Friday, June 6, 2014

New Age Thinking

In times past, we learned traditionally at schools and then later at universities, however times are changing, and thanks to the advent of the internet, attending a university is no longer truly necessary.  Of course I say this because you can learn anything online, also with so many universities going online it's no longer a question of "if" you should attend a university, but "why"?

Moreover, it's imperative to grow as an individual, adapt to change, and learn how to think for yourself.  Though you can learn a lot in college, it shouldn't be the end of your education, and that's because learning is a life long endeavor.  Learning can lead you to success if you learn to think for yourself, and that's something you don't learn from books alone.

Your success as a person is greatly determined by who you are and how you think, though you can learn any subject taught in colleges, that doesn't guarantee success, and that's because the job markets are flooded with qualified individuals.  Moreover, a job isn't going to lead you to success, and that's because success is tied to how you manage time, people, and money more than any other factors.

Successful people have three very important habits, good habits are so very necessary for success, and breaking bad habits as well, for bad habits can hold you back.  It's imperative to change your habits, break away from routine, and adventure too, for success is not found, but realized by those who can adapt & change for the better.

3 Habits of Successful People

1) Always adapting to change
2) Always learning & evolving
3) Always building new relations & networks

Computers & the internet play a huge role in business today & tomorrow, indeed most serious investors trade online now, and no matter what you need to do, amazingly "there's an app for that".  However, don't get too caught up online, and that's because you can waste too much time trying to build something profitable online, but if you are determined to try, then make sure you surround yourself with skillful people.

Some critical keys to success are knowing where you are going, how you will get there, and who you need to help you along the way, because going it alone is a foolish endeavor most people stumble at.  I say that because everyone is trying to get ahead with a job, or running a small business they own, but those things won't lead you to success, and that's because business is a team sport and learning is best done in groups!

Getting involved in a network is so critical to success, because you can learn a lot more & faster when you have successful & intelligent people around you, and that's because "friends sharpen friends", just like "steel sharpens steel".  Moreover, in the world of business it's not "what you know" that is important, but rather "who you know", and it's so imperative that you understand this key point, truly.

Indeed I've met complete idiots who have obtained higher end jobs just because they became buddy buddy with the boss or relatives of the boss, that's just the way things are, and so if you want to get to the top at a job, then you had best learn to get some people skills, for certain.  I really like the old saying, "To have friends, one must be friendly", and that can take you a long ways in life if you use it, truly.

To be successful n today's world it requires us to think differently, adapt, and be willing to take on new challenges, learn new things, and make friends with more people.  Yes, friends are so very important in life, for some have the power to help you, and some have the power to hurt you, so make sure you learn about people well before you venture off to make a lot of friends.

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