Saturday, June 21, 2014

Living Under Martial Law

We have all heard the reports, we've all heard the news, and we should all by now be aware that we are in fact living under martial law, which became more & more apparent by the executive orders coming out of the office of the White House.  America has been in a perpetual state of war for many decades now, martial law was declared, and power was giving to the presidents to pass executive orders, but what does that mean for the citizens of the USA?

Well, essentially the government wants to remain in power, despite growing factual data showing they are losing control over much, and through tyrannical actions that are blatantly obvious, and have demonstrated nothing short of utter corruption through and through.  We see constant violations of our constitution, the police have become completely militarized, abusive, out of control, and if you know anything about military training, that's definitely not a good thing.

It's become apparent that we are being ruled by nothing short of organized criminals who, wanting to exert as much control & power, have given power to the president to be a dictator more or less.  Democracy fled a long time ago, our rights are disappearing one pen stroke at a time, and the government is slowly but surely bringing down communism upon us all, or did you not notice the mandatory school uniforms?

No, it's safe to say America isn't America anymore, and that a more powerful force is controlling our government, which is of course the banking cartel & corporations which are all centralized & global now.  Indeed our current president was mostly funded by the bankers, moreover they have tried to end the term limits of presidency six times since he came into office, and if that isn't enough to wake you up my fellow Americans, then keep reading, because I'm just getting warmed up here, truly!

There are almost 100 million government employees, stop and think about that real hard, because it takes a lot of tax dollars to pay for the payroll alone, but more importantly most government workers get to retire after just 20 years of service with a whopping 90% pension, and that of course is guaranteed by tax dollars.  Therefore, in order to pay for it all, the government must not only print more money, cause more inflation so they can collect more taxes, and bring the entire nation into utter poverty through strenuous legislation presented as a solution, but rather only causes more Americans to pay more to the government for failed programs they never intended to uphold, like Social Security & Medicaid.  All of which we all know was destined to be destroyed, just like the SNAP (Food Stamp) program is now going to be destroyed as well, and with them passing numerous precarious legislation they have become completely dysfunctional in many ways.

You see, the government must continue to end government programs which require them to pay out money, and that means more government services will disappear.  Furthermore, because states are going bankrupt, unable to meet their budgets, and this again is because of pensions & payrolls which continue to increase year by year, therefore the states will begin to also end public services as well.

I'm not trying to be a doom & gloom preacher or fear-monger here, rather I'm trying to prepare you for what is coming, and that is nothing short of one of the greatest depression in the history of the world.  No, the war-mongers are capital hill are all too great at spreading more fear than I ever could, truly.  Indeed, war has become the main agenda it seems, and most of the foreign policy seems to be directed by an outside force that is even more powerful than the government.  (Here's a good article.)

As the going gets rough, because it's definitely getting pretty rough now, and as more people become homeless, you will begin to see the truth behind the martial law we have been living in, albeit secretly.  It's no longer a time to remain docile, complacent, or ignorant, for our children cannot afford for us to fail here.

We must as one, with a voice as one, demand that the Military Industrial Complex that rules our nation, come to an abrupt end, and we must do it using the proper channels.  They are already trying to limit information & control the public, even their own employees, and that's clear evidence that the tyrannical government is realizing their clock is ticking much faster now.

There is a lot of collusion between corporations & our government today, so you have to be extremely careful what you say in public, they will eventually black out any real media, and that most definitely includes any blogs which expose the real truth.  The truth is, the martial law isn't going to be in just one country, and already we have seen signs of WW3 brewing, no doubt about it.

Nevertheless, there are more important things happening inside of America, obviously the Gov have foreseen an imminent threat on American soil, and that's why they are seriously pushing some heavy hardware to all of their departments.  I'm sure they have a very clear agenda, but what most may not understand is "what's next?"  Well, I think it's safe to say that we should expect more military actions, greater control being exerted by the government, and more of our rights just vanishing without cause.  (A Great Site for Info)

In short, get prepared, know what you need to do, and starting immediately, don't wait.  If you want to be smart, get informed, stay informed, and don't let a day go by that you aren't actively seeking out information that is important to you and your family.  I encourage every citizen of this country to get armed fast, buy non-perishable goods, and buy things that are important today.  (Have a solid survival plan.)

EDITED: I'd also like to add that, along with the closing of government programs & services, that very much extends to foreign aid, something which may not be readily apparent to some.  Which of course will lead to some serious unrest in many 3rd world countries, as we have already seen.

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