Sunday, June 21, 2015

Conspiracy Theory: The War On Alcohol

(Note: This Blog Post is research work in progress)

So, I've seen the huge push for Cannabis (aka Marijuana) in many states, in fact there are currently 18 states that have decriminalized the use of it for recreational purposes in America, it's already legal in many other countries as well, and there are indeed many reasons why I see them quite likely working towards a new agenda to end the use of alcohol, which I'll try to outline in this article as much as I can, but I'll have to continue to do research & post what I find.

Why would "The Powers That Be" (TPTB) replace alcohol with cannabis?

Major problems from extensive Cannabis usage/distribution while it's illegal:
  • High cost to combat the production & distribution of cannabis.
  • High cost for housing prisoners convicted of cannabis usage, production, or distribution.
  • Increases Crime from illicit cannabis dealers, who also avoid paying taxes.
  • Increases black market profitability for those growing & distributing cannabis.
  • Major loss of tax revenues from many convicted felons not working.
  • Many great job candidates unqualified due to the use of Cannabis.
  • People are not properly advised on how it may effect them medically.

Already there was a report of an assault on a center that distributes Corona in Mexico, liquor poisoning, and a new Alcohol Prohibition may be in the works, which leads me to believe that the elite are about to push a war against alcohol.  Rather write a lengthy blog explaining why & how the war on alcohol will be waged, I'll simply expound upon my research and continue to update this blog post with any new information I come across that supports my "Theory".

Don't laugh, alcohol may be going bye bye!

I could go on and on about all of the benefits of cannabis, not that I'm Pro-Drugs or Pro-Cannabis one iota, but there are extensive reasons why I believe cannabis will be something TPTB will push to legalize & sell everywhere (As long as it's only them selling it), and will likely move to re-enact prohibition once again or at the very least they move to increase the cost of alcohol to unreal levels making it unaffordable for most people via taxation, but of course that's just a conspiracy theory.  This should make perfect sense to most people, since many of the "Hippy Era" folks are now in positions of power in America and other nations as well, and as the old saying goes... "If you can't beat em, join em", because we all know the "War on Drugs" has been nothing but a costly failure, and indeed it has cost many billions in tax dollars.

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