Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Great Government Heist

(There's only one pig in this town, the Gov. Pig)

When wealthy criminals rule a government, they tend to promise the world, but deliver nothing but lies & thievery, and considering where the world is going (Bankrupt), we are about to see one of the greatest heist pulled off ever.  You see, governments and businesses have been promising sizable pensions for some time, whether it's a Defined Benefit (DB), Roth IRA, or 401k, the truth to be told is those pensions are about to be stolen, wholesale.

We've already seen what happens when countries go bankrupt, take Greece for example, they run on the banks, pensions get taken by the government, and their markets collapse.  Of course I'm telling you all of this for a very important reason, you should expect more of the same in all countries ruled by the wealthy criminals, and I assure you that includes most of the world indeed.

Whether we look at Greece, Australia, or anyone of the many countries having their pensions stolen, the growing trend is Government's seizing (Read Stealing) pensions to pay for their "Supposed Debt", and I call it "Supposed Debt", because what it really is fallacious / made up bullshit, for lack of better words, and to give you a better idea, just look at the Bank Bailouts.  If the banks were insolvent, then why weren't they permitted to collapse?  Why didn't the government put these criminals bankers in jail for their poor management of public assets?

These banks were labeled "Too Big To Fail" & according to the US Injustice Department, they are also "Too Big To Jail", and so it only leaves one conclusion to be derived.  The Banks and the Governments are in collusion working hard to steal everyone's money, meaning all that you have worked for in the past & in the future, and with the growing Government "Budget Deficits" & "Unfunded Liabilities" of derivatives within the markets, there can only be one outcome.

The government, the banks, and Wall Street (Where America is Concerned) are planning on one of the greatest heist in history, which entails everyone becoming so dirt poor it's completely incomprehensible at this point.  If you want a better idea of where the world is headed, just look at Greece or Venezuela, yes we will see currencies collapsing, yes there will be more rioting, and it's about to get very ugly & very soon I warn you.

A few informed people see QE (Quantitative Easing), which was initiated by the government(s) and instituted through the Central Banks, truly only has one real outcome & purpose, to benefit the wealthy, and everyone else is required to pay for it all, indeed it's wholesale theft on a massive scale.  Yes, the wealthy play a game with the poor & middle class, it's a game of intrigue, lies, and charades that the people have been foolishly believing in for all too long, but everything changes, and the more people that wake up, the faster the conclusions will come.

The end of all these things of course will result in other countries becoming so upset that they demand war, of course the wealthy enjoy war because the peons die, they get richer, and they get to steal more things from people (Other country's assets & resources).  We've seen them do it in many countries now, they continue to do it still, and I'm afraid the smaller countries will of course be their targets in the future as well, like Egypt, Venezuela, and more.

However, the ones who end up paying for QE eventually are the ignorant, who continue to be docile, happy with what little they have, and despite being poor beyond belief, amazingly the people allow themselves to continue to be duped & extorted by the wealthy.  Unfortunately for the west, the eyes of the east aren't so glazed over by false promises of the wealthy, and any threats the west makes now are going to be met with soldiers, guns, bombs, and who knows what else.

The stability of the world is growing fragile due to corruption, the hopes of people are failing due to all of the corruption, and many will fall down into utterly destitute poverty in the times ahead I'm afraid, especially in 3rd world nations, indeed the worse is yet to come.  I've explained the plans of the elite, how they plan to collapse the markets, the banks, and usher the cattle (Everyone worldwide) into the digital slaughter house (The Internet), where they will mandate digital banking & outlaw cash.

I could ramble on for weeks about the plans of the elite (Ultra Wealthy), but there are many people also doing so, and I've done my best to outline what's coming already in my blog, so expect more government theft, indeed expect the worse as the wealthy reach for everyone's savings & retirements.  It's indicative to living in a world where a small group of people control the wealth of the world, and most of the resources the world works to create, only allocating so much for the poor & middle class, but a little bit more for the workers who actually protect or run their businesses, and the rest for themselves, which entails around 90+ %.

The wealthy are becoming scared now though, because the world is beginning to wake up, and they are taking notice of the corruption, theft, and greed which is effecting everyone's lives worldwide, which they should be.  The world will retaliate for what the wealthy have done, it's only a matter of time, and no they can't hold them off with water cannons forever, things will get bloody, and the wealthy will be forced to kill their very own countrymen, being inhumane, selfish, and all that is deplorable.

Which if you have been following the news even remotely, you've probably read a lot of reports of police killings, terrorist attacks (Which derive from them seeking to push an agenda by any means), and a whole lot more evil these wealthy perpetuate upon the world to make them believe in utter lies to further their agendas & plans, and though they may be able to hide behind the lies for some time, you can't fool the people forever.  The people will wake up, they will want blood, and things are going to get ugly I assure you, so be prepare for the worst folks.

The Wealthy Run The Show Entirely.

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