Friday, July 10, 2015

Economics For Serfs

Look, I'm not trying to knock the poor people out there, I'm one of them, and I'm not rich, however I am educated enough to understand that we serfs are getting shafted left and right, indeed at every opportunity (Read at the passing of every new law / tax).  The wealthy hold the power, they control the corporations and the banks, and they set the rules, that means they control the economy & it really is that obnoxiously simple.

You hear about all of these theories of economics, but who gives a rats ass about theory when the results are so obvious to see that it's ludicrous at this point to even mention economics?  We are still suffering from Reagan / Thatcher Economics, that's where they implemented austerity & trickle-down economics to drive the "Have-nots" (Poor) further into poverty and increase the wealth & holding of the "Haves" (The Wealthy).

It's also when the laws started to turn full blown pro-corporation & anti-"We the people" all the way, that theme has continued ever since, and the perpetual state of war they like to keep America in only continues to solidify the president's power to write executive orders, effectively bypassing democracy all together.  Income inequality is nothing new, it's just that it's reached extreme levels now, and the gap between the wealthy & everyone else is such a huge distance now that, any hopes of us ever becoming wealthy are at best a pipe dream.

Financial education may lead you to the truth, but without action, all of the education you acquire is all together worthless, and still yet the economic & legal controls the wealthy exert over the masses is absolute power & total control.  When they move all commerce & banking online, coming very soon, you'll see that the power they have worked towards will drive the world to it's knees literally, and I'm talking economically & financially, for the corporations already control it all.

Don't bother with rebellions or revolutions, those will be crushed in a very short order, and there are plenty of people out there who are willing to kill for a paycheck (Soldiers), so don't think that there isn't someone willing to pull the trigger for the elite or press the launch button if need be. (They do it all the time I assure you.)  Of course this is all just my opinion, albeit a rather strong & an educated one, and it has taken a long time to come to these conclusions with the help of many teachers.

I don't think technology is going to help mankind, I believe it's going to be used by the wealthy to exert even more power over the serfs, and they will drive them to cashless societies where people are then working (If there is anymore work to be found.) for computer money (Totally fictional), but there is still so much more to outline that it seems like an impossible task trying to explain it all.  The wealthy in power obviously will lie to continue their charade, to maintain their power, but the advent of the internet is changing the illusion, and truth is threatening to destroy it all.

Therefore, it will likely lead to them pulling out martial law to force everyone into their nice little control box called the internet, where they control commerce, communications, speech, and pretty much every aspect of life digitally.  Because that's what the wealthy are all about control, economics is just a fancy word for how the financials are handled by the wealthy, and though they are lying through their teeth at each public announcement on all of the statistics to sustain the illusion of this utterly fiat (Read Worthless) money system which is backed by nothing but debt, it's only a matter of time before the house of cards come tumbling down.  Indeed the banks are utterly insolvent!

If you had access to unlimited loan supplies, like the wealthy do, what is the purpose of working for a living?  That's why the wealthy don't work, they just borrow (steal) from your hard work (even far into the future as well), giving you a worthless IOU note called money, and that's exactly what money is, debt.  Debt because you work for it & someone (The wealthy) owes you for that work, but the lies will come down when everyone begins to refuse to work for the lie, and one way or another it will happen because the lie, no matter how bold face, is nothing more than a ponzi-scheme of where the poor pay to keep the wealthy insanely wealthy beyond measure.

Unless of course you are certain you will become a Trillionaire in your lifetime, then don't bother working for money, it's not worth your time, and learn to convert any and all cash to things of real hard value as soon as possible, because cash is not going to last for it's already trash.  The illusion of economics is mind numbing drivel intellectuals spew & indoctrinate the ignorant masses with to make them believe in the illusion that we have a real "Free Trade" economy that is ruled by the basic principals of "Supply & Demand", but if you look at gas prices, there is absolutely not correlation between prices in the markets & price on the streets, and that means that the markets are actually controlled by governments entirely.  (Nothing new to the informed, but most serfs haven't got a clue!)

Whether it's socialism, democracy, or communism, the government ultimately exerts control over the economy, the value of currency, the prices of goods sold, & the cost to do business, therefore economics is nothing more than the wealthy determining the cost/value of all things, including investments and your labor.  Oppression & hardship are the result of legislative & economic controls exerted by the wealthy upon everyone else, and that's the bottom line.

This is the best analogy of the truth.

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