Friday, June 6, 2014

Lottery Economics

We live in interesting times, one which many people are beginning to feel the pinch of the economic slow downs and excessive money printing to cover debts on the books of the banks, and even more depressing is the fact that making money in this all but stagnant economy is extremely difficult. It's very much indicative to living in a world where everything has a lottery style fundamental underlay, where millions enter, but only one can win, and to give you a better idea of what I'm talking about, I'm going to outline it in this article.

Every year many thousands of students graduate from college, many of them having medical, business, or some other popular degree, and of course education is important, but it's creating problems too. That problem is the fundamental reason why we have this lottery economy, where a job applicant applies for a job which they are qualified for, and of course there are many other people applying as well, who are equally qualified as well.

The job market isn't the only market that is flooded, there are many different markets which are affected, like the software market, the housing market, the eBook market, and indeed how many people do you know who are blogging today?  When there are many thousands of people doing something, the competition becomes very fierce, so if you don't have a solid plan on how to overcome the competition, then it's going to be rather tough to get ahead, and if you don't have serious talent, then your chances of winning are indeed minuscule at best.

I don't care which market you want to look at, they are all pretty much affected by something known as "Global Competition", indeed even the tech industry is struggling due to "outsourcing", where big corporations turn to others countries with qualified individuals to do the work for less, and this is also another factor which affects the markets, globalization of markets. The internet itself is also a grand illusion, one where many millions of businesses are trying to make money online, and it seems to be all driven by marketing, which is yet again another flooded market.

There aren't many places you can go online where you won't find marketing, though some bloggers refuse to market, like myself, and that's because if you really want to attract a great crowd, then you had better be thinking for the crowd.  Nobody likes advertising except those who stand to profit from it, but that's usually not you or me, and that's because the marketing firms are the ones who end up getting the real prize money from marketing, which is customer data.

Social networking and many web sites ultimately strive to get information from users, so they can sell that information to others, and that's pretty much the economics of the internet, one which is so flooded with competition that it's become rather annoying to the consumers and businesses alike.  It's become so bad that most web sites and even businesses will blatantly lie or present false information to lure in the crowds, they all want your information you see, and that most definitely extends into intellectual property. (Ideas / plans / etc)

To truly understand the weight of what I'm saying here, look at the lottery game, millions play it every week, but only one or a few people actually win, and even that's not consistent, for we live in a very casino like world.  A world where those who run the casino set up games to play with people, games which are clearly in favor of those who create them, and because the internet is largely controlled by mega corporations, you should stop and give very careful consideration to an article like this.

If you can sense what I'm trying to convey here, which is we all need to become broadly aware of how flooded markets affect our chances of success, then you can see the danger of being uninformed, and the entire reason I started blogging was to educate people, to raise their awareness, and to teach people how to think for themselves.  It's no longer enough to have a degree, definitely not, nor is it enough to be good in just one area of interest, and that's because if you want to get ahead in today's lottery economy, you are going to need to increase your contextual awareness of much.

Also, you really shouldn't try to do it all alone, for attempting to go up river with one paddle is very counter productive to success, and that's because you can't possibly know enough to succeed.  It takes a strong team to win in this style of economy, you will need to be a strong leader as well, for team members just won't follow anyone, and so if you want to truly get ahead, then learn to become a great leader!

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