those people are often desperate, and usually get punished for their deeds (eventually for certain), no the real criminals are those people who perpetuate fraud against the masses and get a freaking slap on the wrist for doing so!  I constantly read reports of mega wealthy people doing crimes and getting off with a slap on the wrist, well where the's justice in that?  No, in America Justice Is For Sale!

There will never be transparency in government, because the people would lynch them if they knew the truth, and that is the truth people!  There will never be justice as long as the bankers are writing the laws, because they will continue to rob & steal from the nations, and perpetuate fraud without fear of judgment, for they pay the lawyers & judges, so there you have it, THE TRUTH!  Inequality & Injustice for all!

The system is a fraud, but the system is being defrauded by the bankers, who use blank checks to make the world the way they want it to be, and so if the pentagon & Washington doesn't get smart & fast, then they will soon begin selling America down the river to third world investors. (Already happening)  I implore you to spread the word, for America is quickly becoming a third world nation, and if the people do not quickly start demanding justice, truth, and transparency, the politicians are going to sell us all down the river, no doubt!

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