Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Economic Terrorism

I've read a lot of crazy history lessons in my years, like the "Banana Republic", a story about the United Fruit Co. in Columbia, Honduras & Guatemala for example, and other nefarious lessons, indeed they have all led me to comprehend that global corporations backed by governments, because of the wealth they hold, are actually economic terrorist.  There are many forms of economic terrorism, it's almost always entails changing economics or a society or group, power struggles, extortion, and decisive actions by corporations or institutions to obtain the financial outcome they seek, though independent individual(s) can indeed cause economic terrorism as well.

Which may also include lower wages for workers, depressing economies to purchase up land & property cheaply, and many more economic tactics of extortion &/or oppression.  In the world, money is power to a large degree, but wealth is more powerful, and money gets things done, because people will work for money.

However, money is not wealth, indeed money has no real intrinsic value, assets on the other hand do, and the wealthy have learned that money is only an instrument they use to acquire assets that produce even more money, but more importantly these assets produce money at today's current money evaluations.  Also, if inflation rises, the corporations get to raise prices, but if deflation occurs, well then they have to start laying off workers to increase profitability, and though money can buy assets, assets often require a lot of money in order to purchase, therefore you will definitely need to learn how to leverage what money you do have in order to acquire assets to get into the game.

Deflation is precisely what we have seen across America, for this reason you we continue to see many lay offs, many businesses are closing, and because deflation kills economies, the worst is still yet to come.  (A seriously major depression is almost here.)  America is in a great economic decline, it's greatly in debt, and unless something changes for the better quickly, the entire global financial system is at risk of failing, which I believe is most likely by design.

I've outlined in many articles on my blog that much of this terrorism may actually be by design, indeed economic downturns are awesome for the wealthy and the banks, because they can print money at will or have a lot of money from their assets which produce it, so they can leverage even massively more money, and that means they will be looking to purchase very large blocks of real estate (Especially commercial), indeed in cities & towns that suffer "troubles" you'll find great deals everywhere.

It's after these towns and cities go either bankrupt, suffer rioting, or worse, that the big corporations or the extremely wealthy move in with the money to snatch up everything at rock bottom prices, and indeed you can probably tell that Baltimore will soon be having a "Fire Sale".  Is it all by design in my opinion, the engineered chaos and economic terrorism, which entails using terrorism to enact the proverbial against societies, groups, or even other institutions or corporations for monetary gain.

Anyway, I'll leave the terrorism up to your imagination, but many signs are pointing towards the global capitalist wanting to use some of their capital to become even more wealthy, and indeed the banks are already doing it.  Indeed austerity also is a large cause for the growing number of pawn shop businesses, predatory lending businesses, and other cutthroat dealership businesses popping up all over America & even in Europe, indeed a lot of economic changes as well.

If you can see the "why" behind everything, you then can probably see the opportunity that is before those with money, and I personally don't really care for the online definition of Economic Terrorism.  Wall street itself has been guilty of much economic terrorism, banks too, anyone who can effect economies need to be held accountable for their actions, and if it's allowed to continue then the injustice & corruption will rise because nobody likes it when they are done wrong by those they trust.

I see the digital age we are moving into, it scares the hell out of me to be perfect honest, because it's rather easy to see where it's all going, and that's something that will entail mega power & control over the masses digitally, especially when banking & commerce is forced online.  As I've written in another blog post, digital terrorism, it is another problem we will need to prepare for, and indeed there is much we need to be aware of and prepare for, because great changes are coming.

Whether we are prepared for the changes ahead or not, it won't matter, however our ability to adapt quickly to those changes, and possibly even profit from or at the very lease least survive them, is so critical, which is why I've chosen to write my blog post at all.  If we can save a few people from the ongoing war against the lower & middle classes, it may save a few people some serious economic terrorism which is sure to ensue in the months ahead.

A very critical video.

Economic Terrorism By Paid Goons

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Monday, April 27, 2015

The Aftermath of Corruption

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin (wrong doings) condemns any people." - Proverbs

Greed at first seems like a grand idea, though because of greed, the elite are willing to do the proverbial, and indeed they will even eat their own children for profit, the perfect example of such is the Student Loan debts that many Americans have been shackled to.  Ignorance is the largest key factor as to why the world suffers, because the conniving and crafty ultra wealthy are always working hard to bring you less, to become even more wealthy from your poverty & ignorance, and indeed there is almost no escaping the long reaching arm of power & control the ultra wealthy currently have.

They modernize a nation only to leave it in shambles and far worse off than when they found it, there are many examples of such, for the industrial globalist spread their evil like plagues, and when the people demand to get paid more, well the elite just leave.  Poverty grows, inflation soars, and the people of these nations are left struggling just to survive, add to that fact that the elite control the value of currencies worldwide & you can see just how ostensible their mechanisms of control are.

They plunder lands that aren't theirs, they rape nations for resources, trading bullets (lead) for gold, and if anyone refuses to deal in dollars, well bend over and kiss your nation goodbye, because that's what the elite demand, total submission.  Of course they want to bring us all into a new world government, one which they ultimately control through and through, but there's only one problem with this plan, and that is of course that control is an illusion.

Sure they can destroy the world, in fact they are doing so now, and they damn well know it too, for it doesn't take a science degree to figure out what happens when you drain all of the motor oil out of a car's engine, it locks up, which is most likely what will happen as we continue to draw oil out of the earth which has a very hot magma core.  Of course global warming is real, don't be ignorant of this, and they are doing everything they can can to stave off the inevitable, which is nothing short of the destruction of mankind, and I warn you that it's drawing nearer by the day.

They can look for a home elsewhere in outer-space all they want, but they'll never find another planet like Mother Earth, because we are born from this planet, it gives us life, and not any amount of science can ever deny those facts, without outright denying the truth of course, which science often is wont to do.  Let's not fool ourselves, building weapons of mass destruction does nothing good for mankind, therefore science, by and large, is not as good as most people present or glorify it to be, and yes their are alternatives, but nobody is looking for them because they love convenience.  (But resources are running out very quickly now.)

Everyone wants to profit off of the hard working backs of the masses, but nobody wants to do the work, and everyone wants to stack gold, but nobody wants to dig for it.  So they turn towards ultra poor nations and have them dig the gold for them, for practically nothing I tell you (bread), and if you refuse, well you know what comes next.  (Bullets & Bombs)  Power is being abused, science is facilitating the abuses, and corruption is leading to the entire world turning towards the white race and demanding they stop their blatant abuse of power.

However, because there truly is no way to resist the ultra wealthy, for they have many bombs, guns, and weapons of mass destruction, it will eventually lead the world to a place of great depression, a huge global war, or worse.  There will be no one willing to lift a shovel to dig, no one willing to do work, for they will see no point in it, and when the world comes to see the hopelessness the elite are bringing them into it will be far too late.  Though the wealthy may think they are impervious to poverty, that's definitely not true.

Corruption comes in many forms, like a government's decision to steal it's own nations wealth by usurping all freedom, rights, and power of the people, though eventually they will meet resistance.  I'm sure the elite are well prepared for that resistance, indeed they may have even created that resistance to bring the nation under even more oppression or to justify an invasion even, but in the end nobody wins.  Corruption leads to a world full of evil, violence, rioting, and great resentment, for who will care if you sell goods, if most people do not have money?

No, I dare say that the world at large will be quite happy to see an end to the fascist rule of the imperial overlords who have for many centuries now exerted much power & force over everyone else, but they are now losing control & power rapidly, and the world at large is growing increasingly hostile towards those who have taken much from those who now have nothing, indeed the western world is becoming poor very quickly.  Sure I could bore you with a long dissertation about the gap between the haves and the have nots, about income inequality, about the corrupt leaders of the world, or the manipulated markets they control, but that would be indicative to flogging a dead horse.

We need to see that corruption has a consequence, if the elite aren't willing to uphold justice, then the cries of injustice will be what they will have to stand up against, and I dare say there are more and more people standing up against the injustice.  I fear that all it will take is something very small to ignite a huge fire, one which, if not dealt with fast enough, could lead to a blaze that is completely out of control, and if you want a good example of such just look at the Baltimore Riots, which is obviously the result of abuse of power & corruption.

Sure you may be able to quiet down one minority group, but what happens when the minority group(s) aren't so small anymore?  The point I'd ultimately like to drive home here is, leadership directly impacts a nation's morality, if you allow immoral things to continue at the top, like police killing unarmed citizens, the bottom will say to themselves "Well, they're doing it, so why can't we?" Corruption ultimately will lead to rioting, mass protest, and eventually a revolution because historically when you oppress a people hard and long enough economically, they will fight back.

In a world of monkey see / monkey do (No racial slurs intended I assure you), everyone tends to do what they see others doing, and when the top shows corruption (because you can't hide the truth!), then the bottom will lean towards saying to themselves, "You know what?  FORGET THE LAW!"  Of course, then lawlessness abounds, anarchy rules the day, and rioting leads to the fall of not only the established power, but any and all peace inside a nation and possibly even the world.

I'd dare say that, unfortunately, that is indeed where we are headed, not because I wish it, but because I know the greed will never stop, and so you should probably examine what I've explained here and take it to heart, for changes are coming that no one can deny or prevent now.  Being aware of the changes, learning to adapt to them, and more importantly, being prepared for those changes are the best any of us can do.

Obviously the Corruption is a global issue, governments worldwide are scrambling to prevent the global economic & financial collapse that is sure to come, so you should prepare for what's next, like Cashless Societies & Bank Bail-Ins, and though I've probably linked these blog post a hundred times already, but they are so critical to prepare for by the day!  Other people are seeing the truth as well, indeed I've already witnessed first hand that many of the more informed people are realizing the end game draws near.

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These are the plans of the elite, listen closely!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Eclipse of Justice

The ultra wealthy who control the world, are always working hard to indoctrinate, confuse, and teach the world to become overcome with lust, indeed they want people to be consumers. This is why you hear people say, “Consumers are largely clueless”, because that's what they want to teach people, you are powerless & clueless, you are nothing, and we have the power to bend you to our will.

I can already hear some people saying, “Not me!” Well, if you read stuff on the internet, surf for porn, play games online, or do anything they want you to, guess what? You are a victim of mind control tactics of the elite, who want people to be nothing more than mindless slaves to a system that they created, and all of this so they can remain in power while the masses mindlessly consume everything they sell, like the fancy computers, watches, and phones. (The phones are a real testament of the truth, simply observe people using them.)

No, it would do the elite no good if people were of moral fiber, questioned authority, and asked critical questions, but because we are all humans and prone to mistakes, they take advantage of our natural ignorance & naivety. Yes, the world at large is largely clueless, it's not just consumers, but I don't say this to anyone's disgrace, rather in hope that people will get serious about educating themselves to the point that they become aware of the dark forces at work in the backdrop to bring us to a world where people are utterly out of control, so they can justify using force, and to make people struggle every day under the all oppressive legislative arm of the elite.

Not everyone is clueless, those who aren't have the responsibility of educating everyone they can, and this is the only hope mankind has, for most are sliding down a dark slope blindly into the eager arms of the elite, who would love nothing more than to control not only your life, but also your children's lives as well. They propagate sexual media all over the world wide web, on TV, and especially in movies, they allow these filthy pictures, videos, and things to draw the interest of people who lack moral correctness, wisdom, or understanding that those dark forces which control the world want you to do evil things, and in order to appear “normal”, they want to make the whole world like them...

A psychiatrist once asked me, “What is it with you and the whole good/evil paradigm?” Of course to which I shared no response, for I don't believe that we are free to speak our minds, for they want you to say anything so that they can put a dagger in you for it, metaphorically of course.  I'm aware the elite have their mechanisms of control, those controls should be avoided at all cost, and we need to look at ourselves like animals on a large farm and the elite want many happy & healthy cows to milk & then slaughter, for ultimately they have the power to slaughter whomever they want by military force, and that's the part people need to realize before they take the wrong action(s).

Their control is your ignorance, the more people who work hard to raise the bar on people, the better the world will be, and we need more people spreading the truth, for the truth ultimately sets us free from the controls of the elite, which are mainly misinformation, lies, and crafty schemes they employ to enslave, delude, and trap the unaware. Most of the media found online was scientifically designed to confuse, devolve, segregate, compartmentalize, and create niches that people follow.

Develop your own niches, be a leader, but don't follow the trolls, nor listen to them, they are everywhere, scouting, spreading misinformation, using sensationalized drama to illicit responses from the readers or draw in clueless consumers, and they do it for hideous purposes. Some work for the elite, many do not, but most of the people you will find online are lost, because it doesn't matter what they do online, and if it's not uplifting themselves or their fellow man, then they truly are wasting their time.

We need each other, we need to sharpen one another, and we need to work hard to raise each other's awareness of the issues at hand, for there are many issues that need our attention. We must work hard to develop each other, help one another develop, and strive to be an online community of partners who live in agreement, not falling to the tricks, lies, and workings of the elite nor their troll armies.

There are other nations that work hard for the elite, yes people are so poor in some nations they will flood websites with their post, because they are paid (almost nothing) to, effectively rendering sites worthless, and just look at, what a joke, right?  I've seen it on social media, I've seen it on forums, and I've seen it all over, the trolls are massive in numbers, but it's our job to spread quality information, truth, and educate the masses that we all have a common adversary.

The adversary to mankind is evil, which is anyone who wishes ill on their neighbors, seeks to ensnare people in lust, use or abuse people, or misinform people to cause confusion, rage, or any other problems for either gain or other evil ends, and they need to be quickly identified and admonished for their deeds. We must take the fight to them, wherever they are, and put down the rise of evil, for if we do not fight, then the fight is lost, but not just for us, for all of us everywhere.

We need each other to be strong, to uplift everyone around us, to inform, to educate with truth, and to help the masses see that we live in dangerous & rapidly changing times that have real consequence for remaining ignorant, and though I've touched upon some of the changes coming, it's definitely not even close to everything the future holds by far. Some believe money is good, I for one do not, and it's because everyone works for that money that we are where we are, indeed for that money people will work as mercenaries or for paramilitaries, PMCs, even build robot armies, and much worse.

When we shift to digital currency, any nation who doesn't get on board will of course be attacked, and that's why I believe we are heading into a major war, whether anyone likes that truth or not. I don't see the elite gaining control by simply mandating whatever they wish, there is no power in law unless it's backed by guns & military(s), otherwise we would have told the elite to go to hell a long time ago, but there are other ways to fight without using guns.

Anyway, before I close this blog post, please take the time to think about it all, the madness in the world is hard to make out, and all of this terrorism is the result of bombs, raids, and injustice, because people don't just one day say to themselves “Hey lets go riot", not there is always a reason behind why people do what they do.  Justice is fading, corruption is rising, and indeed it is everywhere now, as lawlessness rises we will be shifting towards a tide of darkness & evil like the world has ever known.  So arm yourselves with intelligence, wisdom, and get informed, because in the times ahead it's going to require us all to be smarter than the average bear by far!

“The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from (the day of) evil.” - Isaiah 57:1

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feeling The Squeeze

So, everything seems to be changing, the phone book is about 1/3rd of the size it use to be in my city, that means there are far fewer business in business today than in 2012, when the phone book was about 2 times larger than it is today. Wait, there's more, much more, you see they are pushing for higher wages, but what people do not realize is, is when the cost of business (paying people more wages) goes up, well the businesses have to pass that cost (to remain profitable) down to the consumers (As in the public).

The cost of living, the cost of goods sold in store, taxes, utility bills, gas for your car, and everything will eventually skyrocket, I'm talking significantly more than what it is now. Indeed, they would love push the prices higher now, but in order to do that, they must first pay people more, or they cannot feasibly justify raising prices, otherwise nobody could afford their services or products, and that would essentially lead to even more businesses going out of business, or more importantly (where the government is concerned) that would mean less tax money collected.

I'd like to remain optimistic where the economy is concerned, but looking at the negative interest rates the banks have placed on savings & even checking accounts, meaning you have to pay to put your money in the bank, well you can probably see the squeeze the corporations are putting on America are actually multi-fold, and I'll touch upon a few of those issues in this short blog post, so bare with me.  Indeed there are all kinds of squeezes being implemented, whether it's austerity, budget cuts, corporate lay offs, contraction of the money supply, decreased liquidity & credit, or anything else that effects the economic flow, and this is what trickle-down economics is all about.

I see a major squeeze on business transpiring, they are cracking down severely on business as whole, meaning you can expect a regular city, state, or federal employee to come knocking at your business frequently in the years ahead, and whether it's an auditor, an inspector or whomever, it really matters not, for if anything is out of place, then you'll probably end up paying dearly. The government, as I've explained in my earlier blog post, is going bankrupt, just like the insolvent banks are, who are trying to hold this entire ponzi-scheme together.

There were promises made, promises that could never be repaid, like those fat government retirement pensions that are guaranteed by the tax payers, social security, and yes even 401k & Roth IRA as well, and these pensions / retirement funds are going to take some major hits. The problems aren't only happening in America, there are multiple squeezes being put on many countries, and I feel like the elite at this stage in the game truly do not care if the entire world is poor, destitute, or rioting over austerity, forced legal changes, and other profiteering mechanisms they've engineered and instituted into existence via forced legislation or by whatever means they enact them.

Essentially the middle class & the rich are being required to foot the largest part of the bill, thereby effectively waging class warfare, pushing the middle & upper classes down to the lower classes in essence. I've seen many poor & middle class families go homeless over the last 7 years, which is one of the reasons why I've written some of the books I have, and it's also why I've chosen to write a blog, in hopes that I can reach the masses worldwide, to help them see the evils besetting us.

I saw the hard times coming, things are going to get much harder this year, towards the end, and in 2016 people will truly realize that we are indeed headed for some very changing times ahead. I don't really believe there is any safe harbor against the economic storms coming, one may think gold is a safe haven against fiat, but when fiat losses most of it's value, the price of gold will have to either fall out, or skyrocket, and unfortunately in tough times I'm fairly confident you will be very hard pressed to find a buyer of precious metals.

The cycles are changing, but this time it seems to be definitely different, the amount of deflation we have seen is leading me to believe that the wealthy are either fighting for economic survival, don't really care which way the economy goes, or are purposefully causing the problems. I don't really want to lay all of the blame on them, for many people in America were completely irresponsible when they took on loans that they couldn't possibly repay anytime soon, and the problem with being deep in debt is, deflation can literally kill you financially!

In economics, inflation means almost everything goes up, the cost of living, etc, but in deflation the cost of things go down, bank recall loans, or simply fold up (go out of business). I talked about bank bail-ins, a very real possibility because of the likelihood that the wealthy will take everything 100% digital, so they can take away anyone's money without any room for debate, and that means they will be able to sap people's bank accounts instantly with a press of a button.

I called that Digital Terrorism in one of my earlier blog post, for that's truly what it is, especially if you are on a tight budget like many Americans are, and if you don't believe me, imagine getting an old bill you forgot you owed in the mail, saying “Pay up or we will take it from you.” That's real corporate terrorism right there, the very thing I'd advise you to expect in the times ahead, and I really do not see any way around if the elite institute digital currency, which we have seen has been the major push with all of the crypto-currency hype they are pushing.

I've seen credit card companies do it to people, I've seen many people get hit with insanely high bills for no reason, I've seen people get hit with fraudulent charges, and the fraud is just one element of the issues we will likely face in a completely digital world. Though, enough about that, the squeezes the scumbag corporations, including those who own them, will stoop to very low levels I'm sure, and that's because the wealthy would do anything (even slaughter entire nations) to remain wealthy.

Yes, we've seen that happen multiple times now, it doesn't matter, if they want something, they simply take it, and I'm afraid that they want whatever they can get at this point, for the tides are changing friends. You need to be well aware of these changes, do the best you can to prepare, and watch for fire sales, because many pennies are falling from heaven at this time.

Essentially that means many people are going bankrupt, homeless, getting divorced, and all sorts of things that are leading to people selling things at pennies on the dollar! If you are smart, you will be wise enough to invest in things of real value, things that will continually put money in your pocket, and the best thing of course to invest in is your mind, for it truly is the most important thing you will need in the times ahead. Your ability to calculate, deduce, think, and think critically will ultimately lead you into or out of this mess we are all headed for, so good luck & keep your thinking cap on!

Here is a quality perspective of the current situation.
He outlines we are in a depression.

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Beyond The Debt Bubbles

I for one am a person that believes in cause & effect, because there is always a reason why things happen, and where the economy is today is no exception to that rule.  Of course we could lazily blame the bankers for all of our financial & economic woes, we could blame ourselves, e.g. we are poor money managers, but if we were to be perfectly honest about it, it's a combination of multiple things that brought about the problems we face today.

Look at the housing markets for example, people who work for commissions seek to sale as many homes as possible so that they can increase their income, and that not only applies to real estate agents  & brokers, but also the home loan industry.  The re-fi people (Think refinance) also boosted the debt bubble we faced in 2008 & will once again face off against in 2015, of course these are manufactured anomalies in our society, and the greedy, well they continue to be greedy.

Greed is the number one contributing factor behind the bubbles we have seen, whether it's the energy sectors, the banking sectors, or any other sector, the commissioned workers are dooming us because in order to make more money, well they have to make more sales, and that most definitely applies to the auto-industry, which is another bubble that has grown.   Indeed the amount of car loans on record have surged to unprecedented levels in times past and is still yet happening today, indeed almost anyone can get a loan today for a car, and the used car markets have taken a hit in sales because of it!

When you see a lot of people driving new cars in poverty stricken areas you know something is amiss, therefore we need to all become consciously aware of changes, for those changes that we notice are indicators of changes in our society, and it's how we come to the conclusion of the critical question “why?”  So, why have we still been in economic turmoil since the 2008 recession?  Well the answer may not be as complex as some believe it is.

Greed is the simple answer, people needed more money, and in order to get it, well they had to make more sales, and when sales began to slump, well corporations began to fold up, because in a world full of crony capitalism, the CEOs sign themselves big bonuses, cut a lot of jobs, and raise their corporation's stock value with a swipe of a pen.  Crony capitalism is essentially to blame, people who run corporations are driving the prices of things up, that also applies to governments, for they are the number one reason why inflation ensues, and that's because in order to service their tremendous debt, they need inflation to increase tax revenues.

It's also why you see the police are constantly hounding the public with tickets, it's not about justice or controlling the public, it's about profiteering plain and simple, and if you ever actually went to court for a serious fine, you'll see why I make this statement.  The profiteering has extended to every market, especially the banking industry, who with fiat cash are buying up all of the public assets of any real worth, like utility companies / etc, and this too will lead to serious problems later.

The problems arising from the greed, especially in the energy markets, have gone on for so long that the system eventually reached an apex of greed, the people cannot support the greed, and that greed is collapsing the system, plain and simple.  Still the greed continues, except this time it's the financial markets that will take the hit, and the banking industry as well, because a debt based economy will eventually reach maximum debt and the confidence in the issuing currency will falter.

Debt is a major factor that cannot be ruled out, people have little or no self-control when it comes to borrowing, they either don't realize they have to pay it back or they are forced through hardship to take a loan, and though some people foolishly believe they won't have to pay it back, but that's not true!  Even if you choose not to pay for your loans, like many people have done, that only increases the debt bubble, and well that drives us to where we are today.

Though people took out loans they could by no means afford, irresponsibly, the accumulated public debt has grown to such a level that our grand children's grand children grand children will be paying for it for many generations to come!  They will pay for it in the way of a depressed economy, where everyone will be working all day just to eat, because well don't expect the wealthy & elite to pay for it all, it's simply just not going to happen, and so we are in effect headed for the greatest depression the world has ever known.  (Not to mention what it will do to mortgages.)

Mainly because the elite / ultra wealthy are also to blame for this financial havoc, they were irresponsible, they got greedy, that greed caused financial debt bubbles, and those bubbles will certainly burst, and I fear the cost for this will be outrage, which will lead to war.  Of course we've already seen the results of the greed, inflation, and market manipulations, but the worse is still yet to come!

When the party is over, as many believe will likely be sometime in September 2015, there won't be anything to sing or dance about, so enjoy your last summer folks, what comes next is not anything anyone in this world is prepared for unless you are wealthy beyond measure, and even then that's not a good thing, because if you can't hear the war drums by now, you are completely deaf or choosing to ignore them, clearly.  So, you see, there is a price for being greedy & evil, though you may not pay for it now, but you will always pay for it in the end, and that you can take to the bank, while they are still open.
(Which won't be for long!)

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Rapidly Changing World

What I'm about to discuss here may be difficult for some people to believe or accept, indeed I wish it were not true, nevertheless, it's been heavily on my mind for some time now, and I cannot wrap my head around it all entirely yet, but it needs to be discussed for it's important to everyone worldwide.  Most people are resistant to or hate change, because change often requires us to learn how to adapt to it, and often that change can entail life altering events.

For example, lets say we lost a loved one who was a provider to us most of our lives, that would be the type of change we could all face at any given moment, and though it's on a much smaller scale, we need to realize that kind of change is in fact inevitable.  However the change I'll be outlining here is change that is brought about by outside forces beyond our control, meaning change brought about by people or governments, and in this short blog post I'll simply refer to them as TPTB, which means "The Powers That Be".

If you read reports like this one, where TPTB are reportedly paying people to oust banks, or paying people on the inside, it leaves you to wonder what they (TPTB) are up to.  I have tried to outline to everyone on my blog that in fact they want to usher in Cashless Societies, indeed just recently an economist at Citi Bank decried that we need to "Ban Cash".

There are other things TPTB are doing which most of us are unaware of, they are indeed ushering in many changes, and those changes will be life altering to say the least.  If you can imagine a world without most stores, without physical banks, and with very small government, then you can imagine the world we are moving into.

The US Government is like the Titanic, with too many wealthy people on board, and of course the easiest way to get rid of a failing system is to simply sink it.  I wonder how many people on the titanic were enticed on board on purpose, yes that would imply that the ship was sunk on purpose, which makes sense to me, and it's rather indicative to what I'm discussing here as well.

The financial markets are also like the Titanic, with a lot of people in it, and as the Titanic begins to sink, well, let's just say we are going to see a lot of people jumping out of windows.  Which is possibly why so many bankers have been turning up dead, for they see what I'm writing about in this article, a change that nobody can stop, and a change which is going to effect the lives of probably billions of people.

If they are willing to rob banks for a fist full of cash, how much more will they be willing to sink the markets & leave all those retirees left holding the bag?  We have already seen TPTB attack pension funds in more than one nation, indeed TPTB are going to move all promises to the markets, because that would be the Titanic they plan to sink.

They have been holding up the markets with QE, while the ultra wealthy pulled their money off the table, which is why you saw so many businesses closing, and eventually those markets will come tumbling down for certain.  Along with the markets of course will be the bank bail-ins, digital currency will take over, and we will be heading backwards in progress as a society, but more importantly the corporate world & TPTB will have absolute utter financial control over us.

Many local stores will be gone, indeed it's hard to believe it all truly, but the changes we see coming are certain, for they are already upon us in most major US cities now, and I must warn you that many people are not going to like those changes, especially people who make a living off of illicit cash deals.  It will also mean the end of many small start-up businesses which thrive on cash, think lawn mowing businesses for example here, indeed it will greatly effect trade, and many other businesses that primarily deal in cash.  (Think pawn shops, recycle centers, etc)

The changes are truly going to be difficult to handle, because as the system fails, the markets fail, and TPTB will bring us into a new world, one which will likely mean no more hand outs.  Indeed, we will see things like the Internet of Things grow in enormity, replacing how we use to interact with TPTB.  I just cannot see Walmart, Cosco, and other big retailers not being around in the future, but I dare say we need to expect great change in the near future.

When the markets fall out it's going to usher in utter chaos, those who were holding a lot of savings in the banks, after the banks bail in, will be utterly pissed off.  Just like what happened in Greece, will be seen happening worldwide, and though the people can riot and get mad if they want to, history has shown us that TPTB are not above all out theft of everything we own and harshly dealing with the public should they become too rowdy.  After all, the Ponzi-Schemes they have been selling for years are coming to an end, they will either have to pay up or bail out, and unfortunately we've already seen who they chose to bail out when the markets started turning south.   (Psst, it wasn't us!)

I didn't get too heavy into any specifics, but keep your mind open, you've been given the essence of what some of the future will hold already, it's important to keep your mind open, and focus on the changes, for they are indeed happening all around us.  Feel free to discuss what you want with others, indeed please share this article, and try to make it an active discussion in public, for the people need to be talking about this NOW rather than later (when they close the banks).

Pay close attention here!

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