Sunday, February 1, 2015

Insatiable Greed Leading The World To "Peak Poverty"

"Slavery comes in many forms, tax slavery is just the old norm." - Gale Innes

A lot of economist believe we have hit "Peak Oil", also the Financial Wars Report owner Max Keiser of the RT show The Keiser Report  believes we have hit "Peak Demand", they are both of course trying to explain how oil effects the economy, but what the real issue on the table which is causing deflation, isn't either of those things.  I for one believe we have hit "Peak Greed", where speculation in the various markets has come to a standstill due to what should be correctly called "Peak Poverty", which is the result of greed.

Yes, it's a vicious cycle of "Take your money & run", where investors come in and invest a lot of money into a market sector, resulting in prices going up, and then demand goes down, resulting in prices going down, which in turn leads to the investors fleeing the markets, and where the bottom is of course is anyone's guess at this point.  There aren't many markets which aren't subject to investor speculation, indeed it's how the wealthy with insane amounts of money seek to obtain a return on the money they invest in a market, regardless of which market we are talking about, and this has been happening for centuries now.

No, the problems aren't new, it's just that the wealthy are seeking to make money off of the hard work of everyone else, thereby effectively oppressing the 90%, and I say this because only about 10% of the world hold most of the worlds wealth, though 1% hold far more wealth than a very large portion of the world.  Income inequality is the direct result of "Peak Greed", however there is little left to steal, and though there are some markets which will still be a safe haven for the wealthy, like food and energy, but that will of course result in food & energy prices skyrocketing!

To give you a better realization of what I'm trying to convey here, imagine in the near future working hard just to eat & pay for utilities, and though I'm sure some will love to charge higher rents, "Peak Poverty" might not allow for that, as the government is already reaching for far more than their fair share of the money the middle & rich class are making, so much in fact its been hurting business, the economy, and markets overall.  (Because a consumer based economy doesn't work well if everyone is being exploited for every penny the elite can steal!)

Of course I tell you this because as poverty grows, business slows, and despite what is happening on Wall Street, main street has been feeling the effects of the 2008 market crash for quite some time now.  Indeed I'd be looking for many more thousands of jobs to be cut this year, especially in the oil sector, and that will of course result in poverty rising further.

Greed is good when you are the one giving to others, because the person who is receiving will likely be driven back for more by greed, for who doesn't love a good deal?  However, greed that causes poverty is bad, which is largely what the greed of the wealthy accomplishes, they take where they did not plow, and that results in those plowing having less.

I'm not trying to give you "Gale's Economics 101 Class" here, I'm just trying to help you see the truth, and anyone who is even remotely financially intelligent should be able to see that there is a lot of truth in what I'm saying here, even if you don't agree with me on all points, and even if I'm wrong on a few points as well.  I believe there needs to be some significant changes to what investors can invest in, yes I'm talking about new legislation here, otherwise the investors will drive up prices of necessary goods which economies are dependent upon, because they are seeking to make a profit off of the plowing (working) class.

When everything you need becomes too costly, it becomes harder to live, and though I'm sure the wealthy would love to continue their greed where consumable goods are concerned, if changes aren't made, then demand for goods will greatly decline, and that's bad, as in real bad.  Which is where Max Keiser is correct in his statement about "Peak Demand", anyway, for what it's worth, I'll leave you the latest Keiser Report to watch, and though some won't be able to make sense of all of it, there is a lot of important things to realize from this show.

There are many forms of financial oppression the working class are required to endure, some are the results of capital mismanagement, government legislation, price inflation, and some are the result of monetary policy of big banks, like monetary manipulation (decreasing the value of money), but regardless of where you would like to lay blame, greed is essentially the problem.  If we do not reform the monetary system soon, there won't be anything left to reform, for who will want to work in a world where 1/2 of your check goes to the government, and the rest goes to eating & the other par is used only for the basic necessities of life?

As I close this blog post, I'd like to send out a warning to the corporate / elite class.  Consider this, the rioting that you saw in 2009 all the way up till today will be nothing compared to what is coming if changes are not made soon, if that doesn't inspire you to take action, then nothing will, and I hope for your sake it does.  I'm sure those in power have plan(s), but there are over 7 billion people in the world, stop and think about that real hard, before the pitchforks come out, and that applies to every nation, truly.

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