Monday, May 25, 2015

Seeking Solutions

"Engineering & Technological breakthroughs are just around the corner and we will soon be able to turn our backs on the energy corporations forever as a result." - Gale Innes

It is in my personal opinion that people fighting, killing, and warring over a freaking a pipeline has got to be as asinine as it gets, though the fracking is definitely up there at the top.  How many soldiers and innocent people must die for the profiteering of the elite?  Obviously the answer to that, for the elite that is, is as many as it takes to get what we want.

Obviously the fracking & drilling corporations are willing to also use the military to silence anyone protesting the harmful effects of fracking, including poisoned water supplies, and that's not even mentioning the devastating effects fracking & drilling has been having on the earth itself, resulting in massive earthquakes, increased volcanic activity, tsunamis, and that's not to mention the harm to the environment itself.  (e.g. Global Warming)  Maybe when the earth gets much hotter, there is very little water or food left to be found, maybe then people will begin to wake up, but as selfish as most of the world is, I'm afraid it will be far too late by then.

As poverty increases, corporate greed increases, and environmental hazards increase, it makes you wonder if all of this wasn't planned somehow, and considering the recent Mad Max movie that just came out, I'd be willing to wager that the elite are not only fully aware of the dangers of what they are doing, but they are also willing to sacrifice a large portion of the world population as well.  Let's make no mistake here, people will start dying off in mass when water & food become scarce, not to mention that the cost of it will skyrocket as well, and of course the profiteering elite will love it, because after all, they can simply just print as much money as they need.

It must be nice to have all of that money & power to do whatever you want, therefore, I've decided to challenge the status quo & profiteering corporations who are endangering us all.  Not for profit, but rather to put an end to the drilling and fracking, because if they don't stop, too many people will die, and that's not just morally wrong, it's a travesty none of us can afford to ignore anymore, period.

Though I can't talk about my inventions in public, I've been working on two new technologies that are going to absolutely change the future for all of us & usher in great things for the world, for certain, and one of them is ready for production, but the other is still being developed presently.  It's time to turn the tables on the elite, once and for all, because it's going to be significantly difficult to change their course of actions, but maybe denting their pocket books significantly will truly make them stop and think about it all, if nothing else, and though it will probably put me on an internal most wanted list, I do not care.

There are other problems that need solving, not just world hunger, but also the violence, which I believe is also responsible for a large part of the poverty, and is also a result of poverty, for crime is running rampant because of drugs and poverty.  If we aren't mindful of our problems, because I assure you they won't solve themselves, then our problems will rear their ugly heads, and though the elite may think they are impervious to the problems, let me assure you nobody is.

You can reach me via email or you can follow me on Google+, It's high time we put our heads together and begin working on solutions fast, or there won't be a reason to turn on your computers anymore, nor read the news, for there won't be anything good to read, and that you can take to the bank, while they are still open.  I've already sent out enough warnings, I'm done talking about the problems, it's time to act, and we must act now.

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