Sunday, June 8, 2014

Monopoly Economics

Yes, that's a real Zimbabwe currency note, but it's not worth much at all, in fact it wouldn't even buy you dinner for a family of four.  I'm using this note as a guide to help you understand that, money is, by and large, manipulated & worthless, and though you can use it to buy things, you must first understand who makes money.  Well, the Federal Reserve Bank does, but they are also owned by the wealthiest people in the world, and so they have much power indeed.

Corporations by nature are extremely greedy, they want to make all of the profit they can, and so they often try to monopolize an industry, cutting off any & all competition via legislation.  Of course monopoly was outlawed, to encourage competition, but often the same people who own one corporations often own others, and many board members on one board may reside on multiple boards, or be related to someone else on another board, so you see the wealthy don't really play by the rules they make.

Today I want to raise my readers awareness of the power of corporations, with the government being the largest one, and the reason I'm discussing this, is so you can realize that, corporations by and large are who you really work for when you receive money, and that means no matter where you get the money from.  The money belongs to the corporations, it's overseen by the government, and legislation is enforced to ensure everyone plays by the corporate rules.

The reason I'm telling you all of this is, so you can realize that you really work hard to have something that can be exchanged for something of value, like food, utilities, or anything else the corporations make.  Basically the corporations own everything, the government too is a corporation, and so you should keep that in mind when reviewing what I'm about to talk about.

The entire system works like a game of Monopoly®, which means someone is the banker, there are rules, and people "own" property, though nobody truly owns the property but the government, and we know that's true because when people can't pay their taxes, well the government takes the property back.  Same thing with loans, if someone can't pay their loans, the banks take property back as well, and again, corporations & the government are pretty much the same thing.

The money is an illusion, a score card if you will, and it's how the corporations keep track of "whom is indebted to whom", which is of course the name of the game.  Those with the most money have the ability to do more than those who are broke, unless the people who are broke (& the government really is), own all of the property, and that's because they can charge rent or sell the property anytime they want.

Basically the corporations print some money (think of it as Monopoly money), people work for that money, so they can buy things the corporations sell, and the corporations more or less own & control everything!  You really cannot win in a situation like this, because the wealthy are always devising ways to extract more from the masses who work for this "funny money", and so you really should begin to realize that money is an illusion.

Today however they want to go towards a cashless society, that's because they watch over all financial transactions electronically, and that means goodbye privacy, black markets, and local commerce.  That would really put the fork in the drug dealers something fierce, it would curtail & end a lot of crime, or it would make robbery far worse, and so you should keep all of this in mind as we move toward new changes within the corporate hegemonic world that we live in.

Many people may read my blogs and think I'm pessimistic or cynical, but that's not the case, rather I'm a realist, and my perspective on life is very crystal clear, for I don't cloud my thinking with "wishful ideas" or "fallacy".  I'm telling you this because we live in a world where people go about life not stopping to consider that, if corporations provide you everything you need, then that means that everyone is more or less working to support the corporations, and that's a real problem, seriously.

There is a way to break the control of the corporations, though I doubt that peaceful protest are going to do any good, and that's because they will use the government (same thing) to stop any protest outright, and the more they steal & rob, the more the rioting will ensue.  Historically when food prices has risen above 40% of the people's income, rioting ensued, and I'm here to tell you, food prices are about to go way up people!

Yes, that's not even the beginning of the worst of it, but I didn't want to write this blog post and project doom & gloom, rather I just wanted to raise your awareness that, those in control of everything are making changes because the greed is growing unabated & it is entirely uncontrolled.  Indeed in this crony capitalistic society that is called "America", we live under some very greedy corporations who, being smarter & wiser than most of the people out there, have figured out how to rob many millions of people of all of their hard earn money & retirement money with the stroke of a pen, and that's just the way things are.

There are solutions, but it takes a financial education if you want to overcome reality, and today it's becoming increasingly difficult to thrive & prosper in this economy, for everyone is going broke!  So if you want to be smart, then get financially educated, and don't make any excuses about it, because many parents with children will soon be starving & homeless.  The world needs help, anything you can do to help the world, the faster the world will come to realize the problems, and hopefully the solutions as well.

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