Thursday, June 5, 2014

Worldwide Bank Bail-ins (Coming Soon!)

"The Beginning of Wisdom is to Hate Evil."
King Solomon

Many of you by now may have heard of the Bail-outs of the banks, where governments gave a bunch of money to banks to keep them from going under, and how these bank scandalously pocketed the money!  Well, it's about to get a whole lot worse, what I'll be talking about in this article is Bail-ins, where the banks will be locking up, just like what happened in Cyprus, and you should note this is not about fear-mongering!

If you don't realize by now that governments have been on a completely irresponsible spending spree you should, add to that fact, the mismanagement of assets by banks and brokerage firms, and you have the making of what I'd call, for lack of better words, a "shit storm".  That's indeed what many people have been warning people to prepare for, a total financial collapse, and if you are following closely the Russia & China conflict between the US & Europe, then you can probably more readily believe what I'm talking about here.

Many wise people have been going about preparing for when "TSHTF" (The Shit Hits The Fan), as many of them like to call it, and though I generally avoid cussing, I'm sure many people will be quite mad when they realize just how wrong they have been done, and this is not the first time this has happened.  Because today's technology allows the banks to track a run on the banks, it's not going to take long before they lock down the banks once they see people beginning to withdraw money from their accounts in mass.

Thieves historically have always come up with clever schemes to steal money from people, they do it by various means, and con men (& women) are also in on it as well, therefore, are you prepared to be jacked?  What are you going to do if the banks completely lock down & steal everyone's money?

One article I list below explains, "Some financial experts contend that banks already have the legal authority to confiscate depositors’ money without warning, and at their discretion."  Stop and think about that for one second, do you have a plan?  If you don't then today is most definitely the day you need to start making one, I generally do not give financial advice to people on a personal level, and that's mainly because I don't want to be responsible for how they handle their money.

I won't tell you to buy gold, invest in crypto-currencies, or many other things, and mainly that's because I believe we live in extremely corrupt times.  I partially contribute that to the Digital Age, the new era we live in, where information & electronic transfers of money can happen in the blink of an eye.  Indeed many smart investors & financial experts have been robbing people for years in the markets, but now they are robbing each other, and that's because many people are flat broke.

What to expect? (The worst!)

There are also many other reasons why the financial system will soon come to a very ugly end, part of that is because thieves have made off with the retirement funds of many of the baby boomers, and now with the bail-ins being proposed by legislators, you can see they are moving to cover their tracks.  I'm not a worry wart or a fear mongers, I have nothing to lose, and so I research & study online to gather as much information as I can to share with the public to help them become sharp.

Many people are living like ostriches, with their heads in the sand, and they will not see the bank bail-ins coming.  Many of them won't be prepared for a financial system collapse, nor the price of homes skyrocketing, or any other of the bizarre things that might soon be transpiring in the very near future, like hyper inflation for instance.

I can't really delve too deep into this, because it would take a lot of explaining, and I wish I could do a better job at convincing you of what's coming, but if you cannot trust me, then that's going to cost you, not me.  I've done my part here to warn people of what's coming, the banks are most definitely going to be locked down, and soon.  But I'm not going to leave you hanging here, I'm going to list some great content below which will do a better job of explaining more, so you can look at other expert's view on it, and please, don't take this lightly, moreover don't forget to get share this blog!

Possible Front for Justifying Bank Lock-down

History repeats itself, expect the worst I warn you!

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