Friday, June 6, 2014

Overcoming Obstacles

"What you can become, depends upon what you can overcome."
Anthony Douglous Williams

One of the greatest obstacles in life we will face are the lies we tell ourselves, excuses that is, and we are all great at making them.  For this reason alone, many people put off doing what they might enjoy much, indeed many people simply detest trying new things, and a large part of that stems from laziness.

It's rather tough to get excited if you don't know what to get excited about, indeed all of the goal setting and planning in the world won't do you any good if you can't find the motivation to get off your butt and take action, and that means "Just do it".  Sometimes finding our passion is as simple as asking ourselves, "What do I like to do most?"  Also, you should learn to ask a more critical question, "How can I profit doing what I love most?"

I really love simplicity, because if it's not simple enough, then you probably don't know it well enough to explain it to others, and the truth is often extremely simplistic, even wisdom as well.  For these reasons, you really should learn to "Keep It Simple Silly", because if you confuse yourself or others, then it's not going to do you or anyone else much good, and so keep this in mind when thinking about things.

Go with what you know, strengthen that which you have, and build upon it, but keep in mind your weaknesses and areas that need attention.  I tell you this because we cannot neglect our needs, often people chasing after their wants forget about their needs, and that leads to poverty, financially & spiritually as well.

If we all should learn to respect our time, money, and people around us, then we can learn to grow.  If you can't respect your time, money, or people around you, then you probably won't have much of either, and that is so very simplistic & important to realize, truly!  Most of the people I meet in life are so self-centered, that they cannot look beyond their own needs & wants, and that's why they cannot focus on important things.

The PHD of Success

1) Problem Solving
2) Helping Others
3) Designing Innovative or Inspirational Things

People who can solve problems, help many people, and design creative, innovative, or inspirational things can go much farther in life than self centered people, also many people get lost trying to sell themselves.  What I mean by that is, too many people waste time trying to prove they are great, rather than spending time trying to become great, and that is the significant difference between great people & those who can't focus on learning & growing as an individual.

Focusing upon yourself, learning more, and growing as an individual are what leads you to success, but that doesn't guarantee it.  Success is not found, it's realized by those who have a passion & determination, even the discipline & fortitude it takes to finish the race, and the race to the top can go faster if you realize more.

Understanding is the key to success, for the more you understand, the more you can do, and that's so very imperative if you want to get succeed more.  If you want to be successful, become wise, for the most successful people in life are no fool, and they don't waste their time with fools.  Keep reading my blog, because I'll take you to a place you won't regret, and that is a place of understanding, for much riches & honor are found in wisdom & understanding, indeed!

"One who gains strength by overcoming obstacles possesses the only strength which can overcome adversity." - Albert Schweitzer

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