Saturday, June 14, 2014

Money Over Mind

There is something intriguingly peculiar about money and the way a person's mind works, the moment people get money in their hands, it goes straight to their dome (brain), and they can't stop thinking about how to spend it.  That's real mind control people, it's also why I believe that society, at large, is suffering from what I'd like to call engineered deception, or engineered madness if you will.

People are willing to do anything for money, ironically, the banks can print money at will, and for that reason, money is nothing more than an illusion, much like "a promise" of riches & wealth.  I tell you this because the most elusive thing most people don't get is, money is controlled by someone, and as long as that's a fact, no matter if it's gold, cash, or crypto-currency, that means someone can manipulate it's value.

The Governments worldwide, being filled with politicians (the science of persuading public opinion / mind control), lawyers (the science of law / commerce control), and other scientist (ranging from medical, physics, nuclear, etc), even all sorts of insanely intelligent people who work hard to bring you these deceptions, that they project through the media.  I call them deceptions because if you take a good cold hard look at the benefits of everything they are trying to sell you, then you will begin to realize that money really won't buy you many things of real value.  (Most of what they sell is actually worthless financially speaking)

Take food for instance, you eat it, it's gone, and you need more to keep on living, correct?  Well, that's what is known as a consumable product, much like gas is to a car, or a DVD to a DVD player, for a DVD player isn't worth much without a DVD correct?  No, the "Ultra Wealthy" are wise with what they present to the public, they sell them music, media, and anything to get inside their heads.

What is media?  Media is anything that people can read, observe, listen to, or basically consume mentally, think of it as a way of beating a person's drum (their mind).  The media plays the beat & you take the beating, but most people don't look at it that way, for they don't realize that they are being sold what is known as "suggestions", or programming if you will.

People readily accept what they are told, they believe lies, and are often very hard pressed to believe the truth, but that's something which requires an immense amount of research to uncover.  Thankfully there are those out there who are trying to uncover the truth for everyone online, that's something in itself which has the power to disillusion the public if you will, and what I mean by that is to wake people up from the deceptions!

Have a good listen to the Max Keiser show, then stop and think about one paramount thing, "If all of the media projected to us comes from the 'ruling class', what does that mean?"  Well, there is a lot to say about that, but back to the subject of money, because many people work really hard for it all of their lives for it, and for this reason they should take a serious look at becoming financially educated, so they can understand much more.

When I listen to music I stop & consider who the artist is, what country they hail from, and where they get the money from to produce the video (Which are very expensive!), which tells me much indeed.  Considering the surveillance state and what I've outlined so far in this article, perhaps you will be able to understand more clearly what the song below actually means, who's projecting it to you, and how it affects everyone who listens to it.  (Media is used to keep the masses living in fear & subjugation.)

I suspect the greatest thing I'm trying to show everyone here is, "The old money", or the "Ultra Wealthy" if you will, have money, and they are those who watch over us & make the rules, as the golden rules states, "He who has the gold makes the rules".  Money is over people's mind, because that's the way they want it, to dangle the proverbial promise of printed paper (nothing) before people to keep them working hard to have nothing, and money of course is something which always returns to them via taxes & legislation.

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