Sunday, April 19, 2015

Feeling The Squeeze

So, everything seems to be changing, the phone book is about 1/3rd of the size it use to be in my city, that means there are far fewer business in business today than in 2012, when the phone book was about 2 times larger than it is today. Wait, there's more, much more, you see they are pushing for higher wages, but what people do not realize is, is when the cost of business (paying people more wages) goes up, well the businesses have to pass that cost (to remain profitable) down to the consumers (As in the public).

The cost of living, the cost of goods sold in store, taxes, utility bills, gas for your car, and everything will eventually skyrocket, I'm talking significantly more than what it is now. Indeed, they would love push the prices higher now, but in order to do that, they must first pay people more, or they cannot feasibly justify raising prices, otherwise nobody could afford their services or products, and that would essentially lead to even more businesses going out of business, or more importantly (where the government is concerned) that would mean less tax money collected.

I'd like to remain optimistic where the economy is concerned, but looking at the negative interest rates the banks have placed on savings & even checking accounts, meaning you have to pay to put your money in the bank, well you can probably see the squeeze the corporations are putting on America are actually multi-fold, and I'll touch upon a few of those issues in this short blog post, so bare with me.  Indeed there are all kinds of squeezes being implemented, whether it's austerity, budget cuts, corporate lay offs, contraction of the money supply, decreased liquidity & credit, or anything else that effects the economic flow, and this is what trickle-down economics is all about.

I see a major squeeze on business transpiring, they are cracking down severely on business as whole, meaning you can expect a regular city, state, or federal employee to come knocking at your business frequently in the years ahead, and whether it's an auditor, an inspector or whomever, it really matters not, for if anything is out of place, then you'll probably end up paying dearly. The government, as I've explained in my earlier blog post, is going bankrupt, just like the insolvent banks are, who are trying to hold this entire ponzi-scheme together.

There were promises made, promises that could never be repaid, like those fat government retirement pensions that are guaranteed by the tax payers, social security, and yes even 401k & Roth IRA as well, and these pensions / retirement funds are going to take some major hits. The problems aren't only happening in America, there are multiple squeezes being put on many countries, and I feel like the elite at this stage in the game truly do not care if the entire world is poor, destitute, or rioting over austerity, forced legal changes, and other profiteering mechanisms they've engineered and instituted into existence via forced legislation or by whatever means they enact them.

Essentially the middle class & the rich are being required to foot the largest part of the bill, thereby effectively waging class warfare, pushing the middle & upper classes down to the lower classes in essence. I've seen many poor & middle class families go homeless over the last 7 years, which is one of the reasons why I've written some of the books I have, and it's also why I've chosen to write a blog, in hopes that I can reach the masses worldwide, to help them see the evils besetting us.

I saw the hard times coming, things are going to get much harder this year, towards the end, and in 2016 people will truly realize that we are indeed headed for some very changing times ahead. I don't really believe there is any safe harbor against the economic storms coming, one may think gold is a safe haven against fiat, but when fiat losses most of it's value, the price of gold will have to either fall out, or skyrocket, and unfortunately in tough times I'm fairly confident you will be very hard pressed to find a buyer of precious metals.

The cycles are changing, but this time it seems to be definitely different, the amount of deflation we have seen is leading me to believe that the wealthy are either fighting for economic survival, don't really care which way the economy goes, or are purposefully causing the problems. I don't really want to lay all of the blame on them, for many people in America were completely irresponsible when they took on loans that they couldn't possibly repay anytime soon, and the problem with being deep in debt is, deflation can literally kill you financially!

In economics, inflation means almost everything goes up, the cost of living, etc, but in deflation the cost of things go down, bank recall loans, or simply fold up (go out of business). I talked about bank bail-ins, a very real possibility because of the likelihood that the wealthy will take everything 100% digital, so they can take away anyone's money without any room for debate, and that means they will be able to sap people's bank accounts instantly with a press of a button.

I called that Digital Terrorism in one of my earlier blog post, for that's truly what it is, especially if you are on a tight budget like many Americans are, and if you don't believe me, imagine getting an old bill you forgot you owed in the mail, saying “Pay up or we will take it from you.” That's real corporate terrorism right there, the very thing I'd advise you to expect in the times ahead, and I really do not see any way around if the elite institute digital currency, which we have seen has been the major push with all of the crypto-currency hype they are pushing.

I've seen credit card companies do it to people, I've seen many people get hit with insanely high bills for no reason, I've seen people get hit with fraudulent charges, and the fraud is just one element of the issues we will likely face in a completely digital world. Though, enough about that, the squeezes the scumbag corporations, including those who own them, will stoop to very low levels I'm sure, and that's because the wealthy would do anything (even slaughter entire nations) to remain wealthy.

Yes, we've seen that happen multiple times now, it doesn't matter, if they want something, they simply take it, and I'm afraid that they want whatever they can get at this point, for the tides are changing friends. You need to be well aware of these changes, do the best you can to prepare, and watch for fire sales, because many pennies are falling from heaven at this time.

Essentially that means many people are going bankrupt, homeless, getting divorced, and all sorts of things that are leading to people selling things at pennies on the dollar! If you are smart, you will be wise enough to invest in things of real value, things that will continually put money in your pocket, and the best thing of course to invest in is your mind, for it truly is the most important thing you will need in the times ahead. Your ability to calculate, deduce, think, and think critically will ultimately lead you into or out of this mess we are all headed for, so good luck & keep your thinking cap on!

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