Monday, May 25, 2015

Seeking Solutions

"Engineering & Technological breakthroughs are just around the corner and we will soon be able to turn our backs on the energy corporations forever as a result." - Gale Innes

It is in my personal opinion that people fighting, killing, and warring over a freaking a pipeline has got to be as asinine as it gets, though the fracking is definitely up there at the top.  How many soldiers and innocent people must die for the profiteering of the elite?  Obviously the answer to that, for the elite that is, is as many as it takes to get what we want.

Obviously the fracking & drilling corporations are willing to also use the military to silence anyone protesting the harmful effects of fracking, including poisoned water supplies, and that's not even mentioning the devastating effects fracking & drilling has been having on the earth itself, resulting in massive earthquakes, increased volcanic activity, tsunamis, and that's not to mention the harm to the environment itself.  (e.g. Global Warming)  Maybe when the earth gets much hotter, there is very little water or food left to be found, maybe then people will begin to wake up, but as selfish as most of the world is, I'm afraid it will be far too late by then.

As poverty increases, corporate greed increases, and environmental hazards increase, it makes you wonder if all of this wasn't planned somehow, and considering the recent Mad Max movie that just came out, I'd be willing to wager that the elite are not only fully aware of the dangers of what they are doing, but they are also willing to sacrifice a large portion of the world population as well.  Let's make no mistake here, people will start dying off in mass when water & food become scarce, not to mention that the cost of it will skyrocket as well, and of course the profiteering elite will love it, because after all, they can simply just print as much money as they need.

It must be nice to have all of that money & power to do whatever you want, therefore, I've decided to challenge the status quo & profiteering corporations who are endangering us all.  Not for profit, but rather to put an end to the drilling and fracking, because if they don't stop, too many people will die, and that's not just morally wrong, it's a travesty none of us can afford to ignore anymore, period.

Though I can't talk about my inventions in public, I've been working on two new technologies that are going to absolutely change the future for all of us & usher in great things for the world, for certain, and one of them is ready for production, but the other is still being developed presently.  It's time to turn the tables on the elite, once and for all, because it's going to be significantly difficult to change their course of actions, but maybe denting their pocket books significantly will truly make them stop and think about it all, if nothing else, and though it will probably put me on an internal most wanted list, I do not care.

There are other problems that need solving, not just world hunger, but also the violence, which I believe is also responsible for a large part of the poverty, and is also a result of poverty, for crime is running rampant because of drugs and poverty.  If we aren't mindful of our problems, because I assure you they won't solve themselves, then our problems will rear their ugly heads, and though the elite may think they are impervious to the problems, let me assure you nobody is.

You can reach me via email or you can follow me on Google+, It's high time we put our heads together and begin working on solutions fast, or there won't be a reason to turn on your computers anymore, nor read the news, for there won't be anything good to read, and that you can take to the bank, while they are still open.  I've already sent out enough warnings, I'm done talking about the problems, it's time to act, and we must act now.

Nobody wins if everyone loses...

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Digital Life

When I was a young man I use to watch the cartoon show "The Jetsons", which was about a family living in the distant future, it was a rather interesting cartoon show, and the lady of the house would steal the wallet from her husband when she asked for money to go shopping, they had a robot who served them, and life was pretty laid back.  The problem with convenience is, nothing is free, and it produces laziness & reliance upon those who build, create, or manufacture those conveniences we become accustomed to, and it can form into an addiction if you aren't careful.

How many times do you find yourself going to the local convenient store because it's closer than the big retailer, though you will end up paying significantly more, or how many times do you find yourself going online to conduct business, do research, or to do something to entertain yourself?  Digital Life, as I'm want to call it, is something that is being drawn around us all, it's becoming almost inescapable too for some, and most people won't realize the power and dangers of it until it's far too late.

Some people may like the idea of robotics, I'm sure the ultra wealthy love them for certain, but don't think that you will be able to afford such luxuries, and there is always the great threat of the elite weaponizing them for immoral purposes.  The ultra wealthy truly don't need us anymore to be blunt about it, they have robots that can make them chef prepared meals already, and pretty soon you'll either be replaced by a robot or an automated system that doesn't use human beings at all, there is also the fact that the ultra wealthy have many underground storage facilities that can sustain them indefinitely should terrible things happen.

Manufacturing & many businesses have been making use of robots for years now, indeed if they can automate a process they'll do it, because it produces higher output with less mistakes, and robots can be more cost effective than hiring humans.  As robots & software that runs them becomes more advanced, those who have & control the money really won't care if your family is starving to death or freezing, and that's because it's not a problem that will bother them at all.

The easiest way to wall out the world is to move away from it, I'm sure the elite love their islands, resorts, and places they love to get away from it all, but the problem with being too wealthy is, you forget to be humane.  The rich only care about their money, the wealthy are only interested in making more money for less, and if they can find some way to profit off of you, they'll do it.

They still need some workers until everything becomes automated, but in the interim, we the world must remain focused on one fact, when they have everything they need to sustain themselves without our help, we will get thrown away, and they won't care if we all die of starvation or worse.  Yes, the world truly is a cruel place, it becomes all the more evident when you read history, but something tells me the poor won't like starving to death & dying, so expect some serious resistance & uprisings to continue, as they have since 2008.

Digital Life will involve many things, like The Internet of Things (IoT), which means most things will go online, including, but not limited to, banking, commerce, most business & government services, education, healthcare, and that will leave many poor people out in the cold. (Not being able to afford or having access to the technology)  Ultimately, we must stop and consider the ramifications of these changes we are being ushered into, before it's too late, and that's because once they have collapsed the banks & markets, it's going to turn ugly fast.

They clearly intend to ban cash, they will remove the ability for people to do business, commerce, and banking outside of the internet, also guns & ammo, gold, and any form of currency will likely be strictly outlawed,  though trading still may be an option.  Indeed there will be no competing against the big global corporations, for they are moving us towards a global government that the elite control, through the internet, indeed expect the worst I warn you, especially where obtaining necessary goods are concerned, and that's because once they monopolize business & commerce entirely online, there will be nothing we can do.  (Sanctions against some countries will become like genocide)

I see now that they are placing troops all over the world, preparing for the collapse of the global economy & banking systems, and any country foolish enough to contend financially or militarily with "The powers that be" (TPTB) will of course become a pile of rubble, face crippling sanctions, &/or become embargoed, as we have seen many times already.  However, something tells me that a world war is very likely imminent, because Asia (Russia, India, China, & other eastern nations) are forming a very strong alliance, or the elite are just preparing for serious uprisings, though it's too early to tell for certain at this point.

It could also possibly mean the rise of communism throughout that world (Should the Eastern Alliance take over) and that's not going to be a pretty picture for most of the world, not at all.  I truly don't want to envision it all, it scares the hell out of me to do so, but this article isn't about fear mongering, it's about helping others see what we are quickly sliding towards, which is this Digital Life they have been working on so very hard to bring upon us all, and it's something that will ratify how everyone lives in the near future.

No matter what the future holds, open your mind to all of the possibilities, but more importantly the problems it will harvest, see what they are trying to bring down upon us all, before it happens, and remember there are also things we can do before there is no more time to act.  Humanity must start collectively collaborating & thinking towards solutions, before there are none, before we get too deeply into the digital life they are quickly drawing the world into.

I follow the news every day & have been doing so for years now, however, you too need to become very aware of what's going on, and that's so you don't get blind sided by the plans of the ultra wealthy.  It's time to stop and read more, to get in formed & stay informed, for there are many people online telling us what's going on, what's going to happen, and a whole lot more, so please spread what you learn on social networks, and get active in discussing the problems!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Imagine Tomorrow

Can you imagine living in Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Taiwan, China, Russia, or Brazil? In a land where poverty is so horrific that people will sell their children to become sex slaves so they can feed their family? Can you imagine living in a land where thieves & muggers are everywhere, where drugs are sold on every street corner, and where rape and murder are but a common daily occurrence?

Can you imagine living in a country where there is a constant threat of bombs, earthquakes, famines, and every possible conceivable threat to sustainable living is not very far away from your back yard? Can you imagine terrorist armies marching across the world killing, raping, pillaging, and beheading people for their “beliefs”?  Can you imagine your family being destroyed by a bomb?

Can you imagine a world controlled by evil bankers who will gladly sell their own children into slavery for a larger number on their computer screen? Can you imagine a world controlled by soldiers or police who, for a pitiful paycheck of worthless paper currency, will gladly kill even innocent people simply for a chance to get a promotion?

Can you imagine a world where the only way to acquire goods or services are online, a world where money is no longer accepted, and where corporations can charge a week's salary for a single bag full of groceries? Can you imagine living in Africa, where people have to dig all day for gold just to feed themselves & their family, if they are fortunate enough find gold that day?

Can you imagine a world where only the wealthy can afford healthcare or treatment for viruses and biological warfare let loose upon the world for profit? Can you imagine a world where water is so scarce people are willing to drink the urine of camels to survive?

Can you imagine a world so poor that people would be willing to kill their neighbors for food or water? Can you imagine people peacefully protesting for justice being hosed down with water and beaten for nothing more than wanting change for the better? Can you imagine indifferent judges condemning people to prison for growing food or harvesting water?

Can you imagine a world where nobody feels or knows love because the entire world had become so corrupt that the only thing that matters to them is survival? Can you imagine living in a cage full of animals who would willingly beat you simply for a cigarette or your dinner?

Can you imagine living in a world where the only means to survive is to avoid any and all contact with soldiers and government workers while constantly being monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? Can you imagine a world with contaminated radioactive water that not one person could drink because someone wanting to fatten their gold coffers decided to go to nuclear war with other nations?

Can you imagine the earth constantly producing earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes because some people want to stock up on their oil and gas reserves? Can you imagine a world that is so hot that the only retreat from the heat was to bath in extremely toxic oceans or rivers, a world where food no longer grew due to the lack of water and bees to pollinate the crops?

If you can imagine any of that, don't you think it's time the world stop & consider what is going on, before we come to a place of no return? If you can imagine what life must be like for many poor people in many poor lands, don't you think it's time we put an end to the wars & corporate greed for profit? If you don't care one way or another, do you think you will be unaffected by what will result from the lust for greed and power that is overcoming the earth and the great evil rising abroad?

Maybe it's time the world started focusing on ending the corruption, injustice, profiteering, war, and destroying the earth, before everyone worldwide are all suffering because of it. Maybe you don't believe in God, but neither did those people in Noah's days, where rape, murder, rioting, thievery, extortion, gangs, and terrorism ruled the day as well, and as a result they were destroyed. Today, if you can feel the need to do something, to speak up for the truth, to share the truth, and to do whatever you can to help, then start today, please, for our children, for the earth, and for the future of all of us I implore you. 

We must start caring, helping, and giving, before it's too late.

One of the best videos online.

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Engineered Dependencies

It's not hard to see the problems we all face if one is to take a step back and observe the systems and people around us, which entails everyone working hard to get their fill of the government milk (money), so that they can pay for their government taxes, government supplied utilities, and corporate rations of critical resources which supply us with the things we need, but what most people don't see is the engineering of these dependencies.  Every system, implementation of an idea or concept, invention, institution, & organization has a start, but most people don't know history well enough to realize that there is a purpose behind everything we see all around us, and that basically breaks down to the wealthy wanting to remain wealthy & in control through everyone's dependency upon the things they supply.

Where there is no demand, there is no profit, and prices fall out, moreover, the greater the demand the higher the cost, because there is no such thing as an infinite supply, or is there?  For some things, like money, the answer is yes, but for things like oil or gas, the answer is no, and that is so paramount to realize because we are moving not into an age of abundance, but rather an age of scarcity.

With billions of people consuming energy, that energy is growing more and more scarce by the day, which is why they invested in and began fracking for energy, but that process is dangerous, and has come at extreme cost, resulting in earthquakes, contaminated water supplies, and much worse, environmental changes to the world, which is why you hear about global warming.  The problem with the fat cats at the top is, they will soon be forced to eat (or destroy) the rats at the bottom in order to ensure there is enough energy for them to survive on in the future, because lets get real here, there is no other planet like Earth, and if we continue to destroy the one we live on, it will destroy us all inevitably, that is for certain.

Despite the glaring truths and dangers of continuing to extract resources out of the earth, the drilling & digging continues, but there is real danger in what the wealthy are doing, and also there are truths they aren't telling us, like the sun going dark on us all.  Mankind could survive infinitely if it learned to, instead of advancing towards greater technology, rather rely on what works, but by being unhappy with "having enough", and the growing population problem all over the world, we are actually slowing moving toward an era where crises will continue to spring up one after another.

 That's not a cynical or pessimistic outlook on things, it's a realistic point of view, and whether anyone shares that point of view with me or not, it won't take long before the fangs start coming out of the profiteering corporations. (Especially from the collective oligarchy)  If we look at the crisis in California, you see the government wanting to enact $10,000 fines for excessive water usage, and the water company is loving the ability to gouge people through insanely high water bills, but that's only the beginning of what's coming and we should expect much more extremes in the future.

We should never rule out engineered anomalies & terrorism, meaning someone purposefully causing a scarcity for the sake of profiteering, and though I'm not at liberty to point fingers, if you have been paying attention to the news, then you can probably follow why I'm discussing this subject.  Because of greed many people seek to capitalize (become rich off of) on travesties, shortages of supplies, and much worse, though it's been happening for centuries now, it's becoming worse & worse as we move into this new era where the greed has reached unprecedented levels.

Freedom is often taken advantage of by those with intelligence, they use their great intelligence to design ways to become wealthy off of the needs of others, and it's nothing new truly, but the amount of fear-mongering and lies in the media leads me to believe that we have reached a new height of deceptive secrecy that is leading us towards the inevitable end goals of the wealthy, which is a financial grid lock on everything.  As bizarre as that statement may sound, I'm referring to us being ushered into a new era, where corporate terrorism rules the day, countries lose their sovereignty through the destruction of currencies, and the unpayable debts of nations driving them into a new systems the wealthy have designed to enslave the whole world under, because of their insatiable lust for greed & power.

I've talked about corporate terrorism, cashless societies, and digital terrorism, but this problem is by far the greatest, for the wealthy love to engineer hegemonic dependencies societies rely on, just like drug dealers do, and I know that may sound extremely harsh but it's undeniable.  People need food, water, electricity, gas, oil, and much more, but some are waking up and learning to cut off their reliance upon the iron fisted corporations who drive many people into poverty through their extensive monopolies over markets or collusion to price fix markets via manipulation of markets and extensive manipulative controls over currencies.

Currency is by far the greatest dependency the world has, but when their nation's currency becomes worthless, then what?  Well, it's not going to be a pretty picture, and we are slowly being led to the slaughter house, which is to say we are being led into a digital world that most people do not truly understand the dangers of yet, but they will in the near future surely.  I do not believe the wealthy are not any longer dependent upon the 99% to supply them what they need, because technology has advanced so very far now, indeed they really don't need us anymore at all, but the threat of other countries need for more wealth & resources may eventually lead many nations into world war again.

Security is also a major reason why we are very dependent upon governments, to protect us from invading countries, and that too could be an engineered dependency believe it or not.  I've seen a lot of problems in the Ukraine, but I've never seen a real military push back yet from any side, other than the American intervention & Russian annex of the east (Like in Germany), and though I don't want to see that come about, for people will die, but I'm beginning to believe the standoff is only to keep the people in Ukraine from continuing the rioting they were doing.  (Hence the shelling of civilians.)

It's difficult to understand why things happen, but once you understand the heart of it all revolves around the lust for power & greed, then you begin to understand why the 99% suffer under the power of the corporations & governments, which the ultra wealthy control, and the masses can do very little about.  I use to think we lived in free market capitalism & democracy, but the more I come to understand, the more I realize we live in a collectivist oligarchy that controls the entire world we live in, right down to the cost of living, and worse yet, they seek to control it even more, for the sheer purpose of increasing wealth & maintaining the monopolistic power they exert upon us all already.

I use to think that if one was smart enough, they could become financially wealthy, but alone it is virtually impossible today, but if you had a very strong team of partners who were working towards a very well thought out and well planned objective, you might have a fighting chance, but it will require the collective whole to be financially responsible & manage everything with tenacity.  Time is our greatest asset & enemy at the same time, indeed that asset is growing shorter for everyone in the world as the greed continues, and so let's not waste time bickering or debating, let's all focus on finding solutions fast before time runs out for us all.

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