Monday, June 8, 2015

The Fraud Quadrant

The elite or 0.01% (The 1%ers as some people call them), with all of their free money that they can print at will, have huge legal teams who write laws continually in their favor, to keep them wealthy, and one might wonder how they are and remain insanely wealthy, well the system they designed through legislation was to extort as much as they possibly could from the public, legally of course.  They achieve this in many different ways, but there are indeed four main ways that they accomplish the most wealth extraction from the public, and I'll be talking about that in this blog post.

If you are poor, meaning you don't have enough money to enter the game (Business), then your hopes of ever creating a successful & profitable business are near zilch, and if you decide to take on investors, well you are going to have to give up a lot of control, but here's the catch 22, which is most investors won't touch anyone who doesn't have a corporation.  Indeed the government doesn't give grants to individuals for business purposes, though they are more than willing to sell contracts and award grants to institutions or corporations, and that means that the average day citizen cannot enter the big game, where the big money is often passed around.  (Like that free money the Fed has been handing out at 0% interest...)

The elite write mandates, that in order for anyone to create a product and bring it to market, without getting jacked (Their idea or invention stolen), will need to have a patent, which isn't cheap mind you, $10,000 to $60,000 or more depending upon the product, and though you can build your business without intellectual property protection, but you likely won't be in business for long if the other team (A huge corporation) gets wind if your success, which won't take long at all in this digital age we live in.

Moreover, if you are smart, you will want to set up a C Corporation for your business, that way you cannot be sued by people for more than what you have invested into the corporation, and if you are smart, then you won't have much money at all invested into it.  You not only will have to pay for the filing of that, you will have to pay for an accountant to do the tax filings every quarter, and of course you will also need insurance, which isn't cheap either.

Patents, Corporate Laws, Insurances, and taxes are all of course legal requirements and more importantly cost, just in order to be in business, unless your business doesn't sell a product, then you can skip the patent part, but if you go forward not following the rules you will be punished severely, especially if you file anything other than a C Corporation. (e.g. a LLC, S Corporation, Sole Proprietor, or Partnership type of Businesses)  The fraud quadrant essentially entails how the elite use law to extract money via legal theft, which is accomplished by writing laws that say for example, "If you don't play by our rules, then you will pay through the nose, and even if you do, you will still pay regardless."  (Via legal requirements & fees)

Now, I'm not saying taxes are wrong, but taxes are instant interest in your corporation's earnings, so no matter how much money you acquire from building a successful corporation, the government gets their cut no matter what, and if you don't give them your cut, well we all know how that ends. (Fines &/or Prison)  Also, you must pay for business insurance, health insurance, marketing insurance, and possibly even other insurances, which of course aren't cheap at all.

You might think it a simple thing to start something simple as a Body Shop business, however legislation demands that you not only have certain things within your business, but also where your business can be located, which severely limits your market reach through local marketing (Which in some states has become flat out outlawed).  Marketing is a huge cost of business, no matter what your business is, and you truly do not have a choice.  That's because if you don't or won't market your business, well then you won't have one, and that's the bottom line.

No sales, no business, and it really is that simple, but legislation is anything but simple.  Indeed, the more complex they can make legislation, the more legal requirements your business will have to meet just to stay in business, and it is how the corporations prevent any & all competition, by continually raising the bar on everyone else.  The patent laws themselves are insanely complex and if you fail to file your patent before you release your product, well then anyone can file a patent and steal all of your wealth by tying you up in legal battles, because they have changed the patent laws to favor the smart & informed, not the person who actually has the legal claim to the product, idea, or invention.

If you go the wrong way, decide to do it your way, your chances of failure are horrendous, and that's because in the Informational Age, you must be informed, or you will pay dearly for ignorance.  If you break laws, you can be fined &/or go to jail, if you don't pay taxes, same thing, and if you don't file a patent to protect your businesses' product(s) or idea(s), then you can become ruined with ease.  Also, if you fail to make a corporation, people can sue you for everything you own if they find out you are rich, and the key to protecting your self is keeping all of your wealth in your corporation(s) and never taking it out, because being rich is a very bad idea today.

That way if you end up being sued by someone, they don't get to take you to the cleaners, but then there are people who seek to ruin businesses by tying them up in court battles, and though this isn't "common" it does happen, so be mindful of that as well.  In the corporate world where they have many millions of dollars to "Experiment with", they may be willing to steal a business idea, patent it, and then legally attack any successful businesses using their stolen patent.

Yes, it's a game of high intrigue, the stakes are high, and anyone who tries to enter the game without being even remotely informed risk losing it all and the ending will often be very tragic, because often people go deep into debt when they lose in business due to ignorance.  Forget the financial intelligence required to be successful, the fraud quadrant is a whole different thing to be aware of, and though financial education is very critical, because if you make financial mistakes within your business it can cost you the business, but not being aware of the legislation and taxes that are levied against the masses can be very dangerous to your future as well, if you are ignorant of them.

The amount corruption & fraud within the system is so asinine at this point that, it just doesn't make sense to pursue creating or purchasing a business anymore, and that's not even mentioning the fact that businesses are suffering horrendously under the economic strain that is being pressed down on everyone due to economic terrorism perpetuated by the insanely wealthy who control the whole shebang.  Neither does it consider the current state of the economy, therefore investing presently isn't just dangerous, it could be financial suicide should you make foolish choices at this time, and that's because the markets are not only dead, but the volatility they are exhibiting clearly shows us the markets are being manipulated through & through.

Making money in today's world in most "Supposedly Democratic" government run countries is extremely difficult, that's not to say that you can't make money, but the times have changed so much that it's becoming harder to find a way to make money legally that works, and if you add to that fact that people are largely broke, then you can probably see why I'm making these statements.  The competition at the corporate level has risen to such a level that, they are simply buying up all of the competition, which is what happens when legislators & banks implement austerity or trickle down economics, and that entails the public at large entering economic recessions or in the present case a depression, which of course is all by design so that they can buy up everything with their free money.

Yes, we are entering the greatest depression in the history of the world, though many people are full aware of who is causing it, and there is little we can do about it, but there are solutions.  I see the fraud through ostensible controls implemented by the elite to keep everyone else poor, I also see that the masses truly have little or no chance of success nor protection against the corporations, and though some people may be able to rise above the poverty that is being pressed down upon us all, there is a chance if people team up in very large numbers to form their own corporations...

I say this because the only way the masses will be able to take on the global corporations at this point is to band up with all of the resources they need to fight back, because the corporations will fight anyone who threatens their hegemonic / monopolistic empire of control & domination, both legislatively and economically.  The legislative, economic, and monetary controls the elite exert over us all is almost absolute, indeed until those things change I'm afraid the situation is not going to improve because the fraud & greed is continuing to grow to a climax at this point.

To sum up the fraud quadrant in an easy to understand format, there are four main controls the elite exert upon the masses to keep them under their control, which in turn leaves the masses with very little, and essentially living within a trap that they have very little hope of escaping.  The first is monetary control, the ability to print & manipulate money & markets (Including the price of goods & the value of money, e.g. inflation & deflation), the second is legislative control, where they mandate everything under the sun to ensure that people pay dearly to do anything, which includes corporate law, taxes, patent laws, insurance mandates, and criminal laws as well, but that's a short list of their main control, which is legislation.

The third control is power via military, intelligence (including spying, control over education, psychology, and much more), and law enforcement, which is where they can either take what they want through force or exact legal cost from the accused of breaking anyone of their innumerable profiteering laws.  Finally, the forth control being what I'd like to call "The System", where the elite use the first three controls to permit or dissuade certain types of activities that only they control, e.g. like the drug game, where it's legal for them to sell drugs, but not you.  (E.g., Pharmaceutical & other corporations can sell almost any type of drugs legally, but you however cannot, and we have seen what happens when you try to sell the drugs they sell.)

Essentially, we live in an Oligarchy / Kleptocracy / Criminal Corporatocracy with imperial like controls for the elite, but poverty, extortion, and unfair/biased corporate financed laws for everyone else, though I would loved to have expounded more upon the fraud quadrant, the subject far exceeds the scope of this simple blog post.  Thanks for reading, though I'm sure some people will consider this blog post pessimist or a cynical point of view, but I assure you that I'm only being realistic here, and I've done enough research to see the carefully laid traps the cunning elite have planted at the feet of the masses to keep them poor and paying dearly within the system that they created legislatively.

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