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Digital Life

When I was a young man I use to watch the cartoon show "The Jetsons", which was about a family living in the distant future, it was a rather interesting cartoon show, and the lady of the house would steal the wallet from her husband when she asked for money to go shopping, they had a robot who served them, and life was pretty laid back.  The problem with convenience is, nothing is free, and it produces laziness & reliance upon those who build, create, or manufacture those conveniences we become accustomed to, and it can form into an addiction if you aren't careful.

How many times do you find yourself going to the local convenient store because it's closer than the big retailer, though you will end up paying significantly more, or how many times do you find yourself going online to conduct business, do research, or to do something to entertain yourself?  Digital Life, as I'm want to call it, is something that is being drawn around us all, it's becoming almost inescapable too for some, and most people won't realize the power and dangers of it until it's far too late.

Some people may like the idea of robotics, I'm sure the ultra wealthy love them for certain, but don't think that you will be able to afford such luxuries, and there is always the great threat of the elite weaponizing them for immoral purposes.  The ultra wealthy truly don't need us anymore to be blunt about it, they have robots that can make them chef prepared meals already, and pretty soon you'll either be replaced by a robot or an automated system that doesn't use human beings at all, there is also the fact that the ultra wealthy have many underground storage facilities that can sustain them indefinitely should terrible things happen.

Manufacturing & many businesses have been making use of robots for years now, indeed if they can automate a process they'll do it, because it produces higher output with less mistakes, and robots can be more cost effective than hiring humans.  As robots & software that runs them becomes more advanced, those who have & control the money really won't care if your family is starving to death or freezing, and that's because it's not a problem that will bother them at all.

The easiest way to wall out the world is to move away from it, I'm sure the elite love their islands, resorts, and places they love to get away from it all, but the problem with being too wealthy is, you forget to be humane.  The rich only care about their money, the wealthy are only interested in making more money for less, and if they can find some way to profit off of you, they'll do it.

They still need some workers until everything becomes automated, but in the interim, we the world must remain focused on one fact, when they have everything they need to sustain themselves without our help, we will get thrown away, and they won't care if we all die of starvation or worse.  Yes, the world truly is a cruel place, it becomes all the more evident when you read history, but something tells me the poor won't like starving to death & dying, so expect some serious resistance & uprisings to continue, as they have since 2008.

Digital Life will involve many things, like The Internet of Things (IoT), which means most things will go online, including, but not limited to, banking, commerce, most business & government services, education, healthcare, and that will leave many poor people out in the cold. (Not being able to afford or having access to the technology)  Ultimately, we must stop and consider the ramifications of these changes we are being ushered into, before it's too late, and that's because once they have collapsed the banks & markets, it's going to turn ugly fast.

They clearly intend to ban cash, they will remove the ability for people to do business, commerce, and banking outside of the internet, also guns & ammo, gold, and any form of currency will likely be strictly outlawed,  though trading still may be an option.  Indeed there will be no competing against the big global corporations, for they are moving us towards a global government that the elite control, through the internet, indeed expect the worst I warn you, especially where obtaining necessary goods are concerned, and that's because once they monopolize business & commerce entirely online, there will be nothing we can do.  (Sanctions against some countries will become like genocide)

I see now that they are placing troops all over the world, preparing for the collapse of the global economy & banking systems, and any country foolish enough to contend financially or militarily with "The powers that be" (TPTB) will of course become a pile of rubble, face crippling sanctions, &/or become embargoed, as we have seen many times already.  However, something tells me that a world war is very likely imminent, because Asia (Russia, India, China, & other eastern nations) are forming a very strong alliance, or the elite are just preparing for serious uprisings, though it's too early to tell for certain at this point.

It could also possibly mean the rise of communism throughout that world (Should the Eastern Alliance take over) and that's not going to be a pretty picture for most of the world, not at all.  I truly don't want to envision it all, it scares the hell out of me to do so, but this article isn't about fear mongering, it's about helping others see what we are quickly sliding towards, which is this Digital Life they have been working on so very hard to bring upon us all, and it's something that will ratify how everyone lives in the near future.

No matter what the future holds, open your mind to all of the possibilities, but more importantly the problems it will harvest, see what they are trying to bring down upon us all, before it happens, and remember there are also things we can do before there is no more time to act.  Humanity must start collectively collaborating & thinking towards solutions, before there are none, before we get too deeply into the digital life they are quickly drawing the world into.

I follow the news every day & have been doing so for years now, however, you too need to become very aware of what's going on, and that's so you don't get blind sided by the plans of the ultra wealthy.  It's time to stop and read more, to get in formed & stay informed, for there are many people online telling us what's going on, what's going to happen, and a whole lot more, so please spread what you learn on social networks, and get active in discussing the problems!

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