Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Economic Terrorism

I've read a lot of crazy history lessons in my years, like the "Banana Republic", a story about the United Fruit Co. in Columbia, Honduras & Guatemala for example, and other nefarious lessons, indeed they have all led me to comprehend that global corporations backed by governments, because of the wealth they hold, are actually economic terrorist.  There are many forms of economic terrorism, it's almost always entails changing economics or a society or group, power struggles, extortion, and decisive actions by corporations or institutions to obtain the financial outcome they seek, though independent individual(s) can indeed cause economic terrorism as well.

Which may also include lower wages for workers, depressing economies to purchase up land & property cheaply, and many more economic tactics of extortion &/or oppression.  In the world, money is power to a large degree, but wealth is more powerful, and money gets things done, because people will work for money.

However, money is not wealth, indeed money has no real intrinsic value, assets on the other hand do, and the wealthy have learned that money is only an instrument they use to acquire assets that produce even more money, but more importantly these assets produce money at today's current money evaluations.  Also, if inflation rises, the corporations get to raise prices, but if deflation occurs, well then they have to start laying off workers to increase profitability, and though money can buy assets, assets often require a lot of money in order to purchase, therefore you will definitely need to learn how to leverage what money you do have in order to acquire assets to get into the game.

Deflation is precisely what we have seen across America, for this reason you we continue to see many lay offs, many businesses are closing, and because deflation kills economies, the worst is still yet to come.  (A seriously major depression is almost here.)  America is in a great economic decline, it's greatly in debt, and unless something changes for the better quickly, the entire global financial system is at risk of failing, which I believe is most likely by design.

I've outlined in many articles on my blog that much of this terrorism may actually be by design, indeed economic downturns are awesome for the wealthy and the banks, because they can print money at will or have a lot of money from their assets which produce it, so they can leverage even massively more money, and that means they will be looking to purchase very large blocks of real estate (Especially commercial), indeed in cities & towns that suffer "troubles" you'll find great deals everywhere.

It's after these towns and cities go either bankrupt, suffer rioting, or worse, that the big corporations or the extremely wealthy move in with the money to snatch up everything at rock bottom prices, and indeed you can probably tell that Baltimore will soon be having a "Fire Sale".  Is it all by design in my opinion, the engineered chaos and economic terrorism, which entails using terrorism to enact the proverbial against societies, groups, or even other institutions or corporations for monetary gain.

Anyway, I'll leave the terrorism up to your imagination, but many signs are pointing towards the global capitalist wanting to use some of their capital to become even more wealthy, and indeed the banks are already doing it.  Indeed austerity also is a large cause for the growing number of pawn shop businesses, predatory lending businesses, and other cutthroat dealership businesses popping up all over America & even in Europe, indeed a lot of economic changes as well.

If you can see the "why" behind everything, you then can probably see the opportunity that is before those with money, and I personally don't really care for the online definition of Economic Terrorism.  Wall street itself has been guilty of much economic terrorism, banks too, anyone who can effect economies need to be held accountable for their actions, and if it's allowed to continue then the injustice & corruption will rise because nobody likes it when they are done wrong by those they trust.

I see the digital age we are moving into, it scares the hell out of me to be perfect honest, because it's rather easy to see where it's all going, and that's something that will entail mega power & control over the masses digitally, especially when banking & commerce is forced online.  As I've written in another blog post, digital terrorism, it is another problem we will need to prepare for, and indeed there is much we need to be aware of and prepare for, because great changes are coming.

Whether we are prepared for the changes ahead or not, it won't matter, however our ability to adapt quickly to those changes, and possibly even profit from or at the very lease least survive them, is so critical, which is why I've chosen to write my blog post at all.  If we can save a few people from the ongoing war against the lower & middle classes, it may save a few people some serious economic terrorism which is sure to ensue in the months ahead.

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