Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Political Parade & The Government Charade

I for one have never been into politics, which would leave me wholly unqualified to even write about such a thing, but it doesn't take an educated person to see the truth of what is apparently one hyperbole of farce displayed & presented to the public each political cycle and throughout the mainstream media (MSM) day in and day out, and though it may take some intelligence to weed through it all, the gist of understanding it all is realizing that most things you will find in life is nothing more than crafty marketing ploys or all out fraud.  Thankfully there are alternative news sites online, though most of them are controlled mouthpieces or directly owned by the moguls of the MSM, every once in a while though you can find someone who doesn't follow the status quo or the party line, and these are the type of people worth following.

After reading news long enough you'll find that most sites only parrot what the MSM reports, and I tell you all of this for an important reason, because the parroting has a purpose.  Many corporations and businesses have turned to crowd-sourcing, which where the corporation grows their business or product from "Volunteer Services", or they simply seek to find solutions to problems by asking a large group of people to come up with one, and though they may or may not offer a reward, the important thing to pull away from this is that people need to become aware of if they are being pulled into what is apparently a scam.

I call it lottery economics, though millions will enter, only one can win, and like many things in life, you will find that the wealthy love to play games with the masses.  The games they play is, "dupe the dope", if you fall for their dupe, well you're the dope, and the political parade is much like this game, indeed the MSM parrots this stuff all day long.  Those who come to learn how to think for themselves however present a huge problem not only for the game, but for the political parade and government charades, and that's precisely what I see to accomplish with my blog, to expand people's awareness.

There are other games the wealthy play, the name of the biggest game is "Who is indebted to whom?", which is what the banks & government love to play, and the largest dupe the wealthy play on the poor & especially the middle class is predatory lending, indeed they have gotten so bad that they prey upon children now even.  Governments are playing a charade with the public as well, their charades are wholly evil, for they seek to raise children to become soldiers and drones, and as I said before, human societies are like bee hives..

The biggest charade governments play is the money game, which they control the power to print at will (And also to take), but to understand the game, you must understand the major players of it, and those are the most vile people you will find anywhere in life, for the violent take by force.  Law itself would hold no power at all if it was not enforced, likewise a country's ability to dictate to other countries is only backed by their military advantage, but when that changes a government loses it's power, well things don't end well at all for the falling nation.  Not only is the money game a huge problem, considering inflation & deflation alone, the economic games they play on people, which entails trickle-down economics and other sleazy tactics, are only some of the problems the governments present, there are also social dupes as well.

One of the biggest dupes the government plays is "Socialism", you know the old "Steal from the rich and give to the poor" analogy that they love to repeat over and over again to justify passing legislation, which if you care to take much time to examine, will entail many different laws that have absolutely nothing to do with what they lie about in the media, and of course most of what the government markets is nothing more than a ploy to explain how they are going to extract more taxes from the hard working public.  Call it slavery, call it democracy, it doesn't matter, the results will always be the same because governments are run by criminal corporatocracies, which stem from an oligarchy, and to put it in laymen terms, the people who run those corporations are often part of a government, but not always thanks to the globalization of corporations.

Which is to say in short that corporations are global now, they are more powerful than governments, and they are working hard, through lobbying (Read Monetary Donations to Elected Officials, because bribery perverts justice!) are seeking to dissipate the sovereignty of nations to lead the world into a One World Order, which of course the wealthy will control through and through, and that's something which I'm afraid they've been working towards for a long time now, but there are some obstacles in their way.

I'm afraid the world is being sucked into something grand, willing or not, and I see a definitive power shift coming, where NATO use to rule supreme, and the US was the world super power, that power is becoming challenged openly.  I've always been a firm believer that not only with the truth prevail always, but also that justice is always served, no matter if a great evil has to be the one serving it, and what I mean by that is, "There is always someone bigger & badder than you out there, somewhere."

The charades and parades I'm afraid are coming to an end, what's likely coming in the near future is war and more economic terrorism, worse yet, the world is being dragged into a global depression like nothing the world has seen before, and through monetary manipulation the wealthy have waxed very wealthy indeed, but at the cost of the worldwide economy.  It doesn't take an economist or a business magnate to see that we are in one of the greatest depressions the world has ever known, and if the rioting worldwide hasn't woken people up, well I'm afraid war will most definitely do the trick.

Of course I chose the title Political Parade & Government Charade not because this was a blog post about politics, but more about the charades the wealthy play, via politics and government control, and hopefully the readers of this post will be able to walk away with some clear understandings.  Much of which entails not only are the worst criminals above the hard working people, but their power is only through your ignorance, and therefore it's imperative to get informed, stay informed, and share what you learn with others, because we are all in this boat that is rapidly sinking thanks to all of the corruption found within the world.

The greatest thieves wear suits & ties.

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"Don't get duped by being a dope, increase your awareness, build your foundation of truth, and then maybe you will be able to stand against the wiles of the evil this world is quickly becoming engrossed in." - Gale Innes

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