Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Velocity of Fraud

Lying is a common thing these days, the problem with lying is of course that, once you tell a lie, you will have to continue to tell lies to cover up the original lie that you told, and so the vicious cycle begins, but only ends when the truth comes out.  Of course the truth always comes out no matter what, but those in power don't care about that, and so you hear about outlandish reports that you want to disbelieve because of the incredulous absurdity of it all, but something tells you in the back of your mind that it's all too real.

Money too is a lie, but it's a different kind of lie, and unfortunately a lie that many people believe in.  Imagine if you will the ability to print your own money at will, how hard would it be for you to run a gigantic corporation if you could do that?  Well, that's precisely what governments & corporations do, they create money out of thin air, of course nothing is free, but they pay the workers with printed money so it doesn't really matter, and so you can probably see where I'm going with this.

The problem with money is, it's a representation of debt, that means someone has to do something to "earn" the money, and the people that print the money of course can always create more, but when the international trade thing comes into play, you've gotta have hard assets to back up that printed money, otherwise your money would be considered of little or no value.  (See The Zimbabwe Economy)  Moreover, if you pay your workers with printed money to produce things of real value, like digging for oil, gold, farming, or what have you, then the more they produce, the more money you can legally print.

The workers make the money printers richer & richer, for they can simply buy everything that the workers produce with printed money, while the hard workers get paid printed money which is constantly losing it's value to inflation, and though you can exchange that printed money for things in the store, otherwise it would literally have no value to people, but the price of goods continues to rise exponentially & often too!  Add to that fact that the ever increasing cost of living, taxes, and financially oppressive legislation (e.g. like mandatory insurance) all play a key role in extracting your "hard earned" printed money out of your pocket, not to mention the banking & account fraud that's running rampant today.

The problem is, people don't realize the problem lays with Fractional Reserve Lending, where banks only have to hold 10% of the money they loan out, so if you put $100 in the bank, the banks can loan out $1,000 to someone else, and because of this fraudulent banking system, the banks can literally create money out of thin air without even printing it!  Effectively, people are working for debt, debt specifically created by the banking cartels, who can purchase large amounts of assets with money that is created for nothing, and that becomes all the more feasible in down turn economies.

It's indicative to having 10 fields of wheat, but only truly having one field of wheat, they sell 10 fields of wheat on the open market, but actually only have one, and that's where the derivatives markets come into play.  This is where banks collateralize debt, meaning for each home they have on loan, they can buy 10 more homes, and the fraud goes much deeper indeed!

The real problem lays in that only a handful of people can commit this fraud, indeed they are committing massively more and on a far larger scale by the day, and though the accounting shows the USA is only 18+ Trillion Dollars in debt, the Currency & Credit Derivatives as of 2015 is well over $599 Trillion Dollars!  Which is to say that America has a lot of outstanding debt, which is of course the result of fractional reserve banking / lending & erroneous legislation designed to permit banking / corporate greed, and it's essentially fraud on a massive scale.

It's how the wealthy get richer and the poor get poorer, because with money created out of thin air, these financial elite can more or less purchase whatever they want, and pay money to get any legislation written, which is why governments are 100% bought & paid for corporate hookers.  Indeed even the military has become a privatized corporate affair, so we are living in a new world today, one owned & controlled by private corporations, especially the banking corps, and those private corporations are committing crimes without fear of prosecution.  (See "Too Big To Jail")

The reality is, the debt can never be paid back, interest alone on $599 trillion would be almost $6 trillion dollars a year at a mere 1%, and if that doesn't wake you up, then maybe you should stop and think about your children growing up with that debt to pay for.  The ultra wealthy have effectively brought many nations into great debt, through market manipulation, controlling government (& Therefore Legislation), fraud, and literal criminal swindling of people(s), moreover, it's happening so rampantly that it's threatening to collapse the entire worldwide economy.

How much more money can the banks request to cover the Ponzi-scheme of debt obligation which are threatening to topple nations even?  (See Greece Exit of the Euro)  Essentially, the world has become greatly indebted to the bankers / financial elite, they can't pay it back, and so the only real solution is to collapse the banking system & the financial markets, and start over fresh, but alas, that will come with some very real consequences.  Which is why I talk about the elite wanting to go to Cashless Societies, for multiple reasons, and a system like that would more or less ensure that nobody will be able to escape paying taxes, debt obligations, and will effectively place a digital collar on everyone, which will of course be traceable 100% & 24/7 to boot.

As the debt & fraud continues to rise to unprecedented levels, we will not only see inflation in the cost of necessary goods & the cost of living, but also deflation in some other markets (Due to lack of demand, because people are strapped financially to the max!), and because a consumer based economy (Read Debt Based Economy) doesn't work if nobody is spending, a collapse is coming! However, the level of greed & the extraction of wealth has risen to unheard of levels, the wealthy have pulled all of their money out of multiple country's economies, and we have been seeing the results of it over the last 7 years.  (Did you notice all of the rioting in many countries since 2009?)

It's how the wealthy invest for revenues, they come into a country, setup a modern based economy, and then pull out all of their money (& Therefore Liquidity Dries Up!) out of the economy, leaving the country in financial ruin (Extreme Debt Obligations which can never be repaid.), and we are actually seeing it happen in America as well!  America isn't just in debt, it's slowing down economically to the point of literal stagnation, but be aware that this is also part of what is known as Trickle Down Economics, which is where the elite profit from liquidity crisis's that they create.

While you can look at the government's financial / economic statistics, it doesn't take nothing more than driving around to see that not only is main street business dead (You will see many closed businesses & "For Lease" signs now), only the super stores have any real business, and of course the wealthy own & control those!  We live in a time where corporations (Read Banks) own towns, even cities, and the wealthy have become so wealthy that, there is no room for competition, for they effectively squeeze out any competition with legislation.

The oppression upon the poor and middle class is so strenuous now that, it's literally becoming impossible to survive for most, not that the financial elite care, because they are the ones causing the financial depression we have slipped into.  I'd love to roar the truth and try and wake up the world before it's too late, but by now many are not only realizing the reality of what I'm writing here, and what we really need is a solution, which there doesn't appear to be one.

The conundrum lies with the fact that the financial elite are terrorizing the world with their money games, ponzi-schemes, burdensome legislation, and oppressive banking fraud designed to extract any excessive money you may be able to accumulate.  People don't realize the fraud usually until they have time to sit down, look at their finances, and see that they are not only working for peanuts (if that even), but the money they may have for retirement (if any) won't be worth much at all!

That's the largest fraud of all, inflation, where the financial elite severely reduce the value of money, and with this money manipulation, power fraud, and blatant financial oppression, they rule the 99% with an iron fist of greed that the populations of the world support blindly without questioning or demanding things be made correct, before it's too late.  I'm afraid there is no real solution, the greed & fraud has grown massively worldwide to such a scale, and the only solution the elite of course will offer up is to put a slave collar on everyone with digital tracking devices (Read RFID Implants), so they can monitor everyone 24/7.  Welcome to the world controlled by fraudulent bankers...

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