Saturday, June 21, 2014

Subjective Reality

I have always said to people, "What you believe is true", but that's not wholly true, though it is in a figurative sense, and that's because often I'd rather not waste time showing people the truth, for many people are rather resistant toward hearing the truth.  In my book "Hearing The Wind", I carefully outlined why truth is so very important for our foundation, and that's because without it, we wont' be able to see the reality we actually live in.

Many things in life are propagated as truth, but many things are actually theory, and we are all subjective to truth, for despite what we may believe, truth trumps all things.  Often the truth isn't realized until it's too late, for if a person thinks it's "OK" to lie, cheat, or steal, they don't realize it's not "OK" until after the evidence presents itself to show them why it's wrong, and that often entails multiple people losing as well.

It's difficult to teach intelligent people things, often because they are headstrong, opinionated, and it's difficult to reach them, but often I still try, though I've learned to stop wasting my time giving advice to people who won't receive it.  Indeed time is more important to me now than when I was younger, for you can waste a lot of time trying to prove things to people, and that's the lesson you should indeed walk away learning here.

You need as many people as you can obtain in your life, but you don't need bad people in your life, and so you have to be somewhat selective of who you listen to, who you hang around, and even who you will even associate with, for some people have the power to wreck people's lives  Whether willing, knowingly, or by planning, people often destroy other people with lies that they believe, and for this reason much offense & wrong is perpetuated upon innocent people, even on a massive scale.

We must be careful what we spread around, for lies are dangerous, and they have the power to delude many of those who entertain them.  If you want to be wise, then find the truth, it's all around us, and the more you can take in, the more you grow as a person.  This of course is a fundamental lesson we must all learn in life, there are many such lessons we must come to learn, and life will indeed make you stop until you learn the fundamentals wholly.

There is a price for ignorance, it's rather costly too, and many people waste much time in life trying to do it "their way", but you can save yourself a lot of pain and hardship if you learn to listen to people.  The world at large, from what I've gathered, is trying to help you, but not everyone is aware of the truth, nor are they aware of the laws that govern everyone on this planet, and many are completely unaware of the way things are, so they aren't able to give rock solid advice.

Rather that delve into those things, for I don't want to offend people with my "realities" or "truths", I'll just safely say that everyone is responsible for their own discovery of truth, and it's really hard to help most people for this reason, because everyone wants to "do it themselves", unfortunately.  If you want to teach well, then lead your students to the answers, but let them derive the answer for themselves, for the worst thing we can do is force our opinions or realities upon others.  (That's what the government does.)

You cannot lead people if you are blind though, or you will lead those who follow you toward ruin, failure, or worse, and that's something that is so imperative to realize.  No, in order to be a great teacher, you must first learn for yourself the lessons life has to show us all, and it takes a lot of mistakes and hardship to come to some of those lessons, but the wise will receive instruction and grow, for you can learn a lot in life simply by watching fools "doing it their way".  (Chuckles inwardly)

I've listened to a lot of successful people, they are correct on many matters, but many of them are selling what is known as "fluff", "hype", or "sentimental sensationalism", as they try to paint themselves out to be a "good person", and more often than not, that's so they can sell something to you.  The devil is in the details, for the more skeptical you get about what you hear & see, the more truth you find, and the more lies you see, for the world is stock full of lies and illusions.

"Most men will boast of their own goodness, but who can find an honest man?"
King Solomon (From the book of Proverbs in the bible.)

We have all come under the spell of grand wizards, who, having become wise at their crafts, delude many millions of people with the instruments they use to spread massive lies, like television, media, and any venue they choose to propagate their works of evil.  Often people say to me, "God helps those who helps themselves", but that's simply not true, and it's obvious to me they haven't read the bible from cover to cover, for it clearly states that God helps the poor, the fatherless, and those who cannot help themselves, truly.

Ultimately we are subject to reality, despite what we may believe, there is truth, and that always trumps up what we believe if it is not real truth.  Real truth has the power to declare reality, to even dispel falsehoods, uncover secrets, and shatter misconceptions, turning the listener towards the truth and setting them free from the illusions so carefully painted by those who practice lies.  Truth is powerful, you'll know it when you hear it, and it will indeed sit well with you, for it's not confusing & is usually simple.

If you become confused though, it could be that you need more education, for often intelligent people use words that many are not familiar with, and that often is the cause of confusion and leads to misunderstandings.  Therefore, when you speak, keep it simple, and say what you mean, for people often judge us by the words we choose, how we express them, and what we mean by them.

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