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Avoiding Financial Terrorism

I've already written a lot about the financial terrorism which comes in many form on my blog, like the coming Bank Bail-ins, Preparing for Cashless Societies, The War On Money, and even more similar post, but there are other forms of financial terrorism that are all around us, and it's been allowed to continue by the government.  Take predatory lending, predatory banks charging outrageous fees & penalties, and the growing financial fraud that is becoming grossly apparent day by day.

The Zombie Banks aren't the only problem, though they are indeed the largest problem, the predatory lenders, you know those "Fast Cash" places you see everywhere and the "Pawn Shops", because they prey on financially ignorant people, and people in dire need.  Often these predatory lenders charge anywhere from 200% to 500% interest on their short term loans, just like the mafia used to do, and the government is ignoring them completely!

If you work for a bank the "Fast Cash" predatory lenders can be your worst freaking nightmare, coming in with a massive amount of checks each day seeking to sap people's bank account should they fail to pay on time.  They can not only wreck a person's bank account, they charge people outrageous fees, and will eventually seek legal action against them if they cannot pay.  Not surprisingly, they are ruining our economy, but they are definitely not the only ones, there are also the Universities around America ensnaring financially ignorant children in many thousands of dollars in debt to pay for an education for a job in a market that is completely flooded with qualified job applicants already, which in turn decreases the salary range for the career!

Personally, I strongly believe you don't need a business degree to learn business, but you will most definitely need a financial education if you want to survive in this predatory environment that has been growing all around us over the decades.  The problem with many people is, they invest their money with fraudulent bankers and brokerage firms, or worse, the government, and if you think the government is going to protect your retirement from Wall Street, you obviously don't know what happens in a great depression.

The stock market collapses, everyone loses, and this massive transfer of wealth happens, where the banks have printed an enormous amount of money & start buying up any and all assets in the preceding recession which causes serious financial turmoil, and inflation ensues!  The key to avoiding loss is to realize that things happen in cycles, we are now in yet another depression, where a massive reset is going to happen, and the coming economic collapse is definitely for certain at this point.

The main thing you need to realize is, as long as we support the institutions & corporations who enact extortion and fraud upon the people, then we will always be subject to such, and so you must be willing to do all that you can to learn how to undermine the system(s) in place.  Also, it's important to stay up to date on legislation & taxes, for these have the greatest power to raise inflation, and this is how politicians rob millions of hard working people of their hard earned money, but you don't have to be a victim if you get smart!

I really could go on and on about the problems, but solutions are essentially what we all need to seek, and this topic indeed far exceeds the scope of this short blog post, therefore if you truly want to help yourself & your children avoid the disaster, then please take the time to become financially educated, it's free, and I assure you it's very imperative to you, your family, & your friends too!  I will be updating this post more to add more quality articles and things to help you learn more & prepare more, for in the times ahead, I'm afraid we must all get wise & get prepared fast, and I'll warn you now that many storm clouds are gathering!

There are solutions & experts are sharing such!

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