Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Rapidly Changing World

What I'm about to discuss here may be difficult for some people to believe or accept, indeed I wish it were not true, nevertheless, it's been heavily on my mind for some time now, and I cannot wrap my head around it all entirely yet, but it needs to be discussed for it's important to everyone worldwide.  Most people are resistant to or hate change, because change often requires us to learn how to adapt to it, and often that change can entail life altering events.

For example, lets say we lost a loved one who was a provider to us most of our lives, that would be the type of change we could all face at any given moment, and though it's on a much smaller scale, we need to realize that kind of change is in fact inevitable.  However the change I'll be outlining here is change that is brought about by outside forces beyond our control, meaning change brought about by people or governments, and in this short blog post I'll simply refer to them as TPTB, which means "The Powers That Be".

If you read reports like this one, where TPTB are reportedly paying people to oust banks, or paying people on the inside, it leaves you to wonder what they (TPTB) are up to.  I have tried to outline to everyone on my blog that in fact they want to usher in Cashless Societies, indeed just recently an economist at Citi Bank decried that we need to "Ban Cash".

There are other things TPTB are doing which most of us are unaware of, they are indeed ushering in many changes, and those changes will be life altering to say the least.  If you can imagine a world without most stores, without physical banks, and with very small government, then you can imagine the world we are moving into.

The US Government is like the Titanic, with too many wealthy people on board, and of course the easiest way to get rid of a failing system is to simply sink it.  I wonder how many people on the titanic were enticed on board on purpose, yes that would imply that the ship was sunk on purpose, which makes sense to me, and it's rather indicative to what I'm discussing here as well.

The financial markets are also like the Titanic, with a lot of people in it, and as the Titanic begins to sink, well, let's just say we are going to see a lot of people jumping out of windows.  Which is possibly why so many bankers have been turning up dead, for they see what I'm writing about in this article, a change that nobody can stop, and a change which is going to effect the lives of probably billions of people.

If they are willing to rob banks for a fist full of cash, how much more will they be willing to sink the markets & leave all those retirees left holding the bag?  We have already seen TPTB attack pension funds in more than one nation, indeed TPTB are going to move all promises to the markets, because that would be the Titanic they plan to sink.

They have been holding up the markets with QE, while the ultra wealthy pulled their money off the table, which is why you saw so many businesses closing, and eventually those markets will come tumbling down for certain.  Along with the markets of course will be the bank bail-ins, digital currency will take over, and we will be heading backwards in progress as a society, but more importantly the corporate world & TPTB will have absolute utter financial control over us.

Many local stores will be gone, indeed it's hard to believe it all truly, but the changes we see coming are certain, for they are already upon us in most major US cities now, and I must warn you that many people are not going to like those changes, especially people who make a living off of illicit cash deals.  It will also mean the end of many small start-up businesses which thrive on cash, think lawn mowing businesses for example here, indeed it will greatly effect trade, and many other businesses that primarily deal in cash.  (Think pawn shops, recycle centers, etc)

The changes are truly going to be difficult to handle, because as the system fails, the markets fail, and TPTB will bring us into a new world, one which will likely mean no more hand outs.  Indeed, we will see things like the Internet of Things grow in enormity, replacing how we use to interact with TPTB.  I just cannot see Walmart, Cosco, and other big retailers not being around in the future, but I dare say we need to expect great change in the near future.

When the markets fall out it's going to usher in utter chaos, those who were holding a lot of savings in the banks, after the banks bail in, will be utterly pissed off.  Just like what happened in Greece, will be seen happening worldwide, and though the people can riot and get mad if they want to, history has shown us that TPTB are not above all out theft of everything we own and harshly dealing with the public should they become too rowdy.  After all, the Ponzi-Schemes they have been selling for years are coming to an end, they will either have to pay up or bail out, and unfortunately we've already seen who they chose to bail out when the markets started turning south.   (Psst, it wasn't us!)

I didn't get too heavy into any specifics, but keep your mind open, you've been given the essence of what some of the future will hold already, it's important to keep your mind open, and focus on the changes, for they are indeed happening all around us.  Feel free to discuss what you want with others, indeed please share this article, and try to make it an active discussion in public, for the people need to be talking about this NOW rather than later (when they close the banks).

Pay close attention here!

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