Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Great Government Heist

(There's only one pig in this town, the Gov. Pig)

When wealthy criminals rule a government, they tend to promise the world, but deliver nothing but lies & thievery, and considering where the world is going (Bankrupt), we are about to see one of the greatest heist pulled off ever.  You see, governments and businesses have been promising sizable pensions for some time, whether it's a Defined Benefit (DB), Roth IRA, or 401k, the truth to be told is those pensions are about to be stolen, wholesale.

We've already seen what happens when countries go bankrupt, take Greece for example, they run on the banks, pensions get taken by the government, and their markets collapse.  Of course I'm telling you all of this for a very important reason, you should expect more of the same in all countries ruled by the wealthy criminals, and I assure you that includes most of the world indeed.

Whether we look at Greece, Australia, or anyone of the many countries having their pensions stolen, the growing trend is Government's seizing (Read Stealing) pensions to pay for their "Supposed Debt", and I call it "Supposed Debt", because what it really is fallacious / made up bullshit, for lack of better words, and to give you a better idea, just look at the Bank Bailouts.  If the banks were insolvent, then why weren't they permitted to collapse?  Why didn't the government put these criminals bankers in jail for their poor management of public assets?

These banks were labeled "Too Big To Fail" & according to the US Injustice Department, they are also "Too Big To Jail", and so it only leaves one conclusion to be derived.  The Banks and the Governments are in collusion working hard to steal everyone's money, meaning all that you have worked for in the past & in the future, and with the growing Government "Budget Deficits" & "Unfunded Liabilities" of derivatives within the markets, there can only be one outcome.

The government, the banks, and Wall Street (Where America is Concerned) are planning on one of the greatest heist in history, which entails everyone becoming so dirt poor it's completely incomprehensible at this point.  If you want a better idea of where the world is headed, just look at Greece or Venezuela, yes we will see currencies collapsing, yes there will be more rioting, and it's about to get very ugly & very soon I warn you.

A few informed people see QE (Quantitative Easing), which was initiated by the government(s) and instituted through the Central Banks, truly only has one real outcome & purpose, to benefit the wealthy, and everyone else is required to pay for it all, indeed it's wholesale theft on a massive scale.  Yes, the wealthy play a game with the poor & middle class, it's a game of intrigue, lies, and charades that the people have been foolishly believing in for all too long, but everything changes, and the more people that wake up, the faster the conclusions will come.

The end of all these things of course will result in other countries becoming so upset that they demand war, of course the wealthy enjoy war because the peons die, they get richer, and they get to steal more things from people (Other country's assets & resources).  We've seen them do it in many countries now, they continue to do it still, and I'm afraid the smaller countries will of course be their targets in the future as well, like Egypt, Venezuela, and more.

However, the ones who end up paying for QE eventually are the ignorant, who continue to be docile, happy with what little they have, and despite being poor beyond belief, amazingly the people allow themselves to continue to be duped & extorted by the wealthy.  Unfortunately for the west, the eyes of the east aren't so glazed over by false promises of the wealthy, and any threats the west makes now are going to be met with soldiers, guns, bombs, and who knows what else.

The stability of the world is growing fragile due to corruption, the hopes of people are failing due to all of the corruption, and many will fall down into utterly destitute poverty in the times ahead I'm afraid, especially in 3rd world nations, indeed the worse is yet to come.  I've explained the plans of the elite, how they plan to collapse the markets, the banks, and usher the cattle (Everyone worldwide) into the digital slaughter house (The Internet), where they will mandate digital banking & outlaw cash.

I could ramble on for weeks about the plans of the elite (Ultra Wealthy), but there are many people also doing so, and I've done my best to outline what's coming already in my blog, so expect more government theft, indeed expect the worse as the wealthy reach for everyone's savings & retirements.  It's indicative to living in a world where a small group of people control the wealth of the world, and most of the resources the world works to create, only allocating so much for the poor & middle class, but a little bit more for the workers who actually protect or run their businesses, and the rest for themselves, which entails around 90+ %.

The wealthy are becoming scared now though, because the world is beginning to wake up, and they are taking notice of the corruption, theft, and greed which is effecting everyone's lives worldwide, which they should be.  The world will retaliate for what the wealthy have done, it's only a matter of time, and no they can't hold them off with water cannons forever, things will get bloody, and the wealthy will be forced to kill their very own countrymen, being inhumane, selfish, and all that is deplorable.

Which if you have been following the news even remotely, you've probably read a lot of reports of police killings, terrorist attacks (Which derive from them seeking to push an agenda by any means), and a whole lot more evil these wealthy perpetuate upon the world to make them believe in utter lies to further their agendas & plans, and though they may be able to hide behind the lies for some time, you can't fool the people forever.  The people will wake up, they will want blood, and things are going to get ugly I assure you, so be prepare for the worst folks.

The Wealthy Run The Show Entirely.

A great show to stay informed with.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The War On The Poor

The war on the poor is a multi-faceted front with lies coming from every government mouthpiece you can find littered everywhere on the internet, in the MSM (Main Stream Media), and even on many so called "Alternative News Sites", but before I delve into this article, let me explain something very clearly to you.  Money is not what you think it is, it's a slave collar, and it is the greatest illusion the wealthy use to keep everyone working hard for something they utterly control, it is debt, and the wealthy never intend to pay for those debts, if you don't believe me just wait till the markets & banks collapse.  (Coming Soon!)

The Conspiracies of the Wealthy:
Climate Change means Higher Energy Bills for you.
Droughts were Engineered to Increase Water Bills
Engineered Anomaly Are Designed To Justify Outrageous Food Prices
(Believe me, if they can't sell the food, they'll simply raise prices on you!)
Genetically Modified Foods are a War On The Poor for PROFIT!
Spying has a purpose, to track everything you do, and how you spend money.
The War on Homelessness is to Eliminate Paying for Government Benefits
The War on Guns is to Prevent You from Defending Your Sovereign Rights
Terrorism is used to end the Freedom of Speech & Gun Control As Well
War is about Profiteering, e.g. Your Tax Dollars Making Them Rich
Obamacare is Corporate Extortion & Jail for people who are unable to pay!
Free Trade Means Global Competition For Your Jobs & Lower Wages
Immigration means Lower Wages & More Taxes For The Wealthy
Foreign Aid is used for the political agenda of the Wealthy (Not for the poor)
Bailouts are government collusion to drive nations into great debt & poverty!
Social Programs make the Wealthy even more wealthy.
7 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True!

The helpless will starve, but they won't...

There are so many lies perpetuated against the poor & middle class, the biggest lie is money, which is something that is entirely manipulated by the money printers, e.g. The US Secretary of Treasure, and the banks are just there to do the accounting & secure your money for wholesale government approved theft.  The War On Money is something I've explained numerous times in many of my blog posts, but this post is more about the actual poor who are exploited to the extreme, and the criminal acts perpetuated against them are so numerous and unjust that it's impossible to deny, indeed we need more people spreading the truth!

It's all a game to the wealthy, it's a charade of "Fool The Poor", of course poor is a very broad word, the world is full of a lot of poor people, many are very smart, others are very ignorant, but most of them cannot help their financial state because they are born into a world with almost no real opportunity, and the wealthy work hard to keep the masses poor, as I've explained in my last blog post.  You see the entire system was designed to keep everyone destitute & always needing the money the wealthy print at will, they use the law to oppress and suppress the underclass, to suppress business competition, and much more, indeed they do their best to adjudicate away any hope the underclasses may have of ever rising above poverty.

The major thing the poor and middle class need to be articulately aware of is, everything you see the wealthy projecting via the media is marketing designed to control the way you think, and this mind control is nothing new to those who are "In the know".  The Ultra Wealthy are what some call "The Old Money", the old money or 'The Elite" as I like to call them, rule over almost every part of the earth, and if any rulers of a land refuses to submit, well they often suffer a change in leadership, are bombed, invaded, or even worse (Genocide), and I'm sure you are probably seeing the picture all too clear now.

Most US Citizens don't even know their own history, but that history teaches us who the wealthy are, and once you realize that, a lot more begins to make sense.  I'm afraid as long as the poor remain ignorant, their chances of escaping poverty are all the more minuscule at best, and until we work hard to alleviate the ignorance of the world, we truly aren't accomplishing enough.

I assure you, if you leave your education or your children's education to the government, they'll have your family brainwashed into believing that "Big Government Is Great" & "Anti-Government Is Terrorism", all the while your hard labor (Read Money You Work For) is used to pay for the furtherance & continuation of poverty for you & everyone know you.  I'd love to be more candid here, but this is a blog post, not a book, and this subject far exceeds the scope of this article alone.

(It's all a game to them & Tag YOUR IT!)

At least some comedians get it.

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** NOTE: They are bankrupting many countries so that the wealthy can seize all sovereign assets!
(Any resistance is met with military force or economic terrorism more often than not!)

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How The Wealthy Keep Everyone Poor

The largest reason why people are poor is they don't understand how the wealthy get wealthier and the poor get poorer, because if they knew that, then they wouldn't be wasting their time working for peanuts, and I assure you after you read this article you will clearly understand that money is worth less than peanuts.  Money is after all just an illusion, for the wealthy who control the government, the corporations, and the utility companies that you pay every time to you make money, whether you want to or not, have everyone over a barrel as they say.

As I explained in my blog post "The War On Money", the government is working hard to get their fill of your money, via taxes, corporations are trying to get their share of your hard labor earnings as well, via price controls of goods sold, and the banks of course are stealing your money by what is known as inflation, which is where the value of the money you work for goes down.  However, if you want to see the real picture clearly, let's take a hypothetical situations, and try to follow along by pretending you are this young kid we are talking about here in the story.

So, you just graduated from high school, you're either eager to go to work or you are realizing that if you take a job now that you will be more or less confined to a low paying jobs without further education, and if by chance you decide to go the University route without a scholarship, well that's going to cost you a lot of money.  Assuming your parents aren't rich or middle class, because most middle class parents cannot afford to send their kids through college, then you'll probably be required to take out grants and loans, and that will in turn probably set you back quite a few thousand dollars indeed, but before you make that decision, why don't you watch this short video first.

After deciding what you are going to do, it doesn't matter if you simply take a job or go to a university and borrow a lot of money to get an education, you will basically be coming out making nominal wages most likely, because the job markets are flooded with qualified applicants, despite what they lie about in the media.  Nevertheless, let's take a trip down memory lane here and look at the cost of living in the 1970s compared to today, which was about 45 years ago.

In 1970 rent cost around $150 to 300 a month, depending upon the quality of the apartment or home you rented, and indeed you could at that time get a loan on a home for around $20,000, however today you couldn't even touch a loan for less than $50,000 usually, and I'm going to go ahead and do the math for you and tell you if you purchased a home at $20,000 you'd be paying about $230 for taxes, title, and the mortgage, which was definitely affordable.  If you took out the $50,000 loan today, it would be over double that $560 a month, and thanks to the value of your home ever increasing year in and out, you should expect for your property taxes to raise every year, but that doesn't include maintenance cost for the home.

Once you figure in maintenance, which is about $20,000 every 20 years, divided by 20 years is another $2,000 a year, in today's value of money, and so you could tack on another $166 a month for maintenance cost, which most people wouldn't do, therefore you'd actually be paying about $726 a month for that $50,000 home each month.  Food was rather inexpensive back in the 1970s, you could buy 4 loaves of bread for $1, today it would cost you around $1.40 a loaf, so it would cost in essence $5,60 for 4 loaves of bread, and back in the 1970s you could buy quite a few bag of groceries for just a mere $20 to $40, today it will cost you at least $100 to $200 for a few bags of groceries.

You see the cost of food has tripled and in many cases it's 4 or 5 times as much as it was in the 1970s, and believe me it gets much worse.  In the 1970s your utility bill for electricity was usually around $15 to $20 a month for average usage, but today it's more in the area of $80 to $120 for Electricity and another $50 to $110 for water, depending upon how much water you use, and that would total about $130 to $230 a month for utilities today, but that may be a bit low for many people even.

Too poor to pay your bills? Well they have a plan for those who become homeless, it's called jail, and yes they will throw you in it if you fail to be an "Upstanding Citizen", the war on the poor has already begun.  (My Next Blog Post: The War On The Poor)  Not only are the cost of goods and the cost of living rising each year, but we also have another big problem, the banks, and what they are doing is actually devaluing the value of the money you work for each year, not to mention the unjust fees they charge people for banking these days.

When you look at how much time you have to work once you become available to work, assuming you don't get hurt between then and the time you retire, you only have about 45 years of work before you are 65, and that is the legal retirement age to receive Social Security.  However, I'm here to tell you that if you think your retirement money will be worth anything when you go to retire, you'd be fooling yourself, and most people are actually forced to work still once they reach retirement age because they wake up to the cold hard reality that $900 to $1,500 a month isn't nearly enough to survive on, if they are even making that much.  (Many make less than $900 a month)

Taxes are a given,  you'll have to pay them whether you want to or not, and though ironically America left England to form their own country because of excessive taxation, America today is undoubtedly one of the heaviest tax nations in the world.  Add to that fact that the working class have to pay for Health Care now, which is by no mean affordable no matter how you slice it or dice it, the actual amount you get to take home from your pay check is less than 50% for most working people.

Most people don't consider the other taxes that are levied against citizens, like sales taxes, property taxes, also the government fees, and other charges as well, like when you go to get a mandatory license or other county or state regulated mandates that demand that you pay for something they make law.  Law & taxes are a heavy club that the wealthy use to pound & oppress the hell out of Americans with, and though I could expound upon this subject for weeks, this blog post has gotten far too long already.

There are so many problems in America, most of which derive from Wealth Inequality, lack of upward social mobility, skyrocketing unemployment, and also nepotism is contributing to fewer jobs being available.  I can't begin to truly scratch all of the problems, the main reason is because of the manipulation of money's value, rising cost of goods & services (Professional Service Fees will leave you flat broke!), but the main thing you should take away from this article is the following.

No matter how hard you work, no matter how much money you save, if you aren't working to learn, then you are going to go the route most people take, and that's the poor route, for learning to work for money is a sure way to end up poor.  No life isn't fair, indeed it's an unfair world for the poor & even the middle class because the wealthy that rule over us feel that it's good to oppress us, steal from us, and legislate us into financial oblivion.

Sure most people will view this blog post as pessimistic or cynical, but I'm only trying to help people see the real truth, there is no hope for the working person, and that's a fact, you're money will be manipulated, taxed, and literally stolen as well.  Therefore it's imperative that you don't learn to work for money, learn to get smart, wise, and increase your understanding, especially where Financial Education is concerned.  For the simple, foolish, and ignorant move forward without understanding and are punished severely for their lack of it!

The Problems Are NOW.

You Should Watch This Show Frequently

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Conspiracy Theory: The War On Alcohol

(Note: This Blog Post is research work in progress)

So, I've seen the huge push for Cannabis (aka Marijuana) in many states, in fact there are currently 18 states that have decriminalized the use of it for recreational purposes in America, it's already legal in many other countries as well, and there are indeed many reasons why I see them quite likely working towards a new agenda to end the use of alcohol, which I'll try to outline in this article as much as I can, but I'll have to continue to do research & post what I find.

Why would "The Powers That Be" (TPTB) replace alcohol with cannabis?

Major problems from extensive Cannabis usage/distribution while it's illegal:
  • High cost to combat the production & distribution of cannabis.
  • High cost for housing prisoners convicted of cannabis usage, production, or distribution.
  • Increases Crime from illicit cannabis dealers, who also avoid paying taxes.
  • Increases black market profitability for those growing & distributing cannabis.
  • Major loss of tax revenues from many convicted felons not working.
  • Many great job candidates unqualified due to the use of Cannabis.
  • People are not properly advised on how it may effect them medically.

Already there was a report of an assault on a center that distributes Corona in Mexico, liquor poisoning, and a new Alcohol Prohibition may be in the works, which leads me to believe that the elite are about to push a war against alcohol.  Rather write a lengthy blog explaining why & how the war on alcohol will be waged, I'll simply expound upon my research and continue to update this blog post with any new information I come across that supports my "Theory".

Don't laugh, alcohol may be going bye bye!

I could go on and on about all of the benefits of cannabis, not that I'm Pro-Drugs or Pro-Cannabis one iota, but there are extensive reasons why I believe cannabis will be something TPTB will push to legalize & sell everywhere (As long as it's only them selling it), and will likely move to re-enact prohibition once again or at the very least they move to increase the cost of alcohol to unreal levels making it unaffordable for most people via taxation, but of course that's just a conspiracy theory.  This should make perfect sense to most people, since many of the "Hippy Era" folks are now in positions of power in America and other nations as well, and as the old saying goes... "If you can't beat em, join em", because we all know the "War on Drugs" has been nothing but a costly failure, and indeed it has cost many billions in tax dollars.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Political Parade & The Government Charade

I for one have never been into politics, which would leave me wholly unqualified to even write about such a thing, but it doesn't take an educated person to see the truth of what is apparently one hyperbole of farce displayed & presented to the public each political cycle and throughout the mainstream media (MSM) day in and day out, and though it may take some intelligence to weed through it all, the gist of understanding it all is realizing that most things you will find in life is nothing more than crafty marketing ploys or all out fraud.  Thankfully there are alternative news sites online, though most of them are controlled mouthpieces or directly owned by the moguls of the MSM, every once in a while though you can find someone who doesn't follow the status quo or the party line, and these are the type of people worth following.

After reading news long enough you'll find that most sites only parrot what the MSM reports, and I tell you all of this for an important reason, because the parroting has a purpose.  Many corporations and businesses have turned to crowd-sourcing, which where the corporation grows their business or product from "Volunteer Services", or they simply seek to find solutions to problems by asking a large group of people to come up with one, and though they may or may not offer a reward, the important thing to pull away from this is that people need to become aware of if they are being pulled into what is apparently a scam.

I call it lottery economics, though millions will enter, only one can win, and like many things in life, you will find that the wealthy love to play games with the masses.  The games they play is, "dupe the dope", if you fall for their dupe, well you're the dope, and the political parade is much like this game, indeed the MSM parrots this stuff all day long.  Those who come to learn how to think for themselves however present a huge problem not only for the game, but for the political parade and government charades, and that's precisely what I see to accomplish with my blog, to expand people's awareness.

There are other games the wealthy play, the name of the biggest game is "Who is indebted to whom?", which is what the banks & government love to play, and the largest dupe the wealthy play on the poor & especially the middle class is predatory lending, indeed they have gotten so bad that they prey upon children now even.  Governments are playing a charade with the public as well, their charades are wholly evil, for they seek to raise children to become soldiers and drones, and as I said before, human societies are like bee hives..

The biggest charade governments play is the money game, which they control the power to print at will (And also to take), but to understand the game, you must understand the major players of it, and those are the most vile people you will find anywhere in life, for the violent take by force.  Law itself would hold no power at all if it was not enforced, likewise a country's ability to dictate to other countries is only backed by their military advantage, but when that changes a government loses it's power, well things don't end well at all for the falling nation.  Not only is the money game a huge problem, considering inflation & deflation alone, the economic games they play on people, which entails trickle-down economics and other sleazy tactics, are only some of the problems the governments present, there are also social dupes as well.

One of the biggest dupes the government plays is "Socialism", you know the old "Steal from the rich and give to the poor" analogy that they love to repeat over and over again to justify passing legislation, which if you care to take much time to examine, will entail many different laws that have absolutely nothing to do with what they lie about in the media, and of course most of what the government markets is nothing more than a ploy to explain how they are going to extract more taxes from the hard working public.  Call it slavery, call it democracy, it doesn't matter, the results will always be the same because governments are run by criminal corporatocracies, which stem from an oligarchy, and to put it in laymen terms, the people who run those corporations are often part of a government, but not always thanks to the globalization of corporations.

Which is to say in short that corporations are global now, they are more powerful than governments, and they are working hard, through lobbying (Read Monetary Donations to Elected Officials, because bribery perverts justice!) are seeking to dissipate the sovereignty of nations to lead the world into a One World Order, which of course the wealthy will control through and through, and that's something which I'm afraid they've been working towards for a long time now, but there are some obstacles in their way.

I'm afraid the world is being sucked into something grand, willing or not, and I see a definitive power shift coming, where NATO use to rule supreme, and the US was the world super power, that power is becoming challenged openly.  I've always been a firm believer that not only with the truth prevail always, but also that justice is always served, no matter if a great evil has to be the one serving it, and what I mean by that is, "There is always someone bigger & badder than you out there, somewhere."

The charades and parades I'm afraid are coming to an end, what's likely coming in the near future is war and more economic terrorism, worse yet, the world is being dragged into a global depression like nothing the world has seen before, and through monetary manipulation the wealthy have waxed very wealthy indeed, but at the cost of the worldwide economy.  It doesn't take an economist or a business magnate to see that we are in one of the greatest depressions the world has ever known, and if the rioting worldwide hasn't woken people up, well I'm afraid war will most definitely do the trick.

Of course I chose the title Political Parade & Government Charade not because this was a blog post about politics, but more about the charades the wealthy play, via politics and government control, and hopefully the readers of this post will be able to walk away with some clear understandings.  Much of which entails not only are the worst criminals above the hard working people, but their power is only through your ignorance, and therefore it's imperative to get informed, stay informed, and share what you learn with others, because we are all in this boat that is rapidly sinking thanks to all of the corruption found within the world.

The greatest thieves wear suits & ties.

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"Don't get duped by being a dope, increase your awareness, build your foundation of truth, and then maybe you will be able to stand against the wiles of the evil this world is quickly becoming engrossed in." - Gale Innes

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rent A Life

One of my favorite Financial Education teachers, Robert Kiyosaki, once explained in one of his many fabulous books that, "If you think you own your home, just don't pay your taxes and you'll find out who truly owns it."  That of course was the most wise advice I've ever heard, therefore it truly doesn't make any sense to own your home, not just because you will never truly own it, but because the prices of taxes will probably skyrocket in the future, and that's not even counting any other legislation(s) that will be passed in the future that may effect your desire to live there.  Also, It's rather important to consider where the world is headed, before you make plans, and take the time to get educated as much as possible, so that you will know how to deal with the changes coming.

It's rather difficult to give financial advice today, but the more and more Crony Capitalism and Corporatism continues to thrive and grow in the good ole "Land of the Free" (Overly Taxed & regulated is more like it), the more sense it will make to rent rather than own a home, and that may be why we see reports like this bubbling up from time to time.  Add to those facts that the national debt is threatening to push the US Dollar into hyper-inflation, if not all out worthlessness, and the threat of the instability of the global & US markets, one is left to wonder if there is any "Security" to be found anymore, anywhere?

With the modernization of countries (Which has been happening for decades now) & the privatization overtaking everything we see, including, but not limited to, utilities, the internet, commerce, security, military, banking, money, healthcare, and a whole lot more, there's just no telling what they are planning next.  I believe this is largely in part due to the corruption and fraud being perpetuated by what is apparently an overtly criminal totalitarian government that permits corruption to increase tax revenues, and when you see blatant thievery by banks who are being slapped on the wrist by the courts, knowing full well the people who got stolen from won't see a red cent, it leads people to believe the amount of collusion we see going on between corporations & governments is leading us to a place where security & freedom are nothing but fantasy myths...

I believe we need to step back and look at the bigger picture, which I wrote about in my book "Digital Life" (Sorry I've never sold the book), that I wrote in 2011, where I explain that the Big Picture is where the Fat Elite are sitting on top of mountains of resources, while the rest of humanity works hard to fill up their warehouses, and work for a paltry sum worth little or nothing. (Peanuts really)  This is leading us to a world of Peak Poverty, though it's more noticeable in 3rd world countries, where corporations enter, set up sweat shops, and then bail out, leaving the country worst off than what it was before.

We've seen it happen in countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Mexico, Venezuela, and how many other countries?  The corporations are doing their dirty work in secret, with government approval because they pad the pockets of the politicians to give them what they want & look the other way, and as long as they don't commit massive crimes, then everything is good, until they leave that is.  We saw them recently pack up shop and leave Venezuela, China, and some believe they are headed to India next, but I'm thinking the world is growing wise of these criminal corporations.

Anyway, I suspect what I'm trying to drive home here is, don't own anything they can steal, don't work for peanuts, and start focusing upon acquiring assets, which means things that "Put money into your pockets".  Of course, as Robert Kiyosaki so eloquently explains, the only real asset we have is our mind, because what you don't know can cost you a lot of money, and money is nothing but an illusion, because the wealthy "Invent Money", or as I like to say it, "They print money at will", which means most people are working for debt, that the Corporations & Governments NEVER intend to repay of course.

Hence the packing up shop & leaving countries destitute as a result, yes I believe there is a time when everyone in life must answer for their "deeds", and maybe now these globalist are about to see Karma happen to them, but who knows.  What is important to walk away from this article with is, that you need to be aware of the fraud, extortion, and bad things that transpire on the "Unaware", though "Ignorance is bliss", it won't be too bliss in the future for most people I assure you.

We are all being herded into a large slaughter house, the wealthy don't care about us anymore, they have everything they need, and they are building robots now to alleviate their need for "The ants", which is exactly what they consider us.  The funny thing is, human societies are beginning to resemble bee hives, therefore, it would probably be expedient for you to learn how to survive in these types of societies, because the more crazy things get, the more aware you need to be of things, and that applies to every nation in the world I assure you.

I'm afraid at this time, that the money games played at the top are going to lead us into another world war, and though that's not something anyone of us want, we should all be well aware that World World 3 will most definitely be nuclear at this point.  As more and more countries go bankrupt, look for old alliances to dissolve, hostilities to rise, and security & freedom will become nothing but a blast from the past, indeed those "In the know" understand that The Globalists are exporting terrorism & bringing about a One World Government as each day passes.  (Not much time left now)

The elite play an awful game on the poor & middle class, that warfare they play is a game of intrigue and "Fool the guesser", so don't be fooled, get sharp, and stay that way, for the propaganda they teach in the MSM (Main Stream Media) is designed to keep people looking the other way while the criminals scoundrels run away with everyone's money.  Yes, it's high time the people worldwide get their heads out of the sand, stop trying to "Own it all", you never will, rather learn how to rent more, use less, and start building your own wealth.

The greatest wealth you can have lays in your ability to think & question more, because if you think wrong, it will cost you, and all the more dearly in the world we are quickly headed towards.  In today's world you probably need to be more concerned with learning how to garden, harvest bees, raise animals, and survive without the corporations, also I'd dare say even without electricity and city water.  It may be time to run away from technology rather than embrace it, otherwise you may become one of the cattle herded into the slaughter house, and though I'd love to elaborate upon this more, hopefully by now you have read enough of my blog post(s) to understand who, what, where, when, why, and how...

(These people know the plan!)

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PS: I called the title of this blog Rent A Life because the ultimate goal of Modernization & Corporatism is to lead all of the cattle into the corporate Pay Box (The Internet of Things)...

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Monday, June 8, 2015

The Fraud Quadrant

The elite or 0.01% (The 1%ers as some people call them), with all of their free money that they can print at will, have huge legal teams who write laws continually in their favor, to keep them wealthy, and one might wonder how they are and remain insanely wealthy, well the system they designed through legislation was to extort as much as they possibly could from the public, legally of course.  They achieve this in many different ways, but there are indeed four main ways that they accomplish the most wealth extraction from the public, and I'll be talking about that in this blog post.

If you are poor, meaning you don't have enough money to enter the game (Business), then your hopes of ever creating a successful & profitable business are near zilch, and if you decide to take on investors, well you are going to have to give up a lot of control, but here's the catch 22, which is most investors won't touch anyone who doesn't have a corporation.  Indeed the government doesn't give grants to individuals for business purposes, though they are more than willing to sell contracts and award grants to institutions or corporations, and that means that the average day citizen cannot enter the big game, where the big money is often passed around.  (Like that free money the Fed has been handing out at 0% interest...)

The elite write mandates, that in order for anyone to create a product and bring it to market, without getting jacked (Their idea or invention stolen), will need to have a patent, which isn't cheap mind you, $10,000 to $60,000 or more depending upon the product, and though you can build your business without intellectual property protection, but you likely won't be in business for long if the other team (A huge corporation) gets wind if your success, which won't take long at all in this digital age we live in.

Moreover, if you are smart, you will want to set up a C Corporation for your business, that way you cannot be sued by people for more than what you have invested into the corporation, and if you are smart, then you won't have much money at all invested into it.  You not only will have to pay for the filing of that, you will have to pay for an accountant to do the tax filings every quarter, and of course you will also need insurance, which isn't cheap either.

Patents, Corporate Laws, Insurances, and taxes are all of course legal requirements and more importantly cost, just in order to be in business, unless your business doesn't sell a product, then you can skip the patent part, but if you go forward not following the rules you will be punished severely, especially if you file anything other than a C Corporation. (e.g. a LLC, S Corporation, Sole Proprietor, or Partnership type of Businesses)  The fraud quadrant essentially entails how the elite use law to extract money via legal theft, which is accomplished by writing laws that say for example, "If you don't play by our rules, then you will pay through the nose, and even if you do, you will still pay regardless."  (Via legal requirements & fees)

Now, I'm not saying taxes are wrong, but taxes are instant interest in your corporation's earnings, so no matter how much money you acquire from building a successful corporation, the government gets their cut no matter what, and if you don't give them your cut, well we all know how that ends. (Fines &/or Prison)  Also, you must pay for business insurance, health insurance, marketing insurance, and possibly even other insurances, which of course aren't cheap at all.

You might think it a simple thing to start something simple as a Body Shop business, however legislation demands that you not only have certain things within your business, but also where your business can be located, which severely limits your market reach through local marketing (Which in some states has become flat out outlawed).  Marketing is a huge cost of business, no matter what your business is, and you truly do not have a choice.  That's because if you don't or won't market your business, well then you won't have one, and that's the bottom line.

No sales, no business, and it really is that simple, but legislation is anything but simple.  Indeed, the more complex they can make legislation, the more legal requirements your business will have to meet just to stay in business, and it is how the corporations prevent any & all competition, by continually raising the bar on everyone else.  The patent laws themselves are insanely complex and if you fail to file your patent before you release your product, well then anyone can file a patent and steal all of your wealth by tying you up in legal battles, because they have changed the patent laws to favor the smart & informed, not the person who actually has the legal claim to the product, idea, or invention.

If you go the wrong way, decide to do it your way, your chances of failure are horrendous, and that's because in the Informational Age, you must be informed, or you will pay dearly for ignorance.  If you break laws, you can be fined &/or go to jail, if you don't pay taxes, same thing, and if you don't file a patent to protect your businesses' product(s) or idea(s), then you can become ruined with ease.  Also, if you fail to make a corporation, people can sue you for everything you own if they find out you are rich, and the key to protecting your self is keeping all of your wealth in your corporation(s) and never taking it out, because being rich is a very bad idea today.

That way if you end up being sued by someone, they don't get to take you to the cleaners, but then there are people who seek to ruin businesses by tying them up in court battles, and though this isn't "common" it does happen, so be mindful of that as well.  In the corporate world where they have many millions of dollars to "Experiment with", they may be willing to steal a business idea, patent it, and then legally attack any successful businesses using their stolen patent.

Yes, it's a game of high intrigue, the stakes are high, and anyone who tries to enter the game without being even remotely informed risk losing it all and the ending will often be very tragic, because often people go deep into debt when they lose in business due to ignorance.  Forget the financial intelligence required to be successful, the fraud quadrant is a whole different thing to be aware of, and though financial education is very critical, because if you make financial mistakes within your business it can cost you the business, but not being aware of the legislation and taxes that are levied against the masses can be very dangerous to your future as well, if you are ignorant of them.

The amount corruption & fraud within the system is so asinine at this point that, it just doesn't make sense to pursue creating or purchasing a business anymore, and that's not even mentioning the fact that businesses are suffering horrendously under the economic strain that is being pressed down on everyone due to economic terrorism perpetuated by the insanely wealthy who control the whole shebang.  Neither does it consider the current state of the economy, therefore investing presently isn't just dangerous, it could be financial suicide should you make foolish choices at this time, and that's because the markets are not only dead, but the volatility they are exhibiting clearly shows us the markets are being manipulated through & through.

Making money in today's world in most "Supposedly Democratic" government run countries is extremely difficult, that's not to say that you can't make money, but the times have changed so much that it's becoming harder to find a way to make money legally that works, and if you add to that fact that people are largely broke, then you can probably see why I'm making these statements.  The competition at the corporate level has risen to such a level that, they are simply buying up all of the competition, which is what happens when legislators & banks implement austerity or trickle down economics, and that entails the public at large entering economic recessions or in the present case a depression, which of course is all by design so that they can buy up everything with their free money.

Yes, we are entering the greatest depression in the history of the world, though many people are full aware of who is causing it, and there is little we can do about it, but there are solutions.  I see the fraud through ostensible controls implemented by the elite to keep everyone else poor, I also see that the masses truly have little or no chance of success nor protection against the corporations, and though some people may be able to rise above the poverty that is being pressed down upon us all, there is a chance if people team up in very large numbers to form their own corporations...

I say this because the only way the masses will be able to take on the global corporations at this point is to band up with all of the resources they need to fight back, because the corporations will fight anyone who threatens their hegemonic / monopolistic empire of control & domination, both legislatively and economically.  The legislative, economic, and monetary controls the elite exert over us all is almost absolute, indeed until those things change I'm afraid the situation is not going to improve because the fraud & greed is continuing to grow to a climax at this point.

To sum up the fraud quadrant in an easy to understand format, there are four main controls the elite exert upon the masses to keep them under their control, which in turn leaves the masses with very little, and essentially living within a trap that they have very little hope of escaping.  The first is monetary control, the ability to print & manipulate money & markets (Including the price of goods & the value of money, e.g. inflation & deflation), the second is legislative control, where they mandate everything under the sun to ensure that people pay dearly to do anything, which includes corporate law, taxes, patent laws, insurance mandates, and criminal laws as well, but that's a short list of their main control, which is legislation.

The third control is power via military, intelligence (including spying, control over education, psychology, and much more), and law enforcement, which is where they can either take what they want through force or exact legal cost from the accused of breaking anyone of their innumerable profiteering laws.  Finally, the forth control being what I'd like to call "The System", where the elite use the first three controls to permit or dissuade certain types of activities that only they control, e.g. like the drug game, where it's legal for them to sell drugs, but not you.  (E.g., Pharmaceutical & other corporations can sell almost any type of drugs legally, but you however cannot, and we have seen what happens when you try to sell the drugs they sell.)

Essentially, we live in an Oligarchy / Kleptocracy / Criminal Corporatocracy with imperial like controls for the elite, but poverty, extortion, and unfair/biased corporate financed laws for everyone else, though I would loved to have expounded more upon the fraud quadrant, the subject far exceeds the scope of this simple blog post.  Thanks for reading, though I'm sure some people will consider this blog post pessimist or a cynical point of view, but I assure you that I'm only being realistic here, and I've done enough research to see the carefully laid traps the cunning elite have planted at the feet of the masses to keep them poor and paying dearly within the system that they created legislatively.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Undressing The Empress

One of the best dissertations I read about socialism explained how if a class were all given A's just for participating, that's the allure of socialism (Something for nothing), that eventually some students would stop working (Read SSI / Welfare recipients & Government Workers), because the other students were going to get them their A grade, and because of this fact, eventually some students (Read middle class & rich) would end up doing all of the work for the rest of the class, but they too might decide to stop working. (And that would be very bad)  The greatest problem with socialism is that it's a system which is destined (Guaranteed) to fail, even Margret Thatcher knew that, and the problem with a progressive agenda is, it too pushes the "something for nothing" agenda, like free college.  (Nothing is free, let's get real here.)

Well, the government loves to offer these superficial programs that benefit no one except the elite, indeed, pensions & benefits, like money itself, are never truly going to help you, and I say that about money because money is debt, a debt which they never intend to repay.  Therefore when they lock up the banks, collapse the markets, you will begin to see the validity to my statement about money, and the clothes will truly come off the Empress, laying her butt naked for the world to see.

For who will be able to lie to us when they have stolen everything they possibly can from everyone?  The public may be fooled for a time, but history clearly shows us that the rulers of this world often repeat their crimes, and some more frequently than others, which is why we should expect these crooks to continue to try rob us blind, and also possibly to become violent, like a spoiled brat who is no longer getting their milk (Easy Money).  Which is probably why they are invading other nations.

Whether it's market rigging, pension abduction, or any one of the many other financial problems we see being reported today, they all add up to government theft, and though the government would love to continue to make more promises it cannot keep, time however is running out & the lies are beginning to be revealed now in mass.  Yes, this time is very different, as Martin Armstrong so aptly points out that, "Governments are on the hook" (Liable) for their false promises, and this is why they are working hard to ban cash, to prevent bank runs.

Essentially, the government is beyond broke, as I've said repeatedly for some time now, and that means they are going to have to start selling hard public assets to pay their bills.  Worse yet, they will likely confiscate bank accounts, usurp pensions through a major market crash, bail in the banks, and steal everything they can, because nothing is free, not even for the government.  Also, you should expect to see government services just fall off the cliff, as in disappear, and that applies to state & federal services by the way.

The gig is up, the dance is over, and well, it's time to pay up!  Just like in real life, if you can't pay your bills, why should you be surprised if they come to take away everything you own?  What I'm driving at here is, nothing last forever, and the government is going to have to pay for it's gross and grave errors in judgment, unfortunately that means a war will soon begin against the people, initiated by the same lying thieves who promised the public much, but instead deliver little or nothing, and that war may very well lead to much death indeed.  (Thanks to Psychopaths & Technology)

How long can you sweep the problems under the rug?  Well, until the rug has such a lump in it that, there is no longer any chance of hiding or denying the facts, of course, and the facts are clearly showing us that what the government has done in the past, and indeed they will do it again, as history repeats itself, but now that the Empress is butt naked, everything has changed.  I say this because there are many other nations out there who have suffered under the great duress caused by the warmongering nations who for a long time now have done some very ugly things, and though I'd love to be more candid here, what the UK & US have done to countries in the past is far too immense & exceeds the scope of a simple blog post by miles.

Whether it's the stories of genocide, massive slaughters of the civilian populations, secret liaisons, secret deals, spying, economic terrorism, coups, or whatever you want to talk about, the dark side of the Empress is clearly showing, and there are other nations with a very dark side as well, one which the elite have unwittingly been feeding.  As I've explained on Google+, you simply do not feed a dragon, that's a very bad idea, for once you stop feeding the dragon, the dragon is going to want to feed upon you, and everyone knows that dragons love gold!  (I'm referring to the government(s) & corporations whoring around with China)

I'm afraid the sounds of the inevitable are being heard at this time, world war 3 is on the horizon, and though no sane person would like to see that, but there are far too many war hawks in the government, and many of those military industrial complex leaders are going to push for it, so prepare for the worst I warn you!  I wish the world could be more sensible, but the "love of money" is the root of all evil, and that means many people will die so the ultra wealthy can have what they want, as sad as that truth may be, it cannot be changed nor refuted, unfortunately.

I've already done my best to outline the problems that are on the horizon, it's your job to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best, and though I'm sure these problems are not going to just go away, all we can do is hope & pray at this point that these money loving elite will come to their senses before it's far too late.  However, something tells me that, as hopeful as I am, I know they will not stop, and despite my love for my country, there is nothing I can do to save it at this time.

(This will open your eyes...)

Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry if I rained on anyone's parade or enjoyment in life, but these problems are far too pressing to ignore, and I hope that readers will take the time to visit the links I've provided in this post, so that they can become aware of the issues of the day.  For raising awareness is the first step in overcoming problems, indeed overcoming the problems are what we must all focus on, or there won't be anything left to salvage, and no matter how selfish anyone may be, nobody will be able to escape the changes coming, nobody.

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