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Rent A Life

One of my favorite Financial Education teachers, Robert Kiyosaki, once explained in one of his many fabulous books that, "If you think you own your home, just don't pay your taxes and you'll find out who truly owns it."  That of course was the most wise advice I've ever heard, therefore it truly doesn't make any sense to own your home, not just because you will never truly own it, but because the prices of taxes will probably skyrocket in the future, and that's not even counting any other legislation(s) that will be passed in the future that may effect your desire to live there.  Also, It's rather important to consider where the world is headed, before you make plans, and take the time to get educated as much as possible, so that you will know how to deal with the changes coming.

It's rather difficult to give financial advice today, but the more and more Crony Capitalism and Corporatism continues to thrive and grow in the good ole "Land of the Free" (Overly Taxed & regulated is more like it), the more sense it will make to rent rather than own a home, and that may be why we see reports like this bubbling up from time to time.  Add to those facts that the national debt is threatening to push the US Dollar into hyper-inflation, if not all out worthlessness, and the threat of the instability of the global & US markets, one is left to wonder if there is any "Security" to be found anymore, anywhere?

With the modernization of countries (Which has been happening for decades now) & the privatization overtaking everything we see, including, but not limited to, utilities, the internet, commerce, security, military, banking, money, healthcare, and a whole lot more, there's just no telling what they are planning next.  I believe this is largely in part due to the corruption and fraud being perpetuated by what is apparently an overtly criminal totalitarian government that permits corruption to increase tax revenues, and when you see blatant thievery by banks who are being slapped on the wrist by the courts, knowing full well the people who got stolen from won't see a red cent, it leads people to believe the amount of collusion we see going on between corporations & governments is leading us to a place where security & freedom are nothing but fantasy myths...

I believe we need to step back and look at the bigger picture, which I wrote about in my book "Digital Life" (Sorry I've never sold the book), that I wrote in 2011, where I explain that the Big Picture is where the Fat Elite are sitting on top of mountains of resources, while the rest of humanity works hard to fill up their warehouses, and work for a paltry sum worth little or nothing. (Peanuts really)  This is leading us to a world of Peak Poverty, though it's more noticeable in 3rd world countries, where corporations enter, set up sweat shops, and then bail out, leaving the country worst off than what it was before.

We've seen it happen in countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Mexico, Venezuela, and how many other countries?  The corporations are doing their dirty work in secret, with government approval because they pad the pockets of the politicians to give them what they want & look the other way, and as long as they don't commit massive crimes, then everything is good, until they leave that is.  We saw them recently pack up shop and leave Venezuela, China, and some believe they are headed to India next, but I'm thinking the world is growing wise of these criminal corporations.

Anyway, I suspect what I'm trying to drive home here is, don't own anything they can steal, don't work for peanuts, and start focusing upon acquiring assets, which means things that "Put money into your pockets".  Of course, as Robert Kiyosaki so eloquently explains, the only real asset we have is our mind, because what you don't know can cost you a lot of money, and money is nothing but an illusion, because the wealthy "Invent Money", or as I like to say it, "They print money at will", which means most people are working for debt, that the Corporations & Governments NEVER intend to repay of course.

Hence the packing up shop & leaving countries destitute as a result, yes I believe there is a time when everyone in life must answer for their "deeds", and maybe now these globalist are about to see Karma happen to them, but who knows.  What is important to walk away from this article with is, that you need to be aware of the fraud, extortion, and bad things that transpire on the "Unaware", though "Ignorance is bliss", it won't be too bliss in the future for most people I assure you.

We are all being herded into a large slaughter house, the wealthy don't care about us anymore, they have everything they need, and they are building robots now to alleviate their need for "The ants", which is exactly what they consider us.  The funny thing is, human societies are beginning to resemble bee hives, therefore, it would probably be expedient for you to learn how to survive in these types of societies, because the more crazy things get, the more aware you need to be of things, and that applies to every nation in the world I assure you.

I'm afraid at this time, that the money games played at the top are going to lead us into another world war, and though that's not something anyone of us want, we should all be well aware that World World 3 will most definitely be nuclear at this point.  As more and more countries go bankrupt, look for old alliances to dissolve, hostilities to rise, and security & freedom will become nothing but a blast from the past, indeed those "In the know" understand that The Globalists are exporting terrorism & bringing about a One World Government as each day passes.  (Not much time left now)

The elite play an awful game on the poor & middle class, that warfare they play is a game of intrigue and "Fool the guesser", so don't be fooled, get sharp, and stay that way, for the propaganda they teach in the MSM (Main Stream Media) is designed to keep people looking the other way while the criminals scoundrels run away with everyone's money.  Yes, it's high time the people worldwide get their heads out of the sand, stop trying to "Own it all", you never will, rather learn how to rent more, use less, and start building your own wealth.

The greatest wealth you can have lays in your ability to think & question more, because if you think wrong, it will cost you, and all the more dearly in the world we are quickly headed towards.  In today's world you probably need to be more concerned with learning how to garden, harvest bees, raise animals, and survive without the corporations, also I'd dare say even without electricity and city water.  It may be time to run away from technology rather than embrace it, otherwise you may become one of the cattle herded into the slaughter house, and though I'd love to elaborate upon this more, hopefully by now you have read enough of my blog post(s) to understand who, what, where, when, why, and how...

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PS: I called the title of this blog Rent A Life because the ultimate goal of Modernization & Corporatism is to lead all of the cattle into the corporate Pay Box (The Internet of Things)...

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