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Preparing for Cashless Societies

Originally Published 6/29/2014, Republished on 4/22/2015

It's rather imperative to prepare for changes, before they happen, and if you want to stay informed and become wise, then it's rather important to listen to people who are well advised about what's going on.  I of course spend a lot of time online, studying, and reading books to ensure that I stay abreast with what's happening in our ever changing world, this in turn allows me to communicate effectively what is important to everyone who reads my blog post.

Today I'll be talking about preparing for cashless societies, something which I believe will soon be a global trend, and I'm writing about this for multiple reasons, but first let me explain why I believe this will soon come about.  You see, ever since the 2008 global market crash, it has set off events that have led to a lot of economic turmoil, and the banks and many businesses got caught with their pants down, as they say.

They were swimming naked, not having enough capital to cover what was on their balance sheets, so when the markets corrected due to dubious derivatives in bad loans, the housing market bubble busted, and as a result the banks had to be bailed out.  Moreover, to keep the entire system from crashing, the banks had to keep printing money, and the governments had to turn to the banks for loans, for many things had led to this economic crisis which I believe was an engineered crisis.

Legislation was passed some time ago which allowed banks to sell derivatives on loans, a lot of bad loans were made, and as a result many people lost their homes when the banks began recalling loans.  The worst however is not over, the housing markets & many other markets are flat dead, the crisis turned into an economic recession, which has been slowly turning into a depression, but we are not quite fully there yet.

The banks are more or less completely insolvent, they are borrowing money, which the Federal Reserve Bank has been printing by many billions of dollars a month ever since the Quantitative Easing (QE) program started, and they are throwing money into the markets to keep them afloat, but they can't just keep printing money without any consequences.  You see printing money causes inflation, which results in the value of a currency decreasing in value, the more they print, the less the currency is worth until eventually the currency has no real value.

The problem is, other nations began to realize just how dubious currencies like the US & UK currencies are, because they aren't backed by any real assets, like gold for example, which is why the British Pound is no longer called the British Pound Silver.  So in response, nations like China began hyper-printing money to buy up assets worldwide, which resulted in global competition in the global economy, which I'm afraid will lead to very disastrous results, and that means cash will soon become worthless.  Moreover, multiple nations have stopped trading in US Dollars, this of course will have a very real and negative effect on the value of the US Dollar, and that has yet to be realized, but it is indeed coming.

Essentially the greed of nations have driven us to an economic cold war if you will, the results will be nothing short of currencies worldwide taking a huge nose dive in value, prices of goods will begin to soar worldwide, and rioting will worsen for certain.  Indeed the rioting has already proven to be insane since 2009, but the part most people don't get is, this is all being engineered by some insanely wealthy & intelligent people who want it all to come about so they control the world.

I believe the ultra wealthy are extracting all of the wealth they can from the system currently, holding up the markets until they pull all of the real wealth off the table, and as they continue to begin to taper the QE program, you will begin to see currencies reflect their true value.  Though I'm not sure if gold & silver will remain valuable even, because the banks are clearly control it's price, and other markets for that matter, but one thing is certain, we are strong in the grips of austerity worldwide.

Nobody is certain what will come, but my financial education is leading me to believe that we are headed for cashless societies, and some may believe that's rather dependent upon societies accepting such a thing, but let me assure you that when the banks bail-in, as people's retirements are wiped out, and as these bankers begin to show their truly greedy & ugly agendas, we will see what's going to come about.  Indeed I'm certain many people will be left with little choice, they will be forced to accept a cashless system, whether it's RFID Implants or whatever, though that remains to be seen, but I'm sure they are planning on tracking all transactions, so crypto-currencies may indeed be implemented at first, and later another system most likely will be introduced.

Of course I'm speculating there, but from what I've gathered from news articles and information shared with me by a team of some of the brightest & most informed people from around the world, I'm lead to believe that we are indeed headed for something proverbial, and so you should stay informed, especially where Biometric Identification is concerned.  A cashless society will mean many bad things, one of which entails local commerce ending all together, for people will have nothing to trade with, other than goods, so we will most likely go back toward bartering & trading unless a financial medium is widely available, and at first I don't believe it will be for everyone.

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That would likely kill the illegal drug trade all together, but it will also hurt small businesses, drive everyone into a hegemonic / monopolistic system controlled by centralized banks &/or governments, and it will be used to track every financial transaction to ensure everyone ponies up their taxes.  Indeed it would curtail a lot of illegal and bogus transactions, scams, crime, and fraud undoubtedly, so that's not a bad thing, and it will also cause the loss of many banking / financial jobs as well, indeed the digital era is almost upon us in full.

There is already a lot of buzz about cashless societies, so do take the time to read up, as I wish to keep my readers informed, expecting, and preparing for changes.  I've already wrote about the bank bail-ins, something else we all need to prepare for immediately, this is just another dissertation about why people need to snap out of whatever dream they are living in and pay close attention to what's going on in the world today, and that's because the changes are going to roll in very quickly once the markets begin tanking again.

There are a lot of reasons the governments can come up with to justify cashless societies, I'm sure the outline of when & why has already been put into writing, and they are prepared to make some huge changes, changes which many people will not like one iota.  Therefore, I suspect that is why they are arming their agencies to the teeth, and also why they are trying to curtail immigration and deal with any issues that are resulting from the economic woes many countries worldwide are reeling from.

South America itself has been completely living under the weight of the economic turmoil the 2008 market crash caused, banks & corporations have told many countries, tough cookies, inflation ensued, and the prices of food rose, which resulted in this pandemic of pandemonium.  I personally am not the kind of person who enjoys change, indeed I like the "Same old, same old", and I'm quite certain that I'm not alone, but I do believe you need to remain hip & informed, for changes are coming soon!

So how does one prepare to transition to a cashless society?  Well, you had better get things of cold hard value, like non-perishable foods and bottled water, for when the collapse comes, stores will be locked down until the system goes into effect, which may take days, weeks, or worse.  Looting & madness may ensue, so become armed and skilled in the usage of a gun, with plenty of extra ammo would also be wise, and that's because there is no telling what might happen, though you may need to hide your guns till the SHTF.  (Don't expect guns to stay legal!)

Financially it would be wise to start liquidating as soon as possible and start turning that cash into hard assets that can produce any kind of profit.  I'd expect the price of everything will continue to rise in the times ahead, so don't wait to take action, the longer you wait, the more expensive things will get, and wasting time speculating what might happen would be wasted time, prepare like you & your family's life depended upon it.

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