Friday, June 13, 2014

Pandemic of Pandemonium

As confusion, chaos, and anarchy ensues, as wars rage on, and people worldwide are beginning to wake up, some may ask a rather critical question, "Why are all these things happening?"  The answer to which is rather intricate and many fold, but if I was to break it down in a rather short dissertation, then I'd have to say that greed is largely responsible for the terror we see abroad.

The terror of course comes in many forms, like economic austerity and business terrorism for only a couple of examples. As I read the news each day I've evolved past the shock and surprise, and began to start thinking of the more critical question, "Why is all of this happening?"  That question of course has led me to do research, thanks to the internet it's become easier to derive the answers, and that's ultimately what we should seek, for our own understanding.

Let me explain what I've been able to derive at this point, much of the rioting we see in many of the countries that has been ongoing since 2009 has actually stemmed from food prices, which of course is economic terrorism, and that of course is being perpetuated by the food corporations, no doubt about it.  To support my statement, just look at the land available in America alone for food, and then ask this critical question. "Isn't there enough farm land in America to feed the world?"  Of course!

Moreover, there is food in ample supply from other nations as well, like South America for example, but yet, we are importing a lot of food from China, or at least you should understand that if you have been to the big US retailer (Wally world / China-mart).  Making sense out of everything is extremely difficult, but essentially the financial, economic, and business terrorism is an engineered anomaly within the system brought about by greed, purely & wholly, by the greedy corporations.

I can't go about dropping names & pointing fingers, because that might lead me to a law suit or get my blog deleted, so bare with me as I skip around the subject, and I'll do my best to point you to solid reading material so that you can gain a greater understanding.  Corporations, by and large, love profits, and they have become exceptional in their greed, meaning that they will indeed stop at nothing to "Have more".

At this point, it's not really about how bad it's gotten, but rather, how far are they willing to go?  One day a friend told me that "oil" is what they are after, she was right to an extent, they need oil & certain resources to manufacture, but they can indeed control the masses, worldwide, via food, so I took up the debate with her about why food is more important than oil, and how the corporation plan to make everyone subject to starvation, corporate lock out, and control of the world wholly by evil means.

I can't get into it, but it involves the corporations collapse all monetary systems, and that must come first, but in order to do that they must destroy all economies in every nation.  Ultimately the corporations want the entire world working all day for a loaf of bread, but don't think I'm joking here, and there is ample proof it already exist.

There indeed so much to say & cover, but ultimately you need to walk away with the ideology, perception, and clear understanding that the corporations are indeed nobody's friend, and that applies to all people worldwide.  We have already seen multiple instances of great destruction of the earth & sea, whether it be from drilling, nuclear waste, and other things that would leave most people's mouths dry.

It's not clear to me who is responsible, because the network is so vast, and there are indeed many corporations, but I'd be willing to gamble that ultra wealthy families play the largest role in it all.  Indeed there is no doubt that the people who run the corporations are bringing about much change, and because they are also seated in governments, because they write legislation, they control all things more or less.

Let's get real here, you can't do anything without the government's approval, and they have the military and militarized police to demand submission, no matter who you are, or what country you hail from.  Arrogance is a dangerous thing though, which is why I believe we are being led into a great Pandemonium of chaos, and that is a place of worldwide turmoil, depression, and eventually chaos.

Max Keiser talks about what's to come in his latest show, that of course is deflation, and ultimately that will lead us all towards an utter worldwide destitute depression.  Again, I'm not being cynical or pessimistic here, but rather realistic, for ultimately the corporations are seeking to profit more, and their greed knows no bounds.  We then must become wise and prepare, for the time is growing shorter that people have to prepare for global unrest, and worldwide chaos.

If I can assure my readers of one thing, it's that we will soon see rioting in America, of this I have zero doubt, and you will understand soon enough why.  Rather than delve into the probable scenarios, I'll just leave you with this, "If the corporations monopolize food & water, where will that leave the world?"  (Note: They have already passed the legislation & have begun seizing US Farmland & lands with water on it.)

Ultimately the goals & agenda of the "Corporate Elite" or the "Ultra Wealthy", whatever you want to call them, is to drive the world into this Pandemic of Pandemonium, where the entire world is fighting for survival, and that is something that will lead us all to much evil indeed & it's all for greed, no doubt!

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