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The War On The Poor

The war on the poor is a multi-faceted front with lies coming from every government mouthpiece you can find littered everywhere on the internet, in the MSM (Main Stream Media), and even on many so called "Alternative News Sites", but before I delve into this article, let me explain something very clearly to you.  Money is not what you think it is, it's a slave collar, and it is the greatest illusion the wealthy use to keep everyone working hard for something they utterly control, it is debt, and the wealthy never intend to pay for those debts, if you don't believe me just wait till the markets & banks collapse.  (Coming Soon!)

The Conspiracies of the Wealthy:
Climate Change means Higher Energy Bills for you.
Droughts were Engineered to Increase Water Bills
Engineered Anomaly Are Designed To Justify Outrageous Food Prices
(Believe me, if they can't sell the food, they'll simply raise prices on you!)
Genetically Modified Foods are a War On The Poor for PROFIT!
Spying has a purpose, to track everything you do, and how you spend money.
The War on Homelessness is to Eliminate Paying for Government Benefits
The War on Guns is to Prevent You from Defending Your Sovereign Rights
Terrorism is used to end the Freedom of Speech & Gun Control As Well
War is about Profiteering, e.g. Your Tax Dollars Making Them Rich
Obamacare is Corporate Extortion & Jail for people who are unable to pay!
Free Trade Means Global Competition For Your Jobs & Lower Wages
Immigration means Lower Wages & More Taxes For The Wealthy
Foreign Aid is used for the political agenda of the Wealthy (Not for the poor)
Bailouts are government collusion to drive nations into great debt & poverty!
Social Programs make the Wealthy even more wealthy.
7 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True!

The helpless will starve, but they won't...

There are so many lies perpetuated against the poor & middle class, the biggest lie is money, which is something that is entirely manipulated by the money printers, e.g. The US Secretary of Treasure, and the banks are just there to do the accounting & secure your money for wholesale government approved theft.  The War On Money is something I've explained numerous times in many of my blog posts, but this post is more about the actual poor who are exploited to the extreme, and the criminal acts perpetuated against them are so numerous and unjust that it's impossible to deny, indeed we need more people spreading the truth!

It's all a game to the wealthy, it's a charade of "Fool The Poor", of course poor is a very broad word, the world is full of a lot of poor people, many are very smart, others are very ignorant, but most of them cannot help their financial state because they are born into a world with almost no real opportunity, and the wealthy work hard to keep the masses poor, as I've explained in my last blog post.  You see the entire system was designed to keep everyone destitute & always needing the money the wealthy print at will, they use the law to oppress and suppress the underclass, to suppress business competition, and much more, indeed they do their best to adjudicate away any hope the underclasses may have of ever rising above poverty.

The major thing the poor and middle class need to be articulately aware of is, everything you see the wealthy projecting via the media is marketing designed to control the way you think, and this mind control is nothing new to those who are "In the know".  The Ultra Wealthy are what some call "The Old Money", the old money or 'The Elite" as I like to call them, rule over almost every part of the earth, and if any rulers of a land refuses to submit, well they often suffer a change in leadership, are bombed, invaded, or even worse (Genocide), and I'm sure you are probably seeing the picture all too clear now.

Most US Citizens don't even know their own history, but that history teaches us who the wealthy are, and once you realize that, a lot more begins to make sense.  I'm afraid as long as the poor remain ignorant, their chances of escaping poverty are all the more minuscule at best, and until we work hard to alleviate the ignorance of the world, we truly aren't accomplishing enough.

I assure you, if you leave your education or your children's education to the government, they'll have your family brainwashed into believing that "Big Government Is Great" & "Anti-Government Is Terrorism", all the while your hard labor (Read Money You Work For) is used to pay for the furtherance & continuation of poverty for you & everyone know you.  I'd love to be more candid here, but this is a blog post, not a book, and this subject far exceeds the scope of this article alone.

(It's all a game to them & Tag YOUR IT!)

At least some comedians get it.

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** NOTE: They are bankrupting many countries so that the wealthy can seize all sovereign assets!
(Any resistance is met with military force or economic terrorism more often than not!)

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