Monday, April 27, 2015

The Aftermath of Corruption

"Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin (wrong doings) condemns any people." - Proverbs

Greed at first seems like a grand idea, though because of greed, the elite are willing to do the proverbial, and indeed they will even eat their own children for profit, the perfect example of such is the Student Loan debts that many Americans have been shackled to.  Ignorance is the largest key factor as to why the world suffers, because the conniving and crafty ultra wealthy are always working hard to bring you less, to become even more wealthy from your poverty & ignorance, and indeed there is almost no escaping the long reaching arm of power & control the ultra wealthy currently have.

They modernize a nation only to leave it in shambles and far worse off than when they found it, there are many examples of such, for the industrial globalist spread their evil like plagues, and when the people demand to get paid more, well the elite just leave.  Poverty grows, inflation soars, and the people of these nations are left struggling just to survive, add to that fact that the elite control the value of currencies worldwide & you can see just how ostensible their mechanisms of control are.

They plunder lands that aren't theirs, they rape nations for resources, trading bullets (lead) for gold, and if anyone refuses to deal in dollars, well bend over and kiss your nation goodbye, because that's what the elite demand, total submission.  Of course they want to bring us all into a new world government, one which they ultimately control through and through, but there's only one problem with this plan, and that is of course that control is an illusion.

Sure they can destroy the world, in fact they are doing so now, and they damn well know it too, for it doesn't take a science degree to figure out what happens when you drain all of the motor oil out of a car's engine, it locks up, which is most likely what will happen as we continue to draw oil out of the earth which has a very hot magma core.  Of course global warming is real, don't be ignorant of this, and they are doing everything they can can to stave off the inevitable, which is nothing short of the destruction of mankind, and I warn you that it's drawing nearer by the day.

They can look for a home elsewhere in outer-space all they want, but they'll never find another planet like Mother Earth, because we are born from this planet, it gives us life, and not any amount of science can ever deny those facts, without outright denying the truth of course, which science often is wont to do.  Let's not fool ourselves, building weapons of mass destruction does nothing good for mankind, therefore science, by and large, is not as good as most people present or glorify it to be, and yes their are alternatives, but nobody is looking for them because they love convenience.  (But resources are running out very quickly now.)

Everyone wants to profit off of the hard working backs of the masses, but nobody wants to do the work, and everyone wants to stack gold, but nobody wants to dig for it.  So they turn towards ultra poor nations and have them dig the gold for them, for practically nothing I tell you (bread), and if you refuse, well you know what comes next.  (Bullets & Bombs)  Power is being abused, science is facilitating the abuses, and corruption is leading to the entire world turning towards the white race and demanding they stop their blatant abuse of power.

However, because there truly is no way to resist the ultra wealthy, for they have many bombs, guns, and weapons of mass destruction, it will eventually lead the world to a place of great depression, a huge global war, or worse.  There will be no one willing to lift a shovel to dig, no one willing to do work, for they will see no point in it, and when the world comes to see the hopelessness the elite are bringing them into it will be far too late.  Though the wealthy may think they are impervious to poverty, that's definitely not true.

Corruption comes in many forms, like a government's decision to steal it's own nations wealth by usurping all freedom, rights, and power of the people, though eventually they will meet resistance.  I'm sure the elite are well prepared for that resistance, indeed they may have even created that resistance to bring the nation under even more oppression or to justify an invasion even, but in the end nobody wins.  Corruption leads to a world full of evil, violence, rioting, and great resentment, for who will care if you sell goods, if most people do not have money?

No, I dare say that the world at large will be quite happy to see an end to the fascist rule of the imperial overlords who have for many centuries now exerted much power & force over everyone else, but they are now losing control & power rapidly, and the world at large is growing increasingly hostile towards those who have taken much from those who now have nothing, indeed the western world is becoming poor very quickly.  Sure I could bore you with a long dissertation about the gap between the haves and the have nots, about income inequality, about the corrupt leaders of the world, or the manipulated markets they control, but that would be indicative to flogging a dead horse.

We need to see that corruption has a consequence, if the elite aren't willing to uphold justice, then the cries of injustice will be what they will have to stand up against, and I dare say there are more and more people standing up against the injustice.  I fear that all it will take is something very small to ignite a huge fire, one which, if not dealt with fast enough, could lead to a blaze that is completely out of control, and if you want a good example of such just look at the Baltimore Riots, which is obviously the result of abuse of power & corruption.

Sure you may be able to quiet down one minority group, but what happens when the minority group(s) aren't so small anymore?  The point I'd ultimately like to drive home here is, leadership directly impacts a nation's morality, if you allow immoral things to continue at the top, like police killing unarmed citizens, the bottom will say to themselves "Well, they're doing it, so why can't we?" Corruption ultimately will lead to rioting, mass protest, and eventually a revolution because historically when you oppress a people hard and long enough economically, they will fight back.

In a world of monkey see / monkey do (No racial slurs intended I assure you), everyone tends to do what they see others doing, and when the top shows corruption (because you can't hide the truth!), then the bottom will lean towards saying to themselves, "You know what?  FORGET THE LAW!"  Of course, then lawlessness abounds, anarchy rules the day, and rioting leads to the fall of not only the established power, but any and all peace inside a nation and possibly even the world.

I'd dare say that, unfortunately, that is indeed where we are headed, not because I wish it, but because I know the greed will never stop, and so you should probably examine what I've explained here and take it to heart, for changes are coming that no one can deny or prevent now.  Being aware of the changes, learning to adapt to them, and more importantly, being prepared for those changes are the best any of us can do.

Obviously the Corruption is a global issue, governments worldwide are scrambling to prevent the global economic & financial collapse that is sure to come, so you should prepare for what's next, like Cashless Societies & Bank Bail-Ins, and though I've probably linked these blog post a hundred times already, but they are so critical to prepare for by the day!  Other people are seeing the truth as well, indeed I've already witnessed first hand that many of the more informed people are realizing the end game draws near.

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