Monday, April 20, 2015

The Eclipse of Justice

The ultra wealthy who control the world, are always working hard to indoctrinate, confuse, and teach the world to become overcome with lust, indeed they want people to be consumers. This is why you hear people say, “Consumers are largely clueless”, because that's what they want to teach people, you are powerless & clueless, you are nothing, and we have the power to bend you to our will.

I can already hear some people saying, “Not me!” Well, if you read stuff on the internet, surf for porn, play games online, or do anything they want you to, guess what? You are a victim of mind control tactics of the elite, who want people to be nothing more than mindless slaves to a system that they created, and all of this so they can remain in power while the masses mindlessly consume everything they sell, like the fancy computers, watches, and phones. (The phones are a real testament of the truth, simply observe people using them.)

No, it would do the elite no good if people were of moral fiber, questioned authority, and asked critical questions, but because we are all humans and prone to mistakes, they take advantage of our natural ignorance & naivety. Yes, the world at large is largely clueless, it's not just consumers, but I don't say this to anyone's disgrace, rather in hope that people will get serious about educating themselves to the point that they become aware of the dark forces at work in the backdrop to bring us to a world where people are utterly out of control, so they can justify using force, and to make people struggle every day under the all oppressive legislative arm of the elite.

Not everyone is clueless, those who aren't have the responsibility of educating everyone they can, and this is the only hope mankind has, for most are sliding down a dark slope blindly into the eager arms of the elite, who would love nothing more than to control not only your life, but also your children's lives as well. They propagate sexual media all over the world wide web, on TV, and especially in movies, they allow these filthy pictures, videos, and things to draw the interest of people who lack moral correctness, wisdom, or understanding that those dark forces which control the world want you to do evil things, and in order to appear “normal”, they want to make the whole world like them...

A psychiatrist once asked me, “What is it with you and the whole good/evil paradigm?” Of course to which I shared no response, for I don't believe that we are free to speak our minds, for they want you to say anything so that they can put a dagger in you for it, metaphorically of course.  I'm aware the elite have their mechanisms of control, those controls should be avoided at all cost, and we need to look at ourselves like animals on a large farm and the elite want many happy & healthy cows to milk & then slaughter, for ultimately they have the power to slaughter whomever they want by military force, and that's the part people need to realize before they take the wrong action(s).

Their control is your ignorance, the more people who work hard to raise the bar on people, the better the world will be, and we need more people spreading the truth, for the truth ultimately sets us free from the controls of the elite, which are mainly misinformation, lies, and crafty schemes they employ to enslave, delude, and trap the unaware. Most of the media found online was scientifically designed to confuse, devolve, segregate, compartmentalize, and create niches that people follow.

Develop your own niches, be a leader, but don't follow the trolls, nor listen to them, they are everywhere, scouting, spreading misinformation, using sensationalized drama to illicit responses from the readers or draw in clueless consumers, and they do it for hideous purposes. Some work for the elite, many do not, but most of the people you will find online are lost, because it doesn't matter what they do online, and if it's not uplifting themselves or their fellow man, then they truly are wasting their time.

We need each other, we need to sharpen one another, and we need to work hard to raise each other's awareness of the issues at hand, for there are many issues that need our attention. We must work hard to develop each other, help one another develop, and strive to be an online community of partners who live in agreement, not falling to the tricks, lies, and workings of the elite nor their troll armies.

There are other nations that work hard for the elite, yes people are so poor in some nations they will flood websites with their post, because they are paid (almost nothing) to, effectively rendering sites worthless, and just look at, what a joke, right?  I've seen it on social media, I've seen it on forums, and I've seen it all over, the trolls are massive in numbers, but it's our job to spread quality information, truth, and educate the masses that we all have a common adversary.

The adversary to mankind is evil, which is anyone who wishes ill on their neighbors, seeks to ensnare people in lust, use or abuse people, or misinform people to cause confusion, rage, or any other problems for either gain or other evil ends, and they need to be quickly identified and admonished for their deeds. We must take the fight to them, wherever they are, and put down the rise of evil, for if we do not fight, then the fight is lost, but not just for us, for all of us everywhere.

We need each other to be strong, to uplift everyone around us, to inform, to educate with truth, and to help the masses see that we live in dangerous & rapidly changing times that have real consequence for remaining ignorant, and though I've touched upon some of the changes coming, it's definitely not even close to everything the future holds by far. Some believe money is good, I for one do not, and it's because everyone works for that money that we are where we are, indeed for that money people will work as mercenaries or for paramilitaries, PMCs, even build robot armies, and much worse.

When we shift to digital currency, any nation who doesn't get on board will of course be attacked, and that's why I believe we are heading into a major war, whether anyone likes that truth or not. I don't see the elite gaining control by simply mandating whatever they wish, there is no power in law unless it's backed by guns & military(s), otherwise we would have told the elite to go to hell a long time ago, but there are other ways to fight without using guns.

Anyway, before I close this blog post, please take the time to think about it all, the madness in the world is hard to make out, and all of this terrorism is the result of bombs, raids, and injustice, because people don't just one day say to themselves “Hey lets go riot", not there is always a reason behind why people do what they do.  Justice is fading, corruption is rising, and indeed it is everywhere now, as lawlessness rises we will be shifting towards a tide of darkness & evil like the world has ever known.  So arm yourselves with intelligence, wisdom, and get informed, because in the times ahead it's going to require us all to be smarter than the average bear by far!

“The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from (the day of) evil.” - Isaiah 57:1

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