Thursday, June 5, 2014

The War On Money

"Money has never made man happy, nor will it, there is nothing in its nature to produce happiness. The more of it one has the more one wants." - Benjamin Franklin

There's a war going on out there, it's not for your mind, it's for your money, and this article is going to clearly outline how the financial geniuses of the world are robbing people blind! It's a multi-dimensional war on your finances, where the corporations, banks, government, and financial elite are warring against everyone else.

The US Government needs money, because they are going into debt, and they have to maintain their budgets, so they go to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank pulls out a ledger, writes down the amount of money borrowed by the US Government, and of course they write them a blank check, "Here, take what you need." Also, they print X amount of dollars based upon the amount borrowed, because the banks must keep 1/10th of total debt in deposit, therefore, they can loan out $17 Trillion Dollars, but they must make sure there is $1.7 Trillion dollars in circulation, so they strike up the printing press, and viola now they have money in their bank to cover loans.

Money is then sent to the appropriate banks to cover any borrowing done on that end, which is known as Trickle Down Economics, of course the Federal Reserve Bank, which isn't Federal, has no reserve, and isn't a bank, loans at a nominal interest rate to the banks below them. The Banks then loan to businesses and organizations to help them cover expenses, but at a higher interest rate than what they get money for.

The problem with this is, it is mathematically impossible to repay back the loans, because Principal does not equal Principal + Interest, therefore the money loaned out is guaranteed to cause many businesses to fail, and so if the banks want to put the big squeeze on businesses & people, they can start recalling loans to boot, which is what I'd like to call "Financial Terrorism".

So before you even get a pay check, your money has been in multiple people's hands, but wait, stop, hold the press, there's more, and indeed much more! You see, the government is also taxing that money, every time it's spent, and they tax you for any property you purchase with the money, creating another black hole in your finances which can never be filled. Corporations of course avoid taxes via legal tax loopholes, being a corporation they get to earn, spend, and then pay taxes, where as you on the other hand must rather earn, pay taxes, and then may spend what is left, which usually isn't much.

The Cost of War & Spying

There are many things which suck up the money in circulation you see, there are taxes, legislation(s), and cost to maintain government services & employees, which is quite high indeed. Moreover, the government & corporations more or less have a monopoly over many industries, like Utility companies for instance. It's not like you can turn to a different company if you don't like your Gas or Electric bill, right?

Well the war doesn't stop there, you see everything that you need continues to rise in price, like the essentials to live on, and that can range anywhere from food, utilities, rent, or anything you need really. The problem with being poor is, you have no protection against the big corporations, government, or bill collectors, and that's because there is nobody there fighting for the little guys.

Nevertheless, getting a financial education is your one chance to break the chains of slavery & poverty, and it's imperative to be careful who you listen to, for everyone is trying to sell you something. Yes, it's a real ugly picture, no doubt, and the more you become aware of "The War on Money", the more you understand that game we use to play when we were kids, "TAG YOUR IT", that's because as long as you work for the plundering genius system that sucks the lifeblood out of the working class, then you will always be "it".

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