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Criminal Corporatocracy

The wealthy of the world use corporations to protect themselves from legal litigation, to limit financial losses (They simply file bankruptcy after giving themselves huge bonuses), and set up all business ventures as a corporation, moreover, they completely evade laws because they write the laws!  They say money makes the world go around, Jesus said "The love of money is the root of all evil.", and I'd like to add that corporations are the heart of the profiteering & all-encompassing legal web they have weaved around us, a legal system that they are impervious to, but everyone else suffers under.

Some have explained that "All Wars Are Bankers Wars", but if you watch the videos from the link, you will find that corporations are indeed the ones driving the wars, or more specifically the politicians who own those corporations (or reside on their boards), and in America, all you need to be in politics is money, which is often accomplished via lobbying.  So what makes this corporatocracy so criminal?

You would think in America's Democracy that your vote matters, that our legal system was about controlling crime, and everything is fair & just, but if you take a closer look, you will indeed find that the US Government is all about profiteering.  This of course makes perfect sense when you stop to consider the fact that our government is run & controlled by crony capitalistic corporate criminals!  (I mean come on, it's completely unconstitutional what they are doing these days, & it's undeniable!)

I've listened to people ramble on about the problem with illegal immigrants flooding the US, but let's get real here, the corporations need cheap labor, and it makes perfect sense that they must fulfill those low paying jobs with someone, correct?  Therefore, it makes perfect sense for the corporations to allow (Do you really think they could not stop the immigration?) and even promote immigrants to come across the border, but don't just take my word for it.

Once you realize that the corporations are in fact the ones writing the laws, then a lot more makes sense of what's happening in the world today, (Or do you really think that these paid for political puppets read these 1,000+ paged bills they pass is such a rush after in-numerous vacations at your expense?), and more importantly why life is so difficult or completely insane to some, and I'm talking about those being bombed for gold / oil / profiteering, not to mention those working under forced labor in many countries at gun point (read police state).  I've also come to recently learn of PMC, which will likely play a huge role in the future, which makes perfect sense, and that's because the US Government is broke, indeed, what better way to send those tax dollars to the wealthy corporate owners than to write them contracts!  (No matter which country the reside in!!!)

If you have been following the TPP, the TTIP, or TAFTA at all, then you should understand that clearly the governments around the world are driven by greed alone, and even if people in some countries are going without food, they care not, after all, in the world of business they will gladly stab you in the back when you turn around, or if you fail to realize you're dealing with criminals.

Socialism is a false sense of hope, indeed governments have been pushing/selling these false solutions (that you pay for) for a very long time, and some have gotten wise (like the Native Americans), some however have yet to wake up.  Essentially criminal corporatocracy is where the public pays for what the corporations want, which is everything of course, and the government, which taxes the hell out of the working class & accepts bribes from the corporate class, use the tax dollars of Americans as a form of social payment to the ultra wealthy, via taxes.

In order to clearly understand who rules America, you will need to know some serious history, for there are two forms of history, one that the government (read ultra wealthy) teaches everyone, and the one that true historians teaches, but is never allowed to in public schools.  You see the wealthy (read Nobles) of England came here to form America, they owned corporations, and indeed the ships they sailed here on were in fact were set up as corporations as well. (In case they lost the ship, so they wouldn't have to pay for the workers, & the ship was the only thing of value in the corporation!)

(This is the heart of Corporations & Business)

The serfs just never stopped believing all of the lies & other things these corporations (read ultra wealthy) were feeding them, therefore, the criminal corporatocracy has grown to an international level, able to rule over many nations, and the consequences today for not submitting to their will of course is ostracization from the global economy. (e.g. Sanctions, which means starvation)  The hegemony over all markets is now absolute, the global corporation(s) have a total monopoly, and will strike out at anyone who dares compete against them.  (Who can compete with big retail, eh?)

I use to think the problem was our own fault, but don't you dare entertain such nonsense, we are not responsible for the economic woes or financial problems, and that's because all of these things are brought about by predatory lending, manipulation of currencies, and outright economic oppression brought upon everyone by the evil corporations.  Indeed the American government continues to allow the predatory lenders to thrive, it even allow banks to continue to rob millions of Americans of trillions of dollars, and it's very clear that they are not only colluding with the big corporations but are indeed part of the big corporations that are not only doing the robbing, but also the killing.

It no longer remains to be debated what is causing the problems, what truly needs to be debated today is, how can we stop those who are causing the problems, and if we do not act, then we will always be shackled to the reality that the ultra wealthy criminals have so heavily laid upon our backs to bare.

"I find it extremely ironic that America left England to escape the excessive taxation, yet today America is one of the highest taxed nation in the world." - Robert Kiyosaki

(Know Who You Deal With!)

Corporate Kleptocracy

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