Sunday, August 3, 2014

Globalist Agendas 101

There's an old saying, "What you see is what you get."  Personally I believe the truth is all around us, for this reason, if one is wise enough to simply "believe", because "Seeing is believing", then one can deduce what's going on, and that more or less entails the agenda of the "Ultra Wealthy" or "The Globalist" as some call them.  This agenda is becoming more evident if one cares to follow people who are well informed.

I've already written about the high likelihood of Cashless Societies, The War On Money, Bank Bail-ins, Financial Foolery, and many other financially related articles that are all indeed relative to one another.  Personally it's of my opinion that the "Ultra Wealthy" are driving the whole world into a single financial system, it could be crypto-currency to start, and may later turn towards RFID Implants, and there is ample evidence to believe the implant is the true agenda.

Ultimately the agenda is about driving the nations worldwide to their knees economically, forcing nations to pay back debt that they don't have the GDP to support, and forcing everyone into a world where it's pay up or starve, go without electricity, natural gas, oil, or worse.  Religiously speaking, the bible is very clear on "The End of the World", for those who care to do the research you can find the information in Luke Chapter 21Daniel Chapter 11, Revelations Chapter 6 through Chapter 20, much of the book of Isaiah, and many other books all talk about "In That Day", "The Great Day of Judgment", "The Tribulation", and many other sayings are used to speak of "The end of the world".

Just keep in mind that these are "sheep herder" (not knowing) like prophets trying to tell you about the future as it was revealed / told to them many thousands of years ago!  I shared this with you because it is most definitely "need to know" information if you want to have a prayer to survive what is coming.

I don't believe that is the only thing on the agenda, I find it rather bizarre that Obamacare came out right before all of these deadly viruses broke out, and with gun confiscation once again up before congress, well it's looking very much like America is headed for a police state.  But rest assured, America is most definitely part of the elite's plan to control the world.  A lot of people talk about "conspiracy theories", but they won't be listening to such words as soon as they start seeing all of the crazy stuff that will soon be going down.

I'm a very open minded individual, I believe it's smarter to live this way, for it allows you to absorb more, and it's important to listen to some of the brightest people on the planet.  Take a look at the four minute video below, then read the latest news, and think for yourself, "What is causing all of these problems?"

Personally I believe greed is the root of all the problems, especially where "Big Oil" corps are concerned, for the constant offshore drilling, fracking, and drilling for oil has very serious consequences.  Science is playing a very dangerous game with the world, especially where nuclear, food science, and human biology are concerned, for it's gambling that it can control the unknown, it's making scientific guesses at best, and scientist cannot foresee all the problems that will arise in the future.  (Gambling with people lives should always be outlawed!)

Let me explain to you the heart of the problem with "Big Oil", which is where corps drill relentlessly for oil & natural gas, well imagine if you will an engine that has all of it's oil removed, and what will naturally happen?  Likewise, if you had a balloon full of water and you started sucking out the water of the balloon, what would happen?  Now can you see the problem with Big Oil?  Sinkholes, earthquakes, global warming, volcanic eruptions, and the earth's magnetic field changing are only a small list of the problems evolving thanks to the drilling.

We aren't even at the apex of the agenda of the elite, who love technology, science, and getting one up on the lowly slaves, and the slaves are now so far below them financially.  The gap between the "Ultra Wealthy" & everyone else is so huge, they are collectively grabbing all of their money off the table in the financial markets, closing corporations, buying up other corporations to extract the wealth out of that, and doing everything they can to consolidate their wealth.

Essentially that will entail very few jobs for everyone worldwide, the global depression will be on in full swing, and everyone by now should know full well what's going to happen when the markets collapse, and that's not short of utter chaos. (Lawlessness, crime, looting, and rioting, and run on banks.)  Which has been happening in many countries now since 2008, if you have been even loosely following the news then you would know what I speak of is true.

They say fine journalism doesn't include "assumptive talk about the future", but deductive reasoning and critical thinking should lead anyone to the conclusions which are so easy to draw today, and it's as simple as realizing that "everything happens for a reason", all you have to do is figure out "who's causing the problems" & "Why?"  Once the people wake up to the evils that have beset us all, they will collectively begin to take action, and until that happens, the world will continue to be in danger of the greed that is running amok and causing havoc on the world we should all love.

Nevertheless, the world is largely dreamy, careless, and petty, for many people have their minds wrapped around their job, making money, or things of no real importance.  If you think losing the world we live is of no significant importance, then continue on working hard, buying, selling, trading, as if nothing is wrong, but don't complain when people start dying in huge numbers.

The elite aren't just responsible for the economic oppression, they are responsible for far more, and if you take a good look at history, then you will clearly understand who is the warmongering whore who's thirst for blood seems to be insatiable.  The problems can't all be laid to one country, for the US is definitely guilty as much as the other nations, moreover, there is a very real price to pay for spilling blood, the price is about to be levied against the warmongers very soon now, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop the inevitable, which will eventually lead to much conflict.

They are spilling the beans on the Elite here!

There is so much more to talk about, but alas my time is very valuable to me, and the problems are far too many to discuss in one blog post, so I write short dissertations on various topics.

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