Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A License to Steal

Gone are the days of "Fair Play", the constitution never really meant anything, the bill of temporary rights either, and the wealthy have for many centuries written the rules, they only apply to you & can be changed at will.  The wealthy legislate ways for themselves to legally take whatever they want, sure they'll give it colorful names, like "Civil Asset Forfeiture" or "Negative Interest Rates Policy" (NIRP), but in the end, it's you (Joe Public) that always ends up losing, and no matter if it's divorce, traffic tickets, or any other reason they get you into court, their ultimate goal is to cost you money.

You know that stuff they print that you work for correct?  That thing called money is nothing more than an IOU, a debt, that they owe you, and of course if you spend it on something of value, well they are going to make sure that you pay to have it too.  The number of taxes and laws they have on record are literally innumerable, the entire point of having a world like this is, so they can take whatever they want "Legally", and there really isn't anything we can do about it at this point.

The government, the banks, Wall Street, and the justice system are all in collusion, they spy on you & they watch everything you do for a reason.  If you think having a lot of money will make your life easier, you obviously don't  understand the system, and I assure you everyone under the sun will have their hand out to you, because everyone wants something for nothing & socialism is for the wealthy not the masses.  Yes, it's a give me give me world where the wealthy ensure that they are paid first and the most, even at gun point if necessary, and we need to be very acutely aware of it all, because history repeats itself and for the same reason.

Ultimately the wealthy have a very evil plan, indeed it includes everyone in the world, and it's not going to be pretty for the masses worldwide, because they are moving the world into what I call "Digital Totalitarianism", and that's because the wealthy want to control the world from a computer monitor, indeed with the click of a mouse great changes will occur.  I suspect that a large amount of digital terrorism will also ensue, they will usher in digital banking & eCommerce, as more and more resources, businesses, and assets are shifted to the cloud / online, and there won't be an alternative!

One might wonder why the wealthy are working so hard to bring us "The Internet of Things", which a large percentage of the world is still largely unaware of, but I assure you it's very critical that the masses worldwide become very interested in this topic.  Basically it will entail every facet of life coming through digital commerce, including health care, schooling, banking, and if you don't have an RFID implant for Biometric ID to access your digital bank, well you can just forget about buying, selling, or trading in the future all together.

I've already warned everyone that their plan is to collapse the banks, currencies, and markets, it's already happening in some countries, like Greece, inflation of necessary goods are going to soar, like food, water, gas, electricty, and many people will be shoved into utter poverty.  If you want a real vision of what the future holds, just look at Venezuela, and I assure you they, like Cuba, they already have Biometric ID, and if you play close attention to what's really going on in Cuba, it's about moving them towards the Digital Age and supplying them with Internet so that they too can come online when the collapse comes.

Yes, it's not hard to follow the plans of the ultra wealthy, all you have to do is just pay attention to the news, the media they project, and stay informed, because I assure you great change is ahead of us all, and that change will be an utter shock to most of the world, and if you think the taxes, fines, and government approved theft is bad now, just wait till everything go digital.  Of course some people realize that the charade the wealthy play is a game of economic & financial terrorism, it's a game of "Who is indebted to whom", and if you look at America's financials, you'd understand then when I say "Greece is the future of the world."

Indeed even Google is working hard to bring the world online, what you should be asking yourself though is why?  There are great changes coming down the line, I cannot outline them all, though I am moderately aware of most of them, and one may ask how?  But I cannot reveal my sources, for they are many, and it takes a lot of accumulated study to become aware of what's going on in the world today.  Therefore, the best advice you can receive today is, do all that you can in a day to become informed & stay that way too, for tomorrow will be an utter terror for those who cannot adapt, and if you are unaware of what is coming, then you too will become one of those just trying to survive the changes coming.

(Listen to them carefully here!)

(The Laws Online Will Become Pure Hell)

(Finally other people are seeing the plans.)

George tried to warn everyone of the truth!

(This will be all of us soon, everywhere.)

The online world is rife with problems, you need to be acutely aware of those problems and educate your family & friends to prepare for the worst, because the scams, the digital terrorism, and the hacking are just the tip of the iceberg I assure you!

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