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Power Fraud

Money to most people is a necessity, if they want to be able to purchase goods, and this is why many millions of people work for it, but what most financially uneducated people do not realize is, the value of the money they work for is constantly being manipulated.  Inflation happens when a currency loses it's purchasing power, though most people only realize it by seeing the prices of everything rise, but many things cause inflation.

Mainly though, the banks & government control the value of the currency based upon multiple factors, and before I delve into that, I'm going to outline a few things.  If the government can go to the banks for a loan whenever they want, then they have the ability to increase the national debt as often as they want, and when a government is completely irresponsible, they take on debts that they cannot afford to pay back.

The reason why they cannot pay it back is they are loaned money with interest, which means it's mathematically impossible to pay back the money you borrowed plus interest, because there is only the amount of money borrowed in circulation, and so the more money they borrow, the more the currency declines in value.  In order to pay back the loans however, the government must raise more capital (cash from taxes & other legislation which returns them money) than is in circulation.

The key to understanding is realizing that the banks create the money from literally nothing, a promissory note if you will, which is backed by tax dollars, and so the more the government borrows, the more they must pay back.  Like in the case of the US Government who is presently many trillions of dollars in debt to the banks, as a result the value of the US Dollar will eventually begin to see it's value decrease to very little.

The thing about inflation most people do not get is, it's dished out in smaller amounts, a $0.05 here $0.10 there, and the constant rise every month continues to drive the cost of living higher and higher, and people don't immediately recognize the power of inflation until they are completely driven into poverty.  The power to devalue a currency is the power to defraud a nation, to steal all of the wealth of a nation, and drive it into utter poverty, which is precisely what is happening in America, something which has been repeated many times in many nations throughout the history of the world by the way.

Now, the banks aren't owned by the government, and much like in the old mafia days where the mafia would pay off the police to turn a blind eye to what they did, for this reason the banks continue their little secret fraud that they perpetrated against many nations abroad, and that's because everything worldwide is traded on the US Dollar, well it was until China, Russia, and few other countries said no more of this!

So you see the bankers probably are going to get upset about these countries telling the big bankers to get lost, as a result we are most likely going to see something come about as a result, but that remains to be seen, and I don't really care to speculate about that.  Nevertheless, the fraud continues because the bankers are allowed to not only loan money out of thin air, meaning they don't have to have the money in their vaults to loan it out, and they can loan out as much as 10 to 100 times of what they have on deposit, depending upon what they are dealing in, which is known as derivatives.

In the case of bonds, there are regulations which limits who they can sell them to and how many bonds they can created based upon the amount of money the government owes the banks.  However, in other markets, like the gold market, they can create anywhere from 10 to 100 contracts on just one ounce of Gold, so a lot of people buy the contracts, but there is only technically one ounce of gold, and that leads to a gold shortage if anyone says "Give me the gold".

Which is precisely what Germany & other countries said, "Give me back my gold", and unfortunately the US Banks couldn't pony up like they were suppose to, therefore you hear stories of big corporations digging for gold is south american countries like Colombia, and if anyone objects, well you will probably hear a story of how the local government steps in, people die, and it's nothing pretty.  The elite aren't afraid to use force to get what they want, in fact they are more than willing to cause wars over what they want, and they have a reputation of doing just that.  (See WW II History)

The problem though, is many countries have become upset over this massive power fraud, and as a result we could very well be headed for one of the largest and nastiest wars the world has every known, because weapons have become very dangerous, like nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons are.  Therefore, we have heard stories of these weapons either being used or the threat of them being used, and because many nations now have nuclear capabilities, it's not going to be anything pretty if world war breaks out.

About 2,000 years ago, Jesus explained to everyone that "The love of money is the root of all evil", and the important part to understand here, is that because money is manipulated by bankers and allowed to continue by corrupt politicians who are committing massive fraud against their own nation to get elected, the results are something inherently evil.  For the hard working people of the world are robbed of their retirements, therefore you will hear numerous stories in the months ahead of how the workers of various nations were shafted out of their retirement money, pensions, and other benefits promised by the government for the money they sent the government over the years.

Yes, the fraud isn't just massive, it's powerful, for it has the power to make even the rich and middle class even poor, and as the US Dollar continues to lose it's value, the prices of everything will continue to rise, and government(s) will not be able to afford to import or purchase many things on the open markets, where you need US Dollars to purchase things.  For this reason we hear countless stories of many nations rioting, civil unrest grows, and due to corruption through & through within governments, many citizens are beginning to fight back.

The reason most people don't understand that the love of money is bad, is because they believe the only thing of real value is money, but that's simply not true, and I'm going to explain something clearly to you here.  The wealthy long ago learned how to make money from nothing, they traded that money to the commoner in the form of gold, for the labor they did, but when the wealthy (which usually included The Royals or Rulers) ran out of gold, of course war ensued, and this same problem existed until they went off of the gold standard.

As a result money began to be printed, it was backed by gold, and eventually the British decided to go off the Gold Standard & later the US followed.  Which leads us to where we are today, where governments worldwide have to continue to print money to pay for all those workers who work for money, but the price of goods will continue to rise, and so by the time the money being printed gets into circulation (the public's hands), a massive amount of inflation will have transpired, leaving the value of the money get worth little.

Money today is backed by fraud, the banks are literally insolvent, and have no real wealth within them, unless of course you consider printed paper of real value.  The only thing of real value is your hard work, for the harder you work, the more money they print, and that's the bottom line, for money was created to pay for the services you render.  It's effectively the most powerful fraud every perpetuated against mankind, but most people are completely unaware of it.

I wish I could teach the whole world to just walk away from money, for all it does is fuel wars, and for a fist full of cash soldiers will kill each other.  Of course if you don't want to be a pawn or a fool, then don't work for this stuff they print at will, which they completely control & manipulate, and that because if you work for it, then you will become what they manipulate.

Therefore, if you don't want to be subject to power fraud, which is where the government & banks take everything you worked for, then wise up, and that's because that's the reward the masses get for dancing for money, they get shafted.  If you don't want a fools reward, then learn to become financially educated, for once you learn what is of real value, you will no longer work for money, but rather you will work to learn and build your understanding so that you can make better decisions for yourself & your children.

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