Friday, February 27, 2015

Digital Terrorism

"The difference between cash and cryptocurrency is, cryptocurrency is like having a government snoop in your wallet 24/7, and it's far easier to track than cash."  - Gale Innes

To understand digital terrorism, one needs to understand the concept of what digital entails, which is nothing short of what Edward Snowden was trying to warn us about, and that more or less entails government spying, corporate spying, and digital theft by cyber criminals.  Digital terrorism can come in many forms, like a corporation's decision to inject your computer with a time bomb virus, to cause you to go out and replace a computer part, or replace the whole computer.

I've been a computer tech for many years now, I can tell you outright that, most viruses, malware, and spyware are injected via website scripting & corporate advertising, yes it's the corporations doing it!  Take ads.doubleclick dot com advertising (Don't go to the site!) for example, clearly a malicious piece of code is running from it, and if you do the research you'll find out who owns it.
(I'll give you a hint, their motto is "Don't be evil.")

 We really need to step back from our computers and see the bigger picture, that of course entails understanding who exactly owns & controls the internet, but don't listen to what people tell you, corporations are controlled by people (& are regulated by governments), those people of course have an agenda, and it's that agenda that we need to become aware of.  Imagine now if you will, a world where no commerce happens unless it's done digitally through the block chain, and even online, meaning if you don't have a computer, well, your fresh out of luck.

I see who controls the government(s) of the world, who controls the banks, and I see what drives the war & economic turmoil that has been ensuing around the world for some time now.  The elite are waging war on the world, indeed the poor, middle class, and the rich are all suffering under the austerity and economic oppression devised & enacted by the elite.

It's not like the elite care, because they have all of the money (which they can print at will) and resources, which they buy with this fiat (read worthless) cash, that they need to do whatever they want, whenever, and more importantly to whomever (Read all nations & people).  Indeed these ultra wealthy who own & control the upper levels of our societies are working hard to bring us to an online world, that's a digital world where they control everything, and of course that also includes spying, digital terrorism, and ultimately total control over every aspect of lives, especially business & finance.

If you cannot envision the digital world that is enclosing upon us all, then I'm sorry, but it is quickly coming to pass, and even Greece may soon be forced to accept cryptocurrency, because that's exactly what the elite want, cashless societies.  Cashless societies means goodbye banks, goodbye banking jobs, and a whole lot more, indeed many jobs are going to continue to be lost in this "economic reset" that is being forced upon all of the nations worldwide.

If any country refuses to submit or tries to thwart the plans of the elite, well it's not going to end well for them at all, and we have already seen how many examples of this in the middle east already?  The problem with all of this is, there are new plans on the table, like the RFID implant chip, and those plans entail "Injecting the cattle with digital tracking", which is purely digital terrorism at it's finest.

You can call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, I don't care what people think of me, but I do know one thing is for sure, the time is growing short & the changes are indeed coming, and many people are going to wake up to this forced digital life that they are secretly being herded into, whether they like it or not.  It's looking like to me that there are bigger nations who are resisting, which of course the elite will eventually have to deal with if they want to maintain control or increase it to absolute control, and of course control is impossible.  (Because control is an illusion.)

If we can rely on anything that the future holds, digital currency, online commerce, and everything they have been working for, it is that digital terrorism is becoming real day by day, worse yet, the masses are accepting it blindly not realizing where it's leading them to.  I'm not a fan of computers anymore, after of course I started to realize what the ultimate agenda was behind them, and others need to become aware of what the agenda(s) of the elite are.

I've already written multiple articles on this blog dedicated to warning people of bank bail-ins, economic changes that are surely going to affect everyone, even America, and I've tried to warn people that we are very quickly nearing the end times of the world, which was written about in the bible, see Daniel, Isaiah, and Revelations.  I don't care if you believe me, the bible, or anyone else, but you will come to understand that the elite want total control, and they will kill anyone and everyone to have it, of that you can take to the bank (While they're still open!).

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