Monday, July 7, 2014

Imbalanced Vision

"Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit." - Matthew 15:14 (Spoken By Jesus)

I believe today that many people in America are so poorly educated that they cannot conceive the intricate lies weaved by politicians, who study the science of persuading public opinion, therefore, so many of the masses are willingly led to the slaughter, and are often left in shock when things change for the worse, not realizing what caused it all.  Well, the ignorance of the masses is largely responsible for what transpires, and if you really want to get down to the nitty-gritty, there is no way that the masses would not completely object to almost 90+% of what the government is secretly doing when passing bills with so many critical pieces of addendums & clauses.

Sure, the public is largely clueless to what goes on in Washington, they want to keep it that way too, and the more uncaring the public is the better, so they seek to feed them whatever keeps their minds occupied.  (Cable anyone?)  Hence you see the push for legalization of marijuana, moreover, many politicians belong to the big pharmaceutical corporations, and just recently in the war in Afghanistan, it's become widely known that the entire purpose of the war was to secure the opium / poppy fields, as many drugs are manufactured from opium.  (In case you doubt my assertions of the validity of the "War on Drugs")

Yes the upcoming ACA healthcare (Insurance / Tax) system will include a wonderful "cure it all" elixir, opium (or medicines with it inside that is), to put these poor suffering tax payers / insured out of their misery, and alas our government will indeed have become the largest organized crime legal drug dealer in the world!  History truly does repeat itself, yes, that's a piece of history many may have not learned in school, and it's definitely getting worse.

Well, the push for marijuana isn't quite complete yet, obviously there are some major players on the opposing team.  Recently I've come to the conclusion why our country is indeed going down the sewers and fast, is because we have largely lost our moral compass, and it's no longer about who's correct or wrong, it's about salvaging what remains of this once great nation.  Yes America is Number One, but it's also nefariously worse than some people believe it to be.

Oh there's a lot more to say here, because I wanted to appeal to all levels of readers, I'd like to discuss the upper class problems, you know the rich & middle class, who have forsaken their duties as Americans.  They believe that minimum wages are the problem, but that's not the problem, it's greed, and because we live in a crony capitalistic society, they too will soon fall victim to the greed as our economy falters.

Even the government itself is not impervious to the wrecking of it's own country that it is facilitating, sure open borders might not be a problem at this time, but if you think it will remain that way, you're sadly mistaken, and it will only lead to more lawlessness, crime, racial tension, and worse!  But who cares right?  Surely not those rich or middle class people who live inside a bottle, right?

Sorry if that came off a bit harsh, but sometimes you need someone to slap you awake, and though I don't mean to offend, people have become overly offensive with their lewdness, lack of self control, and carelessness which is affecting everyone around them, even if inadvertently.  The wealthy are even beginning to become worried because they know that the pitchforks may soon indeed come out, I'm sure that they will try their best to keep the population as mindless and as careless as possible though, and so you see America has boarded the Titanic unwittingly, which we all know is bound to sink.

The lethargic greed of the banks, paying our politicians to pass bills (or addendums in a bill) that the corporations who are indebted to or owned by the banks seek to get passed, so that they can gain either an economic advantage or hegemony against competition.  Yes politics is a very dirty world directed by paper that is printed from credit, which means every time some unwitting college kid goes into debt to the banks for an education, the banks can loan out $10 for every $1 of debt that student takes on.

If you have any doubts why our nation is over 60 trillion dollars in debt, well, it's because the greedy bankers have been allowed to continue to manipulate our system, rather than setting things correct, and allowing businesses and banks to go bust, the politicians have foolishly tried to keep everything afloat.  Therefore you hear of the DOW hitting an all time high, but the truth is, all of the bells and whistles are going off, and the sinking of the titanic is about to begin if the banks don't again start pumping more money into the fictitious / manipulated markets which are only at this time nothing more than illusion.

So, in essence I'm saying, your retirement, yeah, kiss that goodbye, and it's only a matter of time before the whole shebang comes down, but some believe it will be much sooner rather than later.  Though that is yet to be seen, one thing is for sure, the illusions cannot sustain forever, and the wealthy have already pulled all of their wealth off the table, so there really is nothing left but property.  Of course you will see the banks beginning to buy up a lot of property with all of these people going broke during this great depression that is sure to ensue in this catastrophic bond / market collapse.

Don't fret, I have some good news, you can always sell everything you have, give it to the poor, and hope to make some friends while you are out there on the streets, because sooner or later, we will all find ourselves out there soon enough!  Thanks for reading and don't forget to support this blog via PayPal (, so I can continue to help people learn worldwide.

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