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Engineered Dependencies

It's not hard to see the problems we all face if one is to take a step back and observe the systems and people around us, which entails everyone working hard to get their fill of the government milk (money), so that they can pay for their government taxes, government supplied utilities, and corporate rations of critical resources which supply us with the things we need, but what most people don't see is the engineering of these dependencies.  Every system, implementation of an idea or concept, invention, institution, & organization has a start, but most people don't know history well enough to realize that there is a purpose behind everything we see all around us, and that basically breaks down to the wealthy wanting to remain wealthy & in control through everyone's dependency upon the things they supply.

Where there is no demand, there is no profit, and prices fall out, moreover, the greater the demand the higher the cost, because there is no such thing as an infinite supply, or is there?  For some things, like money, the answer is yes, but for things like oil or gas, the answer is no, and that is so paramount to realize because we are moving not into an age of abundance, but rather an age of scarcity.

With billions of people consuming energy, that energy is growing more and more scarce by the day, which is why they invested in and began fracking for energy, but that process is dangerous, and has come at extreme cost, resulting in earthquakes, contaminated water supplies, and much worse, environmental changes to the world, which is why you hear about global warming.  The problem with the fat cats at the top is, they will soon be forced to eat (or destroy) the rats at the bottom in order to ensure there is enough energy for them to survive on in the future, because lets get real here, there is no other planet like Earth, and if we continue to destroy the one we live on, it will destroy us all inevitably, that is for certain.

Despite the glaring truths and dangers of continuing to extract resources out of the earth, the drilling & digging continues, but there is real danger in what the wealthy are doing, and also there are truths they aren't telling us, like the sun going dark on us all.  Mankind could survive infinitely if it learned to, instead of advancing towards greater technology, rather rely on what works, but by being unhappy with "having enough", and the growing population problem all over the world, we are actually slowing moving toward an era where crises will continue to spring up one after another.

 That's not a cynical or pessimistic outlook on things, it's a realistic point of view, and whether anyone shares that point of view with me or not, it won't take long before the fangs start coming out of the profiteering corporations. (Especially from the collective oligarchy)  If we look at the crisis in California, you see the government wanting to enact $10,000 fines for excessive water usage, and the water company is loving the ability to gouge people through insanely high water bills, but that's only the beginning of what's coming and we should expect much more extremes in the future.

We should never rule out engineered anomalies & terrorism, meaning someone purposefully causing a scarcity for the sake of profiteering, and though I'm not at liberty to point fingers, if you have been paying attention to the news, then you can probably follow why I'm discussing this subject.  Because of greed many people seek to capitalize (become rich off of) on travesties, shortages of supplies, and much worse, though it's been happening for centuries now, it's becoming worse & worse as we move into this new era where the greed has reached unprecedented levels.

Freedom is often taken advantage of by those with intelligence, they use their great intelligence to design ways to become wealthy off of the needs of others, and it's nothing new truly, but the amount of fear-mongering and lies in the media leads me to believe that we have reached a new height of deceptive secrecy that is leading us towards the inevitable end goals of the wealthy, which is a financial grid lock on everything.  As bizarre as that statement may sound, I'm referring to us being ushered into a new era, where corporate terrorism rules the day, countries lose their sovereignty through the destruction of currencies, and the unpayable debts of nations driving them into a new systems the wealthy have designed to enslave the whole world under, because of their insatiable lust for greed & power.

I've talked about corporate terrorism, cashless societies, and digital terrorism, but this problem is by far the greatest, for the wealthy love to engineer hegemonic dependencies societies rely on, just like drug dealers do, and I know that may sound extremely harsh but it's undeniable.  People need food, water, electricity, gas, oil, and much more, but some are waking up and learning to cut off their reliance upon the iron fisted corporations who drive many people into poverty through their extensive monopolies over markets or collusion to price fix markets via manipulation of markets and extensive manipulative controls over currencies.

Currency is by far the greatest dependency the world has, but when their nation's currency becomes worthless, then what?  Well, it's not going to be a pretty picture, and we are slowly being led to the slaughter house, which is to say we are being led into a digital world that most people do not truly understand the dangers of yet, but they will in the near future surely.  I do not believe the wealthy are not any longer dependent upon the 99% to supply them what they need, because technology has advanced so very far now, indeed they really don't need us anymore at all, but the threat of other countries need for more wealth & resources may eventually lead many nations into world war again.

Security is also a major reason why we are very dependent upon governments, to protect us from invading countries, and that too could be an engineered dependency believe it or not.  I've seen a lot of problems in the Ukraine, but I've never seen a real military push back yet from any side, other than the American intervention & Russian annex of the east (Like in Germany), and though I don't want to see that come about, for people will die, but I'm beginning to believe the standoff is only to keep the people in Ukraine from continuing the rioting they were doing.  (Hence the shelling of civilians.)

It's difficult to understand why things happen, but once you understand the heart of it all revolves around the lust for power & greed, then you begin to understand why the 99% suffer under the power of the corporations & governments, which the ultra wealthy control, and the masses can do very little about.  I use to think we lived in free market capitalism & democracy, but the more I come to understand, the more I realize we live in a collectivist oligarchy that controls the entire world we live in, right down to the cost of living, and worse yet, they seek to control it even more, for the sheer purpose of increasing wealth & maintaining the monopolistic power they exert upon us all already.

I use to think that if one was smart enough, they could become financially wealthy, but alone it is virtually impossible today, but if you had a very strong team of partners who were working towards a very well thought out and well planned objective, you might have a fighting chance, but it will require the collective whole to be financially responsible & manage everything with tenacity.  Time is our greatest asset & enemy at the same time, indeed that asset is growing shorter for everyone in the world as the greed continues, and so let's not waste time bickering or debating, let's all focus on finding solutions fast before time runs out for us all.

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