Sunday, February 1, 2015

Seeing The Apocalypse

As we move closer towards the greatest depression the world has ever known, thanks to mismanagement of capital inflows & outflows by "The powers that be", we should take careful note that there will be consequences for screwing up the monetary system, and as a result the only solution the elite will have is to completely scrap the current monetary system and replace it with a new one.  The elite who control the whole show worldwide have plans, some of us know those plans, but we aren't allowed to talk about them, or risk making ourselves a target.

It's really not a question of if we are in a depression or not.

Yes, I've tried to outline some of those plans in my blogs, but it's hard to write about these things in a way that the masses can readily accept the truth, for it's not laughing matter, and the herd doesn't like cognitive dissonances, which can result from being exposed to hard core truth.  The 1%ERs, as they are so colorfully called, aka "The Elite", or "Globalist", are not going to give up their control & power, even if it means all out war, and who's to say that isn't the actual plan anyway?

I'd rather not speculate on what they will likely do, it's not my job to inform you, and if you truly want to know, then it's high time you look to those with the answers, or do the research yourself.  We've already seen how far they are willing to go to make a buck, how absolutely corrupt and utterly vile they are, and just how bloodthirsty they can be, but what really matters at this point is, are you awake & preparing yet?

We can deny climate change, we can say it's a hoax, and indeed we can ignore the signs, which are so very prevalent in the news everywhere,  We can choose to ignore the truth which is all around us, constantly being paraded by many bloggers, social media savvy reporters, and other truthers out there trying to get the word out.

I'd say we can largely point our finger towards greed (Motive) & science (Tool) as the two largest contributing factors of many issues that the world is facing, indeed some inventions have caused many problems & loss.  Though some may believe the elite will not use inventions they have made in the past, I'm more inclined to believe history for future references of what is to come and also what is already here.  Obviously, we cannot deny that the elite know & see what's coming, they have prepared for it extensively, but can they contain it?

I'm not sure, but what I do know from my research is, things are most definitely changing, and that means good for some, and bad for others.  Also, it's causing noticeable migration from poorer nations, as economic power plays are being made, some will understand what they read in the news, while the uninformed most likely will not. The power plays the wealthy globalist / elite are making have wide reaching consequences, but that doesn't mean there aren't those who are fighting it tooth and nail, even at the risk of sanctions or even war.

I'm sure you can forgive me for all of the links, because it's hard to explain to those who aren't informed in a meaningful way without, at the very least, pointing them towards things which they may or may not know about, and by clicking on these non-advertising links you will at least be able to quickly follow my sources & reason(s) by which I make so many statements.  I see economic turmoil for the world, I see it also for the elite, for they are trying to juggle balls, and sustain a completely out of control economic system that has gone awry from far too much greed & corruption.

It's expedient for me to explain much, but because so many people have "doubts" these days, it's hard to explain spiritual things, without helping people see what's going on in the physical world.  If you understood the evil that mankind is facing, which is terrifying to entertain mind you, then you wouldn't be so quick to dismiss if God exist or not, but alas atheism grows in a world full of evil.

It's not that I know more than most people, or my beliefs are "all true" (They're not), it's just that I see some things that most people do not, and that of course is the future.  No, I'm not talking about divine insight here, though I am aware of what is written down in the prophecies.  I'm saying to you that history has repeated itself for a reason, the cycles & even history itself helps us to realize what is to come, and if you believe those who control the show, then you would be wise to prepare soon.

As we draw near to a new world, full of much change, which will scare the hell out of most people, keep in mind there is very little time to make decisions, to plan, and to take action, so don't wait for bad things to happen, prepare for the worst TODAY!  I'm not going to recommend anything here, but doing nothing is worse than doing something, even if we fail or choose the wrong action, but education can indeed help us, so figure it all out as fast as you can, and then take action quickly!

Sometimes the sense of urgency can spur us to be creative & rely on our internal genius, which we all have mind you, and figure out what we need to, to come to the conclusion & ultimately make the decisions we need to in order to avoid the worst which is to come.  Finally, I'm going to leave you with this new song, be sure to read the lyrics as well. and that's because I see the truth in it, it's prophetical to me.  (It's your job to see the truth in it as well)

(Here are the Prophecies, for those interested.)

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