Friday, July 11, 2014

A Shortage of Slaves

America has a very dark past, as we all know, but this isn't about true slavery per se, rather it's about immigration and the influx of the Hispanics in our country.  Everything happens for a reason of course, the reason we are seeing this massive influx of children, most of them between 15-18, is because they need more hard working tax payers, and that's because Americans are growing tired of working for little money.

Well, someone has to feed all those rich brats, right?  I mean, who else is going to clean the homes of the wealthy, do their laundry, or do all of the menial jobs that Americans don't want to do for little pay, right?  This goes above & beyond all of that though, you see the government is broke, they need more tax money, and of course a higher GDP, otherwise they cannot continue their false promises.

Promises like 90% pensions to their military personnel, police force, prison guards, politicians, and everyone else who worked for the government over the last 60 years, which has only ever increased in numbers.  Moreover, currently there are almost 100 million government employees, but if you work for the American dollar, guess what?  You too are a government employee / tax slave.

The US Dollar has become so heavily taxed, those who work for it are constantly hit with new legislation they have to pay for, and those who own the corporations that benefit from such legislation like ACA (aka Obamacare), like the pharmaceutical & insurance corporations, are padding the pockets of politicians to get what they want.  Indeed America stopped being a democracy long ago, it's become a semi neo-feudalistic Stratocracy / Corporatocracy / Plutocracy, and that's not even touching our foreign policy.

Essentially, I'm saying the ultra wealthy corporations control the government, meaning the corporations pay to get what they want, and we all know that many people in the government actually own or work for the corporations directly.  The wealthy & the global corporations have for a long time ruled America, also many other countries, and they continue to rule the world through much power & wealth.

The problem is, when a government becomes so big that it can give you whatever you need, it can also take it from you as well, and that applies very much to the corporations as well, therefore, because they control entire markets, they can set the price for goods or services sold.  The wealthy not only control the prices of goods sold, they control the value of the currency you work for, and that's directly controlled by how much money is in circulation (printed).

The more money they print, the more inflation we see, which is more or less the value of the currency decreasing, but it can also cause economic turmoil.  More importantly, the prices of goods begin to rise as a result, because let's face it, the wealthy aren't going to make less money just because the value of a currency begins to lose it's value, and that's why you will continue to hear a massive rise in the cost of goods & services even worldwide.

But something else you need to consider is, the slaves are not happy, not at all, nor is anyone else worldwide, in fact many countries have been rioting since 2008, over shortages in critical supplies like food, and over the rising cost of critical goods & services, like food, electricity, gas, etc.  Yes, someone is most definitely causing all of the problems we are facing, they are destroying currencies, and driving the cattle to the slaughter as well.

If you look around America you will find ghettos everywhere, of various races, some are stocked full of Hmong, some Vietnamese, some full of people from Africa, some full of African Americans, and even whites as well, also Hispanics.  These ghettos were not created "by chance", no they had made a bunch of homes to stick these immigrants in, and when immigrants come in droves, there becomes a housing shortage.

Of course a housing shortage is precisely what they want as well, because that drives the price of homes up, and of course the more homes cost, the more taxes they can collect off of them, right?  Everything they do revolves around increasing taxes, causing inflation, and preventing deflation, but it's all coming to an end sooner or later.

I tell you this because many countries are beginning to dump the dollar, the world is wanting to get away from the central bankers of America & the UK, they want to get away from the hegemonic control of the globalist & NWO, but to ensure you aren't completely ignorant of what the NWO is, here is a video that will help you see what it's all about.

I'm not going to delve into those things, but you need to clearly understand that, war is coming, no doubt about it, slave or no, they are going to continue to drive the world into war, and soon NATO will find itself in a war against the BRICS, among other nations.  The BRICS represent the largest amount of people in the world, over 3 billion people now, and that presents a problem.

There aren't enough drones & ships to defend against them, no matter how big America may think she is, or how awesome her military may be, she cannot by any means take on so many nations, and once the world realizes who's causing the world into these global conflicts, they are most definitely going to turn on that country who has been drawing us all into this Armageddon.

I've probably said enough to get the old cogs a spinning, meaning you should be thinking hard enough now to realize that we are led by psychopaths who are hell bent on destruction, chaos, and completely maddened by power & wealth.  There is a price for being evil, the world is about to soon learn the cost, and I believe that the nations who have been going around bombing people like there were not consequences for doing so, are soon going to learn the cost of their actions.


(Big mistake!)

This Border Agent Believes Asymmetrical Warfare Is Be Facilitated by the Government

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